Tyneside Vagabonds CC (Lakes & Lancs Spoco)

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  • Date: 19-May-19
  • Time: 10:00
  • Distance: 47 Miles
  • Course: M47
  • Closing Date: 07-May-19 23:59
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    • Juvenile
    • Junior
    • Espoir
    • Senior
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Record-breaking performances as Wild and Burnie break records in Northumberland

  • Published: 20 May 19
  • Written By: Frazer Snowdon
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Adam Wild

Fiona Burnie and Adam Wild both broke the course record on their way to victories in the Tyneside Vagabonds 47-mile mountain time trial near Belsay on Sunday.

The 64th running of the classic event – a round of the Lakes and Lancs SpoCo Series - took place with overcast skies but dry roads for the riders tackling the iconic climbs of Bilsmoor and Winter’s Gibbet.

Currently leading the Sigma Sports Classic Time Trial Series, Adam Wild (GS Metro) sliced 40 seconds from Olympic ace Chris Newton’s 2010 men’s course record of 1-50-16, clocking 1-49-30 to win by almost eight minutes.

And reigning national hill-climb champion Fiona Burnie (GS Metro) also broke the women’s course record with her time of 2-14-43.

Speaking after picking up the Marion Bunton Trophy for the fastest rider, Adam Wild said: “My sole aim today was to get the course record.  I thought I had the legs to win, but I knew it was going to be tough as Newton was a phenomenal athlete.

“You pick up so much speed from the top of The Gibbet so it’s really hard to work out how fast you will be when you hit the finish.  I got to Knowesgate on the course, and I knew I had to average 32 back on the main road, which in the main I was doing but then I started to get stuck behind traffic and I had to watch my speed dropping.

Fiona Burnie

“I was thinking, I have to get this! In the end, it was a comfortable win as I had a decent tail wind on the run in.  All in all, I had good legs and it was a good day.”

Matt Moorhouse (Preston CC) was second  with 1:57:24 and was also the fastest vet on standard as well as over-40 veteran on actual time.  Mark Robertson (Army Cycling)  1:58:18 was third which he achieved on a road bike.

Fastest woman, Fiona Burnie said: “I really enjoyed it – I’m saying that now in the car park as it’s all over!

“Last year, Adam and I were on track with our training to go for new CRs on this course, but due to roadworks the course had to be shortened last minute. This year we came to get them again, and we’re both very pleased to have done just that.

“The last seven miles when you get back onto the main road, I was thinking the faster I go - (A) I have more chance of getting the women’s course record and (B) this 47 mile horror-fest will be over!

“I did the race on my road bike because I really didn’t think I had the gearing and it would have been embarrassing falling off on the hills on my TT bike!”

Second lady - and fresh from competing in the Tour Series in Durham the day before - was Jennifer Batey (Team Boompods) in 2:25:11 while third was Sarah Wilkinson of Blaydon CC in 2:28:47. Sarah also picked up a medal for Fastest over-40 female.

Patrick Clark

The junior prize winner was the host club’s Matthew Wells with 2:11:39 to claim 18th position overall.

Fastest over-50 male veteran was Neil Wilkinson of Blaydon CC, while the fastest over-50 female was Jan Scotchford of North Lancashire Road Club. Tom Guy (Sunderland Clarion) was best over-60 male, while Cestria CC’s Richard Marshal was best over-70.

There was a special prize for the fastest ascent of Bilsmoor, which went to Patrick Clark (B38/Cycles in Motion) for the men, while Burnie was quickest female rider.

