Organiser FAQ's

Please see below answers to some of the Frequently Asked Questions we receive. If the question you have isn’t included or you’d like any further help, please contact Support ( who will be happy to advise.

We realise over time that the occasionally numbers will get mislaid and if you would like to purchase some replacements, rather than a whole new set, please contact the National Secretary (Competition and Development) (


Please contact Stewart Smith ( he will be able advise on what CTT can supply and the prices for each item. 

Postal entries must be added to the event by going to Step 3 Entries and clicking on the green button Manually Add Entry. There you will need to add the rider’s ID number in the box beside Populate User and then click the button and it will automatically fill in the rider’s details. Tick the box to accept terms and conditions and press proceed. If the rider hasn’t given an ID number, click on the button Search User CTT ID By Name and, if they don’t have a profile, you can set one up for them by clicking on Add New User to Database.

Entries can be accepted (at the organisers discretion) up until the start sheet goes live, and then no further changes can be made. For any late entries a postal entry form must be provided before the rider starts the event. If they don’t and there was an incident, it could cause a lot of problems for everyone and affect the insurance.

Once the closing date has passed organisers can accept (or reject) the riders. Once that is done the Build Start Sheet buttons will become active and you can move on to Step 4 Start Sheet and download the template. Please don’t delete or move any of the columns A-K as they are essential for the website to work. Can the full start sheet (cover sheet) please be uploaded to the CTT website before the rider list, otherwise that will not be processed until the start sheet is in place. This is so the riders, officials, etc can get all the necessary information at once, rather than having to keep checking for it. 

Once the cover sheet and rider list are both online go to Step 4 start sheet and use the Email Entrants button to inform the riders the details are online. There is a blind copy (bcc) function so organisers can also send the details to the timekeepers, district officials and anyone else who is needing the information. If you need to know who in your district should receive a copy, please contact your district secretary.

Online entry fees, minus the levy, are transferred once the rider list is uploaded. CTT will also take the levy for any postal entries. To ensure the fees can be sent over can you please check the appropriate bank details are showing, to do this go to your Dashboard and then in the black panel on the left (below the events) you will see My Details, click on that and there you can check your details and add bank account numbers.

Go to Step 4 Start Sheet and click on the green Download button. Select Emergency Contact details and this will download a pdf with all the riders’ details. 

Yes, again go to Step 4 Start Sheet and click on the Download button, this time select Sign On Sheet and it will download a pdf with the names already inserted.

The results cover sheet needs to be uploaded in a similar manner to the start sheet. If a rider is a DNS/DNS(A) or DNF please just put a 1 in the appropriate box. We appreciate that riders are keen to see their times, but if the cover sheet could please be uploaded as soon as possible it would be appreciated. Once the results are online please contact the riders to inform them the results are there by going to Step 5 Results and using the Email Riders button. Again, there is a bcc function there so you can also contact district officials, etc.

DNS(A) should be used when a rider has contacted the organiser to say they won’t be able to ride. As they have been polite in doing so, this courtesy should be acknowledged and will hopefully encourage more to do the same.

Once the results are online the event will move into Archived Events on your dashboard, and from there it will work as it did before. To contact the riders, go to Step 3 Entries and click on the button Contact Entrants (top right). There you will find a list of all the entrants with a tick box beside their name, click the tick box beside the riders you are wanting to contact and then the message box on the left of the screen will become active. This facility can be used at any stage of organising.

As we all know, unfortunately, events do occasionally have to be cancelled on the day due to the weather or roadworks, etc, if this happens please contact your district secretary and inform them and then email Support ( who will be able to help with cancelling the event and refunding the riders. If the event has to be shortened for any reason, please inform before the results are uploaded, the event details can then be amended before the results are published.