Sunderland Clarion

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  • Date: 16-Jun-19
  • Time: 07:30
  • Distance: 25 Miles
  • Course: M254
  • Closing Date: 04-Jun-19 23:59
  • Categories:
    • Juvenile
    • Junior
    • Espoir
    • Senior
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Crammond and Turvey take wins in Sunderland Clarion 25

  • Published: 17 Jun 19
  • Written By: Frazer Snowdon
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Graham Crammond

Anna Turvey and Graham Crammond powered their way to victory in the Sunderland Clarion 25-mile time trial in Northumberland on Sunday.

After a week of torrential rainfall led to the cancellation of several midweek club time trials, the conditions improved and allowed for a good event to go ahead of the M254 near Ponteland.

It remained dry although overcast as the field ploughed up and down the A696 between Ponteland and Kirkwhelpington, with a tailwind on the way out and headwind on the return.

Crammond (Team Swift) proved fastest although it was very close at the top with his time of 54-28 being just one second faster than Phil Hall (Breeze Bikes), while Lewis Timmins (Team Swift) was third, just 30 seconds behind Crammond.

“I turned up with no expectations as the course is definitely an out and out power course better suited to the big power output guys,” said Crammond. “I’ll definitely take it though!”

Anna Turvey (Drag2Zero) set a blistering pace for the women - seventh overall (56:03) – one of 19 riders to go under the hour. Kerry Gowland of Houghton CC was in second position (1:05:54), and Natalie Batey (Tyne & Wear Fire & Rescue Service) third (1:05:56).

Anna Turvey

The David Craig Memorial Trophy was awarded to the fastest Sunderland Clarion rider, which this time was Peter Stokoe. Fastest on a road bike was Damon Devine of Reifen Racing, just nudging over the hour (1:00:05).



