North Bucks RC Results

Results for members of North Bucks RC
First Name Last Name Date Event Course Pos Result
James Richardson 13/08/17 aylesbury cc hcc178 DNS
Robert Saunders 06/08/17 Bedfordshire Road Cycling Club F1B/25 1:01:03
Andy Wickham 30/07/17 team swift v12hr DNS
Helene Wight 29/07/17 chronos rt (cheques to alan crane) F2A/10 24:28
Stephanie Cousins 29/07/17 chronos rt (cheques to alan crane) F2A/10 26:16
Stephanie Cousins 22/07/17 islington cc F15/10 27:53
Steven Abraham 22/07/17 rttc national championship (mersey roads club)(entries close 27/06/17) d24hr 389.82 Miles
Andy Wickham 16/07/17 east district ca (district championship) b100/4 DNS
James Richardson 15/07/17 shaftesbury cc (2 events - 100 machines)(ecca bar qual event) e2/50c DNF
Robert Saunders 02/07/17 finsbury park cc (ecca bar) f1b/50 DNS
James Richardson 25/06/17 hemel hempstead cc F13/25 53:06
Robert Saunders 24/06/17 dunstable rcc F11/10 22:38
Stephanie Cousins 24/06/17 dunstable rcc F11/10 26:11
James Richardson 17/06/17 hemel hempstead cc (men)(150 riders)(entries close 02/06/2017) F11/10 19:40
Andy Wickham 11/06/17 kent ca (inc vtta kent group champs) q100 4:17:10
Chris Hartley 03/06/17 shaftesbury cc (mm slower than 57.00 lts)(cheques to shaftesbury cc) e2/25 1:02:18
Robert Saunders 03/06/17 bossard wheelers cc F11/10 22:44
James Richardson 03/06/17 bossard wheelers cc F11/10 19:28
James Richardson 28/05/17 leicester forest cc a50/13 1:46:52
Andy Wickham 27/05/17 hitchin nomads cc (london north millennium 8 of 8) f14/25 DNS
James Richardson 20/05/17 northampton & district ca (tt series 4 of 9)(cheques to a5 rangers cc) nc22/16 DNS
Andy Wickham 20/05/17 north norfolk wh cc b100/9 4:40:16
James Richardson 14/05/17 royal sutton cc k11/10t 20:20
Andy Wickham 14/05/17 norlond tt combine f1b/50 DNS
Robert Saunders 14/05/17 norlond tt combine f1b/50 DNS