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Pos      Name               Club    Gender            Cat      Time

1          Adam  Wild    GS Metro        Male    Espoir  1:49:30

Matthew Wells

2          Matt    Moorhouse      Preston CC      Male    Veteran           1:57:24

3          Mark    Robertson        Army Cycling Male    Senior  1:58:18

4          Patrick Clark   B38/Cycles In Motion            Male    Senior  1:59:38

5          John     Routledge       Barnesbury CC           Male    Senior  2:01:41

6          Julian   Macbride         Team Kirkley Cycles   Male    Senior  2:04:27

7          Phil      Hall     Breeze Bikes RT         Male    Veteran           2:05:22

8          Jamie   Johnson           Barnesbury CC           Male    Senior  2:06:16

9          Ben      Lane    GS Metro        Male    Veteran           2:06:30

10        Terry    Wilkinson        Barnesbury CC           Male    Senior  2:07:13

11        Chris    Mather Derwentside CC         Male    Veteran           2:07:28

12        Lewis  Wake   Team Kirkley Cycles   Male    Senior  2:07:51

13        Jonathan          Bayley Reifen Racing Male    Senior  2:08:22

14        Scott    Mccance          Derwentside CC         Male    Veteran           2:08:55

15        Neil     Wilkinson        Blaydon CC    Male    Veteran           2:10:49

16        Peter    Stokoe Sunderland Clarion     Male    Senior  2:10:58

17        Ken     Thursby           Tyneside Vagabonds CC        Male    Veteran           2:11:24

18        Matthew          Wells   Tyneside Vagabonds CC        Male    Junior  2:11:39

19        Terry    Fountain          Breeze Bikes RT         Male    Veteran           2:11:52

20        Ian       Taylor  Blumilk.com    Male    Veteran           2:12:13

21        Bryan  Pool     Border City Whs CC  Male    Veteran           2:12:34

22        Gavin  Richardson      Sunderland Clarion     Male    Veteran           2:13:29

23        David Leslie   Houghton CC Male    Veteran           2:14:38

24        Fiona   Burnie GS Metro        Female Senior  2:14:43

25        Colin   Blacklock        Muckle Cycle Club     Male    Veteran           2:15:11

26        Neil     Withington      Beacon Wheelers        Male    Veteran           2:15:45

27        Alan    Henry  Zeus CRT        Male    Veteran           2:16:02

28        James   Meadows        Cleveland Wheelers CC          Male    Senior  2:16:46

29        Mark    Herbert            Derwentside CC         Male    Veteran           2:17:16

30        Mark    Whaley            Blaydon CC    Male    Veteran           2:18:08

31        Richard           Morgan            Barrow Central Wheelers        Male    Senior  2:18:13

32        Peter    Herdman         Blaydon CC    Male    Veteran           2:18:25

33        Ian       Gallon North Tyneside Riders CC     Male    Veteran           2:18:52

34        David  Symes  Blaydon CC    Male    Veteran           2:18:53

35        Tom     Guy     Sunderland Clarion     Male    Veteran           2:18:58

36        Michael           Lynch  Derwentside CC         Male    Veteran           2:19:35

37        Russell Hughes            Tyneside Vagabonds CC        Male    Veteran           2:20:10

38        Joe       Leiserach         Blaydon CC    Male    Senior  2:20:33

39        Joseph Hunter Allen Valley Velo       Male    Senior  2:20:46

40        Dan     Kendall           Rock to Roll CC         Male    Senior  2:20:49

41        Lester  Grant   Auchencrow Thistle CC         Male    Senior  2:20:57

42        Craig   Nicholl            South Shields Velo Cycling Club       Male    Veteran           2:22:47

43        Roy     Flanagan          Rossendale RC           Male    Veteran           2:23:05

44        Roger  Clarke  Tyneside Vagabonds CC        Male    Veteran           2:23:40

45        Dougan           Collins Ferryhill Whs  Male    Veteran           2:24:15

46        Craig   Summersgill    Rock to Roll CC         Male    Senior  2:24:35

47        Adam  Wilson Cramlington CC          Male    Senior  2:25:03

