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Published Title Event Name
10 Sep 18 Charlton and Sharp winners ... National Youth Championship Final (East DC)(qualifiers only - automatically entered) View
09 Sep 18 Feather and Johnston victor... Dursley Road Club View
09 Sep 18 Tanfield and Fishbourne vic... Cardiff 100 Miles RCC View
02 Sep 18 Archibald victorious in Nat... RTTC National 10 mile Championship (Ayr Roads/Fullarton Wheelers)(Men)(entries close 06/08/18) View
02 Sep 18 Kemp and Giddings storm to ... chester rc View
02 Sep 18 Fennell and Smith top man a... thanet rc View
02 Sep 18 Davies and Jowett set new r... Welsh CA (Welsh Championship) View
03 Sep 18 Victory for Rea and Hutchin... Tyneside Vagabonds CC (N&DCA Championship) View
02 Sep 18 Turnbull and Rogers victori... Cheshire Roads club (Cheshire Points 16 of 20) View
02 Sep 18 Victory for Hall and McGurk... Cramlington CC View
02 Sep 18 Bartley and Buckland charge... Charlotteville Cycling Club (25% W, 25% LWDC riders) (Entries Close: 24/08/18) View
02 Sep 18 Brearley and Lewthwaite tak... Scarborough Paragon CC (Yorkshire Spoco Event) View
02 Sep 18 Duggleby and Ledger battle ... bdca (100 riders, 80 men, 20 women)(Cheques payable to S.Bowler) View
02 Sep 18 Patience and Chapman victor... Banbury Star CC View
02 Sep 18 Wins for Beer and Morris in... Sportzmad View
02 Sep 18 Sandman and Backstedt victo... RTTC National 10 mile Championship (Ayr Roads/Fullarton Wheelers)(Juniors)(entries close 06/08/18) View
02 Sep 18 Turvey tops the podium at N... RTTC National 10 mile Championship (Ayr Roads/Fullarton Wheelers) (Women) (entries close 06/08/18) View
26 Aug 18 Lucock and Hutson-Lumb top ... North Shropshire Wheelers (WCTTCA 9 of 11)(SCCA 15 of 16) View
26 Aug 18 Fennell and Jenkins dominat... catford cc View
27 Aug 18 Wins for Walton and Clark i... Western Time Trials Association (WTTA Hardriders) View
26 Aug 18 Hallam and Carpenter win ti... VTTA - London & Home Counties Group (VTTA National Championship)(priority to VTTA members) View
26 Aug 18 Bickley and Lukas win in Cu... border city wheelers cc View
26 Aug 18 Barnett and Sharp in winnin... Barton Wheelers CC View
26 Aug 18 Boyman breaks record, Davis... sussex ca View
26 Aug 18 Muir and Harding victorious... Victoria CC (All ages)(Points League 4 of 4)(Inc VTTA East Anglia)(SPOCO SE) View