Cardiff 100 Miles RCC

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  • Date: 04-Aug-19
  • Time: 08:00
  • Distance: 50 Miles
  • Course: R50/1B
  • Closing Date: 26-Jul-19 23:59
  • Categories:
    • Juvenile
    • Junior
    • Espoir
    • Senior
    • Veteran
    • Para

Moss and Lee dominant in South Wales

  • Published: 04 Aug 19
  • Written By: Frazer Snowdon
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Michelle Lee

Michelle Lee and Conrad Moss were in supreme form as both powered to commanding victories in a 50-mile open time trial hosted by Cardiff 100 Mile RCC in Gwent on Sunday.

Conrad Moss (Nopinz) made it back-to-back victories – and third in his last four events on record – with a comfortable three-minute gap to second place.

The 44-year-old clocked a winning time of 1-39-40, missing his 50-mile personal best by just 11 seconds.

Moss had to beat a time of 1-42-43 set by Ross Holland (Cheltenham & County CC), who subsequently managed to hold on for a second place; his best finish since August 2018.

Anthony Jones (Towy Riders CC) held on for his fourth podium of 2019 as the 46-year-old clocked a time of 1-44-16 whilst finishing third.

Conrad Moss

In the women’s category, Michelle Lee (PDQ Cycle Coaching) finally notched her first win of the season after a ruthless performance.

If Moss’ three-minutes seemed a large gap, Lee ended the days riding with a gap of 18 minutes and 31 seconds to her nearest competitor after posting a time of 1-51-40.

Gemma Waterjohns (Somerset Road Club) finished second with a time of 2-10-11 while Lizzy Stocker (IRIS Race Team) was just a place behind and third-placed woman in 2-10-57.

The R50/1b course doesn’t give riders an easy time with numerous sharp climbs and descents spanning the 50-miles.

Riders start and finish at the same place on the A40; head east towards Monmouth on the A-road before turning back and heading west towards Abergavenny. The event takes two laps to complete the 50 miles with the sheerest of climbs set around 9 and 34 miles into the course.

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Pos  first name last name  Club Gender     Time

