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  • Date: 17-Mar-18
  • Time: 14:00
  • Distance: 10 Miles
  • Course: G10/46
  • Closing Date: 06-Mar-18 23:59
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    • Juvenile
    • Junior
    • Espoir
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Mark Smith wins with a flat

  • Published: 18 Mar 18
  • Written By: Frazer Snowdon
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Mark Smith.

Despite riding the final half mile on a flat front tyre, Crawley Wheelers veteran Mark Smith won the Southern Counties Cycling Union Sporting 10 yesterday in a time of 23.31.

Pat Wright (Paceline RT), winner of the of Kingston Wheelers 14 and South Downs Bikes 21, finished in second place in a time of 23.33, just two seconds off the winning pace.

Completing the podium was Army CU rider Lee Kennedy, two minutes down on Wright.

Crawley Wheelers were awarded the team prize with Mark Smith, Iain Duncan and James Cheeseman combining for a time of 1:20.46. Liz Saul of London Dynamo was the fastest woman in 33.44.

In what organiser Robin Johnson described as “Probably the worst event ridden in 55 years,” 22 of the 69 riders down on the start list completed the 25-mile event.

The event was held despite snow on the coast at Brighton, 25 miles south, and snow in south London suburbs, 15 to 20 miles north. 

Although there were some flurries in the morning, traces of snow settled on grass verges but after a few days of 10 to 12-degree temperatures, the wet roads didn’t freeze despite the cold and a biting easterly wind. Snow resumed in full three hours after the event, covering lanes quickly.

Many rides recorded ‘personal worsts’ and although some riders wore thermal jackets, one brave entrant was seen in shorts. The 25-mile event due to take place on Sunday morning was cancelled.

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1. Mark Smith (Crawley Whls)          23.31

2. Pat Wright (Paceline RT)   23.33

3. Lee Kennedy (Army CU)   25.33

4. Chris Yates (East Grinstead CC)    27.54

5. Iain Duncan (Crawley Whls)          27.58

6. Simon Trehearn (Kingston Phoenix RC)   27.59

7. Shaun Marlor (Bec CC)      28.13

8. Mark Wright (VC Godalming & Haslemere)         28.17

9. James Cheeseman (Crawley Whls) 29.17

10. Robert Royston (Sydenham Whls)           29.25

Team: Crawley Whls - Mark Smith, Iain Duncan and James Cheeseman. 1:20.46

2nd team: Kingston Phoenix RC - Simon Trehearn, Alex Kew (29.49) and Peter Smith (35.16): 1:33.04.

Woman: Liz Saul (London Dynamo) 33.44

1st Veteran in age groups:

40-44: Mark Smith (Crawley Whls)   23.31

45-49: Iain Duncan (Crawley Whls)   27.58

50-54: N/A

55-59: Chris Yates (East Grinstead CC)        27.54

60-64: Robert Royston (Sydenham Whls)      29.25

65-69: Robin Johnson (Brighton Mitre CC)   38.22

70-74: David Eccles (Redmon CC)    33.47

75-79: Mike Morley (Kingston Phoenix RC) 44.31