Pos      Name   Club    Gender            Cat      Time

1          Graham Crammond    Team Swift     Male    Senior  54:28

2          Phil Hall          Breeze Bikes RT         Male    Vet      54:29

3          Lewis Timmins            Team Swift     Male    Senior  54:58

4          Mark Flannery Team Swift     Male    Vet      55:22

5          Kris Atkin       Team Bottrill   Male    Senior  55:32

Damon Devine

6          Harry Walker  Revolver Racing         Male    Vet      55:41

7          Anna Turvey   DRAG2ZERO            Female Senior  56:03

8          Elliot Gowland           Houghton CC Male    Vet      56:51

9          Mark Robertson          Army Cycling Male    Senior  56:53

10        Simon Clark    GS Metro        Male    Vet      58:20

11        Peter Stokoe    Sunderland Clarion     Male    Senior  58:24

12        Neil Pendrich  SVTTA           Male    Vet      58:27

13        Graeme Taylor            Tyne & Wear Fire & Rescue Service  Male    Senior  58:43

14        Nicholas Stevenson     Wearside Triathlon      Male    Vet      58:45

15        Daryl Oguona Tricademy       Male    Vet      58:47

Peter Stokoe

16        Nev Martin      GS Metro        Male    Vet      58:49

17        Michael Todd  Derwentside CC         Male    Senior  59:14

18        Scott Mccance            Derwentside CC         Male    Vet      59:27

19        Adam Wilson  Cramlington CC          Male    Senior  59:58

20        Damon Devine            Reifen Racing Male    Vet      01:00:05

21        Mark Whaley  Blaydon CC    Male    Vet      01:00:14

22        Mark Herbert  Derwentside CC         Male    Vet      01:00:28

23        David Symes   Blaydon CC    Male    Vet      01:00:32

24        Tom Guy         Sunderland Clarion     Male    Vet      01:01:00

25        Clive Allan      Allen Valley Velo       Male    Senior  01:01:09

26        Paul Robson    Wearside Triathlon      Male    Vet      01:01:30

27        Guillaume Zoppi         North Tyneside Riders CC     Male    Vet      01:01:41

28        Michael Charlton        Barnesbury CC           Male    Senior  01:01:46

29        Ian Simon        Breeze Bikes RT         Male    Vet      01:01:51

30        Lee Statham    Houghton CC Male    Vet      01:02:23

31        Michael Lynch            Derwentside CC         Male    Vet      01:03:07

32        Rick Mitford   Cestria C.C.    Male    Vet      01:03:33

33        Joe Leiserach   Blaydon CC    Male    Senior  01:04:20

34        Martin Rasmussen       Tyneside Vagabonds CC        Male    Vet      01:04:31

35        Mark Ambury Zeus CRT        Male    Vet      01:04:47

35        Steven Mulvey            Reifen Racing Male    Vet      01:04:47

37        David Swainson          Derwentside CC         Male    Vet      01:04:57

38        Keith Sibbald  Zeus CRT        Male    Vet      01:05:06

39        Kerry Gowland           Houghton CC Female Vet      01:05:54

40        Natalie Batey  Tyne & Wear Fire & Rescue Service  Female Senior  01:05:56

41        Jason Robson  Derwentside CC         Male    Vet      01:06:28

42        Patrick Hamilton         Derwentside CC         Male    Vet      01:06:43

43        Jen Mcmahon  Muckle Cycle Club     Female Senior  01:07:07

44        Vicky Gibbs    Reifen Racing Female Vet      01:08:00

45        David Cable    Reifen Racing Male    Vet      01:09:04

46        Chris Ashall    Tricademy       Male    Senior  01:10:03

47        Maddy Hall     Breeze Bikes RT         Female Juvenile           01:10:04

48        Richard Exley Gosforth RC   Male    Vet      01:10:19

49        Stephen Mcintosh       Barnesbury CC           Male    Vet      01:10:30

50        Michelle Highfield      Berwick Wheelers Cycling Club         Female Vet      01:10:39

51        Paul Barrett     Wearside Triathlon      Male    Senior  01:10:41

52        Tony Mccann  Barnesbury CC           Male    Vet      01:11:28

53        Nicola Mccoy  Muckle Cycle Club     Female Vet      01:11:29

54        Stephen Hill    Barnesbury CC           Male    Vet      01:11:31

55        Raymond Bell Derwentside CC         Male    Vet      01:11:43

56        Jo Scott           Team Swift     Female Vet      01:12:36

57        Barry Holyoak            South Shields Velo     Male    Vet      01:12:42

58        Justine Norman           Breeze Bikes RT         Female Vet      01:16:59

59        Tracey Sample Breeze Bikes RT         Female Vet      01:18:22

60        Stephen Kerr   Sunderland Clarion     Male    Vet      01:20:37

61        Katrina Robson           Wearside Triathlon      Female Vet      01:23:34

62        Ronnie Thompson       Derwentside CC         Male    Vet      01:29:19

63        Gareth Davies Barnesbury CC           Male    Vet      01:37:21

            Paul Bernardelli          Physiohaus Health And Performance Male    Vet      DNF

            Mick Bradshaw           GS Metro        Male    Vet      DNF

            Henning Saelzer          Houghton CC Male    Senior  APOLS

            Dennis Fuller   GS Metro        Male    Vet      APOLS

            Craig Foley     Tricademy       Male    Vet      DNS

            Carl Foreman  Muckle Cycle Club     Male    Senior  DNS

            Mark Tully      Sunderland Clarion     Male    Senior  DNS

            Jay Pitt            Derwentside CC         Male    Senior  APOLS

            Andy Niven    Physiohaus Health And Performance Male    Senior  DNS

            Gavin Richardson       Sunderland Clarion     Male    Vet      APOLS

            Kris Whitelaw Muckle Cycle Club     Male    Senior  DNS

            Miriam Jessett Team Kirkley Cycles   Female Espoir  APOLS

            Gemma Frost  Team Swift     Female Senior  APOLS

            Terry Fountain            Breeze Bikes RT         Male    Vet      APOLS