48        Jennifer           Batey   Team Boompods         Female Senior  2:25:11

49        Michael           Hardcastle       Royal Air Force Cycling Association Male    Veteran           2:25:38

50        Neil     Parkin  Derwentside CC         Male    Veteran           2:25:42

51        Paul     Robson            Houghton CC Male    Veteran           2:26:04

52        Keith   Sibbald            Zeus CRT        Male    Veteran           2:26:58

53        Tim      Nichol Blaydon CC    Male    Senior  2:27:11

54        Chris    Smith   Reifen Racing Male    Senior  2:27:16

55        Adam  Chambers        Verulam CC    Male    Veteran           2:27:49

56        David Hardy  South Shields Velo Cycling Club       Male    Veteran           2:28:10

57        Sarah   Wilkinson        Blaydon CC    Female Veteran           2:28:47

58        Shaun  O'shea NRG/Triscience RT    Male    Veteran           2:29:03

59        Rachel Galler  Blaydon CC    Female Senior  2:29:11

60        Joanne Rea      Blaydon CC    Female Senior  2:30:11

61        Martin Rasmussen      Tyneside Vagabonds CC        Male    Veteran           2:32:53

62        Paul     Warrener         Rossendale RC           Male    Veteran           2:33:33

63        Jan       Scotchford      North Lancashire Road Club  Female Veteran           2:34:33

64        Jeff      Belt     Stockton Wheelers CC           Male    Veteran           2:35:46

65        Richard           Burt     Solihull CC     Male    Veteran           2:37:10

66        Stephen           Roberts            Tyneside Vagabonds CC        Male    Veteran           2:38:16

67        Christopher     Thompson       Wansbeck CC Male    Veteran           2:38:17

68        I           Maddison        Ryton Tri Club            Male    Veteran           2:39:45

69        Howie             Buckingham    Allen Valley Velo       Male    Veteran           2:40:24

70        Tony    Thompson       North Racing  Male    Veteran           2:41:18

71        Paul     Barrett Wearside Triathlon      Male    Senior  2:41:22

72        David  Mitcheson       North Racing  Male    Veteran           2:43:16

73        Raymond        Bell      Derwentside CC         Male    Veteran           2:44:44

74        Stephen           Mcintosh         Barnesbury CC           Male    Veteran           2:47:35

75        Paula   Salter   North Tyneside Riders CC     Female Veteran           2:51:12

76        Phil      Dunn   Wansbeck CC Male    Veteran           2:57:03

77        Sian     Salter   North Tyneside Riders CC     Female Senior  3:06:25

78        Richard           Marshall          Cestria C.C.    Male    Veteran           3:06:26

79        John     Beecroft          Wansbeck CC Male    Veteran           3:11:10

            Jon       Sturman           Blumilk.com    Male    Veteran           DNF

            Andrew           Jackman          Physiohaus Health and Performance  Male    Senior  DNS

            Brian   Ward   Team Protech SB        Male    Senior  DNS

            Randle Shenton           Team Swift     Male    Veteran           DNS

            Adam  Hogarth           Tyneside Vagabonds CC        Male    Senior  DNS

            Stephen           Knight Blaydon CC    Male    Senior  DNS

            Stephen           Magrath           Blaydon CC    Male    Senior  DNS

            Miriam             Jessett Team Kirkley Cycles   Female Espoir  DNS(A)

            Jay       Pitt      Derwentside CC         Male    Senior  DNS(A)

            Stephen           Walton            Muckle Cycle Club     Male    Veteran           DNS(A)

            Hannah            Farran  Team Boompods         Female Senior  DNS(A)

            Venda Louise  Pollock            Blaydon CC    Female Veteran           DNS(A)

            Nick    Badcock          Allen Valley Velo       Male    Senior  DNS(A)

            Eddie  Addis  RT 23  Male    Veteran           DNS(A)

            David  Hilditch           Ribble Valley C&RC  Male    Veteran           DNS(A)

            Ian       Norris  Blumilk.com    Male    Veteran           DNS(A)