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CTT Website Release Document August 2021

Reverting a start sheet cover

If an organiser starts building a startsheet cover and then they changed their mind, previously, there was no way to revert this. Now, admins can revert a partially (or fully) built startsheet cover that was made using the builder.

Company number added to footer

The company number has been added to the foot on the website

Fixing Date/Time when showing a refund

When a refund is made, the date/time was using an incorrect timezone. This release will ensure the time shown on a refund is accurate.

Ensure rider age/vtta group does not show in startsheet downloads

A riders age and vtta group will now only show on exports IF the event is a VTTA event

Allow clubs to download the club event template

Clubs can now download the template for adding their club events. They cannot upload the events (as per the spec), but they can then forward this sheet to a district official who can then upload the events

Only showing necessary data in exports

Only 100% necessary fields are now included in exports to help fulfil GDPR obligations

Changing authentication mechanism for API

Since going live with the new API functionality, the authentication method has been changed to ensure that api keys are not exposed. This is a preventative change to ensure people who are not allowed to use the API can gain access to it. As part of this change we were required to update the district and VTTA widgets which are currently using the API

Release Documents Button

A new button has been added to the homepage which allows users to view the latest feature releases. This page will just contain major features rather than documenting all minor features

Spin Data Link

A link to spin data has been added to the homepage of the CTT website. As part of this the layout on the homepage displaying logos and quick links was also changed.

New Feature 09 Sep 2021