Barnesbury CC

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  • Date: 03-Apr-21
  • Time: 12:00
  • Distance: 21 Miles
  • Course: M21
  • Closing Date: 23-Mar-21 23:59
  • Categories:
    • Juvenile
    • Junior
    • Espoir
    • Senior
    • Veteran
    • Para

Barnesbury glory for record-breaking Gill

  • Published: 04 Apr 21
  • Written By: Frazer Snowdon
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Michael Gill

Michael Gill (AeroLab Ward Wheelz) and Joanne Rea (Blaydon CC) were fastest male and female riders respectively as Barnesbury CC staged a 21-mile time trial in Northumberland on Easter Saturday.

Gill, 22 and from Ponteland, sliced 1-46 from the previous record for the M21 course near Belsay, set by multiple world champion and triple Olympic medalist Chris Newton when Gill was just one year old.

Meanwhile, the junior course record also fell, with Joe Dixon (Velo Culture) clocking 49-03. That was just 13 seconds quicker than the 2019 previous best set by Sam Murray.

Record-breaking performances seemed some way off when the event got underway at noon, with cool temperatures giving way to sunshine as the afternoon progressed and riders navigated the course from Belsay to the west of Morpeth, northwards to Scots Gap before doing an anti-clockwise loop and heading back down to the finish.

Gill’s time of 42-22 gave him victory on the day by 1-45 from Tom Hutchinson (Team Bottrill), while veteran Carl Donaldson (GS Metro) was third, another 58 seconds off the pace.

Joanne Rea

“I enjoyed the race, it was nice to get back out racing in a strong field after a long winter,” said Gill. “I am a big fan of sporting courses as they have a bit of everything and I think they suit me.

“My major goal for this season is to hit some qualifying standards for the Commonwealth Games next year when I hope to be able to represent Scotland.  Today’s ride has given me a lot of confidence so hopefully I can push on further throughout the year.”

Joanne Rea, the 33-year-old Blaydon CC rider from Prudhoe, was fastest female in 53-38, giving her a healthy advantage of 2-41 over second-placed woman Jen McMahon (Sub Rosa), with vet Lucy Siddle (Reifen Racing) third female in 57-53.

“I am pleased to win the season opener here in the north east,” said Rea. “I’ve never actually raced this course before as in previous years I’ve been abroad cycling at this time.

“I found it a tricky course on a TT bike but good for building confidence for the rest of the season. It was amazing to see such a large women’s field and many junior women too competing up there with some seasoned racers.”

In other categories fastest on a road bike was Lee Cuthbertson of Muckle CC in 48:04 for 15th overall, while the team prize went to Team Kirkley Cycles with Lewis Wake, Adam Smith and Julian MacBride being just over a minute quicker than the Muckle CC trio.

After his winning start to the 2021 season, Gill is next due to be in open time trial action on April 18 in the British Universities 25-Mile Championship in Cambridgeshire.

Meanwhile Rea is due to be in action sooner, teaming up with Venda Louise Pollock at the Blaydon CC two-up 19 next Saturday.



