Andrew Collings

Male , Vet , (Jackpot Racing )

CTT Number: 4994

Member since: 24 Apr 16


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Personal Bests


Date Event Course Distance Club Position Result Speed
01-09-2019 Yorkshire Road Club v236/1 25 Miles Jackpot Racing DNS
21-07-2019 Hartlepool CC/VTTA (North)(All Ages)(Cheques to Hartlepool CC) t252/3 25 Miles Jackpot Racing 60 1:17:44 19.297 Mph
01-10-2017 yorkshire cycling federation (ycf member clubs only)(teams)(ycf points series)(cheques to g barker) v232 25 Miles Yorkshire Road Club DNS
12-03-2017 yorkshire cycling federation (cheques to r haigh)(ycf points series) v910 10 Miles Jackpot Racing DNS
31-07-2016 team swift (ycf points series) v12hr 12 hour DNS
16-07-2016 yorkshire cycling federation (cheques to k lawton) (ycf points series) V278 Revised 100 Miles DNS
02-07-2016 yorkshire cycling federation (cheques to p hurt)(ycf points series)(2 events 120 max machines) v259/1 50 Miles DNS