1    Conrad Moss     NOPINZ     Male 1:39:40        

2    Ross Holland    Cheltenham & County Cycling Club Male 1:42:43        

3    Anthony Jones   Towy Riders Cycle Club     Male 1:44:16        

4    Philip Tucker   Cycle Specific  Male 1:44:39        

5    David Medhurst   Cardiff Ajax CC Male 1:48:59        

6    Neil Poulton    Ogmore Valley Wheelers     Male 1:49:47        

7    Alex Touche     Pontypool Road Cycling Club Male 1:49:54        

8    Thomas Dye Cardiff Ajax CC Male 1:51:34        

9    Robert Francis  A2B Cycle Repair Race Team Male 1:51:35        

10   Michelle Lee    PDQ Cycle Coaching    Female     1:51:40        

11   Dave Williams   Cycle Specific  Male 1:51:48        

12   Luke Smith Bristol South Cycling Club Male 1:53:04        

13   Colin Wallace    Merthyr CC Male 1:53:11        

14   Darrel     Williams   Bynea Cycling Club    Male 1:53:34        

15   Tom Stocker    Bournemouth Jubilee Whs    Male 1:53:40        

16   Rob  Jones Cardiff Ajax CC Male 1:54:27        

17   Dan  Cutting    Epic R C   Male 1:54:36        

18   Mark Bradley    Bristol South Cycling Club Male 1:54:39        

19   Jonathan   Gall Clevedon & District Road Club    Male 1:56:18        

20   Rod  Hicks Port Talbot Whs CC    Male 1:56:40        

21   Dan  Farmer     Newport & East Wales Tri Club    Male 1:57:25        

22   Jonathan   Heath Brecon Wheelers Male 1:57:31        

23   Adam Whittaker  Salt and Sham Cycle Club   Male 1:57:35        

24   Nick Young Yeovil Cycling Club   Male 1:58:06        

25   Calum Cheshire   Cardiff Ajax CC Male 1:58:12        

26   Anthony    White Royal Dean Forest Cycle Club     Male 1:58:48        

27   William    Baugh Ludlow CC  Male 1:59:21        

28   David Singleton  Acme Whs (Rhondda) CC Male 2:00:15        

29   Lee  Heron Banbury Star Cyclists' Club Male 2:01:31        

30   Geoff Thomas     Rhondda Triathlon Club     Male 2:01:35        

31   Andrew     Simpkins   Solihull CC     Male 2:01:59        

32   Iain Bell Monmouthshire Wheelers     Male 2:03:27        

33   Matthew    Garfield   Cycle Specific  Male 2:03:56        

34   Phillip    Turner     Ammanford Tri & Cycling    Male 2:04:01        

35   Matt Grantham   Pontypool Road Cycling Club Male 2:04:32        

36   Tony martin     Lake Gloucester City Cycling Club     Male 2:05:18        

37   John Williams   Bynea Cycling Club    Male 2:05:26        

38   Jonathan   Wilkinson-Lockyer     Team Tor 2000 | KALAS Male 2:05:39        

39   Digby Rusling    Royal Dean Forest Cycle Club     Male 2:06:37        

40   Andrew     Curley     Warwickshire Road Club     Male 2:07:14        

41   Michael    Collins    VC Sevale (Malvern)   Male 2:07:29        

42   Mark German     1st Chard Wheelers    Male 2:08:33        

43   Roger Taylor     Frome and District Wheelers Male 2:09:16        

44   Garry Shuker     Walsall Roads Cycling Club Male 2:09:57        

45   Gemma Waterjohns Somerset Road Club    Female     2:10:11        

46   Lizzy Stocker    IRIS Race Team  Female     2:10:57        

47   Robert     Jones Cardiff 100 Miles RCC Male 2:11:12        

48   Andrew     Harries    Ogmore Valley Wheelers     Male 2:11:25        

49   Emma Bexson     Stratford Cycling Club     Female     2:11:43        

50   Mathew     Atkins     UFIT TRI TEAM   Male 2:12:12        

51   Peter Owen Norwood Paragon CC    Male 2:12:42        

52   Claire     Bird Pontypool Road Cycling Club Female     2:12:59        

53   Peter Davies     Brighton Mitre CC     Male 2:13:03        

54   Fenella    Brown Beacon Roads CC Female     2:13:21        

55   Marco Marletta   Cardiff Jif     Male 2:13:23        

56   John Shehan     Bynea Cycling Club    Male 2:15:44        

57   Helen Tudor Oswestry Paragon CC   Female     2:16:11        

58   Graham     Smith Severn Road Club Male 2:22:30        

59   Nichola    Rorke Exeter Whs CC   Female     2:24:33        

60   Matthew    Stevens    Gloucester City Cycling Club     Male 2:29:23        

61   David Steel Hereford & Dist Whs CC     Male 2:32:06        

62   John Howells    Corinium Cycle Club   Male 2:44:49        

     David Dickerson  Team Echelon    Male DNF       

     Nick Livermore  Bristol South Cycling Club Male DNF       

     Steven     Cottington Bath Cycling Club     Male DNF       

     Andrea     Parish     VeloSistas TT Team    Female     DNF       

     Steve      Bray Salt and Sham Cycle Club   Male DNF       

     Derek Morgan     Worcester St. Johns CC     Male DNS       

     John Beaven     1st Chard Wheelers    Male DNS       

     Gerry Peppin     Corinium Cycle Club   Male DNS       

     Michael    Murkin     Swindon Road Club     Male DNS       

     Emma Angove     73 Degrees Bicycles   Female     DNS       

     Andy Kelly Bristol South Cycling Club Male DNS       

     Earl Smith Royal Dean Forest Cycle Club     Male DNS       

     Wayne Mayer VeloVitesse/ALLCAP/James Barry/SiS    Male DNS       

     Rosey Mushens    73 Degrees Bicycles   Female     DNS       

     Simon Kinsey     Virtual Cycling Club  Male DNS       

     Les  Thomas     Port Talbot Whs CC    Male DNS       

     Rhys Jones Rhondda Triathlon Club     Male DNS       

     Chris Lowe Swindon Road Club     Male DNS       

     Matt Burden     73 Degrees Bicycles   Male DNS