Pos      Name   Team   Gender Cat      Time

1          Michael Gill    AeroLab Ward WheelZ          Male    Senior  42:22

2          Tom Hutchinson         Team Bottrill  Male    Senior  44:07

3          Carl Donaldson           GS Metro        Male    V40     46:05

4          Lewis Wake    Team Kirkley Cycles  Male    Senior  46:13

5          Keith Murray  DRAG2ZERO Male    V40     46:16

6          Rich Whitfield Team Bottrill  Male    Senior  46:30

6          Andrew Duggan         Muckle Cycle Club     Male    Senior  46:40

8          Lewis Timmins            Vector Racing Male    Senior  47:07

9          John Routledge           Barnesbury CC           Male    Senior  47:10

10        Adam Smith    Team Kirkley Cycles  Male    Senior  47:13

11        Shaun Tyson   Protech Velo   Male    V40     47:26

12        Jay Pitt Velo Culture   Male    Senior  47:39

13        Michael Sloanes          Blumilk.Com   Male    Senior  47:48

14        Shaun Brannan            Muckle Cycle Club     Male    Senior  47:51

15        Lee Cuthbertson         Muckle Cycle Club     Male    Senior  48:04

16        Julian MacBride          Team Kirkley Cycles  Male    Senior  48:07

17        Philip Kennell GS Metro        Male    V50     48:21

18        John Bowman Muckle Cycle Club     Male    Senior  48:46

19        Joe Dixon        Velo Culture   Male    Juvenile           49:03

20        Matty Smith    Muckle Cycle Club     Male    Senior  49:05

21        Nicholas Stevenson    Wearside Triathlon     Male    V40     49:13

22        Elliot Sharp     Vector Racing Male    Senior  49:17

23        Jacob Anderson          South Shields Velo Cycling Club       Male    Senior  49:18

24        Mark Strang    Velo Culture   Male    V40     49:19

25        Stephen Magrath         Blaydon CC    Male    Senior  49:25

26        Daniel Dixon  Revolver Racing         Male    Espoir  49:30

27        Ben Dixon       Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA     Male    Senior  49:38

28        Daniel Holmes            Derwentside CC         Male    Junior  49:41

29        Peter Stokoe    Reifen Racing Male    Senior  49:49

30        Hedley Fletcher           Blaydon CC    Male    V40     50:04

31        Matthew Mernin         Muckle Cycle Club     Male    Espoir  50:13

32        Tim Irwin        Team Kirkley Cycles  Male    V50     50:28

33        Ian Wright       Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA     Male    Senior  50:52

34        Christopher Wayman  Blumilk.Com   Male    Senior  50:54

35        Brian Ward     Protech Velo   Male    V40     51:09

36        Marcus Cram  Blaydon CC    Male    Senior  51:11

37        Colin Atkinson           Muckle Cycle Club     Male    V50     51:14

38        Peter Hawkins Muckle Cycle Club     Male    Senior  51:26

39        James Hadfield           Blaydon CC    Male    Senior  51:38

40        Mark Herbert  Derwentside CC         Male    V50     51:46

41        Adam Wilson  Velo Culture   Male    V40     51:53

42        Mark Tully      Sunderland Clarion     Male    Senior  52:03

43        Adam Harrison            Barnesbury CC           Male    Senior  52:19

44        Graeme Wardale         South Shields Velo Cycling Club       Male    V40     52:22

45        Noel Stoddart Blaydon CC    Male    V40     52:38

46        Mark Whaley  Blaydon CC    Male    V50     52:39

47        Chris Peareth  Zurbaran Racing         Male    Senior  52:40

48        Tony Lewis     Barnesbury CC           Male    V40     52:44

49        Dean Madden Barnesbury CC           Male    V40     52:48

50        Richard Skinner          Blumilk.Com   Male    V40     53:04

51        Christopher Beaty       Allen Valley Velo       Male    Senior  53:15

52        Michael Lynch            Derwentside CC         Male    V40     53:17

53        Scott Hunter    Berwick Wheelers Cycling Club        Male    Senior  53:34

54        Joanne Rea      Blaydon CC    Female Senior  53:38

55        Joseph Turnbull           MTS Cycle Sport        Male    Juvenile           53:49

56        Kevin Hall       Sunderland Clarion     Male    V50     54:06

57        Dan Venner     North Shields Polytechnic Club         Male    V40     54:09

58        Clive Allan      Allen Valley Velo       Male    Senior  54:16

59        Ian Gallon       North Tyneside Riders CC     Male    V50     54:20

60        Lee McCarron Vector Racing Male    Senior  54:22

61        Iain Katz         VO2MAX Race Team            Male    Senior  54:24

62        Colin Blacklock          Muckle Cycle Club     Male    V60     54:28

63        Neil Payton     Barnesbury CC           Male    V40     55:18

64        Will Roberts   Derwentside CC         Male    Juvenile           55:22

65        Carl Latimer    Tyne & Wear Fire & Rescue Service CC      Male    V50     55:41

66        Stephen Johnstone      Barnesbury CC           Male    V50     55:57

67        Pete Watson    Barnesbury CC           Male    Junior  56:06

68        Phil Cook        MTS Cycle Sport        Male    V40     56:11

69        Paul Robson    Protech Velo   Male    V50     56:19

69        Jen McMahon Sub Rosa         Female Senior  56:19

71        Philip Parsley  Muckle Cycle Club     Male    Senior  56:21

72        Keith Davison Hadrian R.T    Male    V50     56:47

73        Craig Bell        Allen Valley Velo       Male    Senior  57:31

74        Scott Walton   Tyne Tri          Male    Senior  57:49

75        Lucy Siddle    Reifen Racing Female WV40 57:53

76        Rachel Galler  Blaydon CC    Female Senior  58:20

77        Ronnie Batey  Derwentside CC         Male    V40     58:27

78        Elizabeth McKinnon   Derwentside CC         Female Juvenile           58:44

79        Mick Chappel North Tyneside Riders CC     Male    V40     58:49

80        Sarah Hamilton           VO2MAX Race Team            Female WV40 58:56

81        Christian Roberts        Allen Valley Velo       Male    V40     59:23

82        Stephen Hill    Barnesbury CC           Male    V40     59:47

83        Keith Sibbald  Zeus CRT        Male    V40     59:53

84        Richard Glennie          Barnesbury CC           Male    V40     01:00:07

85        Simon Watson Barnesbury CC           Male    V50     01:00:39

86        Richard Cleathero       North Racing   Male    V40     01:01:04

87        Libby Crawford          VO2MAX Race Team            Female Senior  01:01:39

88        Carl Foreman  Muckle Cycle Club     Male    Senior  01:01:59

89        Alan Davison  Tri Northumberland (Tri North)         Male    V50     01:02:31

90        Phoebe Skinner           Derwentside CC         Female Juvenile           01:03:23

91        Tracey Sample            Alnwick & District Triathlon Club     Female WV50 01:04:50

92        Georgia Campbell       Blaydon CC    Female Senior  01:05:01

93        Caroline Cunningham North Tyneside Riders CC     Female WV40 01:05:43

94        Dan Wilson     Cramlington CC         Male    V40     01:06:45

95        Ray Bell          Derwentside CC         Male    V70     01:09:25

96        Nicola McCoy Muckle Cycle Club     Female WV50 01:09:54

97        Denise Drummond      Alnwick Cycling Club            Female WV50 01:11:50

98        Tania Conway Alnwick & District Triathlon Club     Female WV50 01:15:48

99        Amelia Cleathero        Racing Metro 15         Female Juvenile           01:16:22

100      Heather Gould North Shields Polytechnic Club         Female WV50 01:18:23

            Neil Baxter     Blumilk.Com   Male    V50     APOLS

            Mark Ambury Zeus CRT        Male    V50     APOLS

            Claire Cook     South Shields Velo Cycling Club       Female Senior  APOLS

            Ruth Marshall  North Tyneside Riders CC     Female WV50 APOLS

            Deborah Hicks            North Tyneside Riders CC     Female WV40 APOLS

            Thomas Fletcher         Reifen Racing Male    Senior  APOLS

            Darren McBain           Vector Racing Male    V40     APOLS

            Howie Buckingham    Allen Valley Velo       Male    V50     APOLS

            Chris Mather   Derwentside CC         Male    V40     APOLS

            James Meadows          Cleveland Wheelers CC         Male    Senior  DNF

            Shaun Wilkinson         Muckle Cycle Club     Male    Senior  DNF

            Ian Taylor        Blumilk.Com   Male    V40     DNF

            Robert Noble  Cycleways       Male    V40     DQ

            Glen Turnbull  MTS Cycle Sport        Male    V40     DQ

            Andrew Hall   GS Metro        Male    Senior  DQ

            Sam Kettlewell           TS Racing - OTR        Male    Espoir  DQ

            David Cunningham     Vector Racing Male    V50     DQ

            Paul Richardson          Derwentside CC         Male    Senior  DQ

            Joe Leiserach   Blaydon CC    Male    Senior  DQ

            Frances Wilde Alnwick & District Triathlon Club     Female WV40 DQ