GS Metro

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  • Date: 29-Jul-18
  • Time: 10:00
  • Distance: 0 Miles
  • Course: m18
  • Closing Date: 17-Jul-18 23:59
  • Categories:
    • Juvenile
    • Junior
    • Espoir
    • Senior
    • Veteran
    • Para

Donaldson breaks course record with Frost also victorious in Durham

  • Published: 29 Jul 18
  • Written By: Frazer Snowdon
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Carl Donaldson

Home club rider Carl Donaldson and visiting Gemma Frost (Team Swift) finished top male and female respectively in GS Metro’s 18-mile time trial in Northumberland on Sunday.

It was 37-year-old Donaldson’s return to competitive racing after suffering a pulmonary embolism 11 weeks ago.

Morpeth-based Donaldson alluded to the challenges he faced, saying: “The medication I’m taking means that I need to avoid crashing at all costs, so the rain wasn’t welcome. I took my time on the corners and just concentrated on keeping smooth and steady whilst keeping something back in the tank for the slog home in the wind and rain.”

His return started better than he could have hoped setting a course record time of 37-30 which stood the test of time against a strong field.

“I got back into training three weeks ago in preparation for a race I’ve targeted in late September. It’s been a bit of a slog, but I’m getting there slowly. I entered today’s unofficial memorial event to remember my former GS Metro Team-mate, Andy Mallen,

“I knew it was fast but didn’t think about the course record – I’m happy with that, and would like to thank everyone who marshalled and helped out in the awful weather,” said Donaldson.

GS Metro team-mate Adam Wild was his nearest rival, setting off as the penultimate rider, Wild pushed but 24 seconds was the closest he could get to Donaldson in 37-54.

Wild adds to his seven podiums of 2018, of which includes six wins.

22-year-old Thomas Hutchinson (Tyneside Vagabonds CC) capped off the podium places as he halted the stopwatches only 14 seconds adrift of Wild in 38-08.

Gemma Frost

Team Swift’s Gemma Frost won the women’s category as she went nearly two minutes ahead of the pack.

Frost’s time of 43-44 secured her ninth win of her 2018 campaign with her last win coming in last weekend’s Barnesbury CC 25-mile time trial.

The 25-year-old finished ahead of Blaydon CC pair Joanne Rea and Gemma Hutchins.

Second placed Rea finished in 45-33 whilst Hutchins posted a 46-34.

In other categories, Harry Walker’s (Revolver Racing) 38-49 was good enough to put him +9-38 up on standard to take the veteran’s prize.

Fastest roadman was Colin Humphrey (Derwentside CC) who crossed the line in 39.50 with Sarah Wilkinson (Cestria CC) was fastest woman in 49.34.


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Position   Name Club Gender     Category   Time

1    Carl Donaldson  GS Metro   Male Senior     37:30

2    Adam Wild  GS Metro   Male Espoir     37:54

3    Thomas Hutchinson     Tyneside Vagabonds CC Male Senior     38:08

4    Lewis Timmins   Team Swift Male Senior     38:35

5    Harry Walker    Revolver Racing Male Vet  38:49

6    Dan Meggison    GS Metro   Male Senior     39:24

7    Nick Badcock    Allen Valley Velo     Male Senior     39:37

8    Collin Humphrey Derwentside CC  Male Vet  39:50

9    Ian Norris Blumilk.Com     Male Vet  39:51

10   Ben Lane   GS Metro   Male Vet  40:03

11   David Nearney   South Shields Velo Cycling Club  Male Senior     40:08

12   Philip Kennell  Allen Valley Velo     Male Vet  40:51

13   Hedley Fletcher Blaydon CC Male Vet  40:54

14   Fergus Robinson Allen Valley Velo     Male Espoir     40:58

15   Julian Macbride Blaydon CC Male Senior     41:31

16   Colin Atkinson  Muckle Cycle Club     Male Vet  41:32

17   Mark Robertson  Army Cycling Union    Male Senior     41:40

18   Peter Herdman   Blaydon CC Male Vet  41:42

19   Mark Strang     Breeze Bikes RT Male Vet  41:43

20   Wayne Coates    Derwentside CC  Male Vet  42:02

21   Mark Herbert    Derwentside CC  Male Vet  42:16

22   Ian Taylor Blumilk.Com     Male Vet  42:17

23   Jay Pitt   Derwentside CC  Male Senior     42:18

24   Ali Bailey GS Metro   Male Senior     42:29

25   Marcus Cram     Blaydon CC Male Senior     42:40

26   Scott Mccance   Derwentside CC  Male Senior     42:45

27   Damon Devine    Reifen Racing   Male Vet  43:00

28   Matthew Sutcliffe     South Shields Velo Cycling Club  Male Vet  43:04

29   David Symes     Blaydon CC Male Vet  43:06

30   Brian Johnson   Reifen Racing   Male Vet  43:13

31   Neil Wilkinson  Cestria C.C.    Male Vet  43:14

32   Mark Whaley     Blaydon CC Male Vet  43:37

33   Gemma Frost     Team Swift Female     Senior     43:44

34   Michael Todd    Derwentside CC  Male Senior     43:55

35   David Swainson  Derwentside CC  Male Vet  44:10

36   James George Dunn     South Shields Velo Cycling Club  Male Senior     44:38

37   Keith Davison   Hadrian R.T     Male Vet  44:57

38   Joanne Rea Blaydon CC Female     Senior     45:33

39   Ian Gallon North Tyneside Riders CC   Male Vet  45:55

40   Neil Parkin     Derwentside CC  Male Vet  46:02

41   Gemma Hutchins  Blaydon CC Female     Senior     46:34

42   Jock Bolam Breeze Bikes RT Male Vet  46:37

43   Peter Chapman   GS Metro   Male Vet  46:40

44   Clive Horton    Barnesbury CC   Male Vet  46:57

45   Sara Cummings   Blaydon CC Female     Vet  47:07

46   Keith Sibbald   Cramlington CC  Male Vet  47:13

47   Sarah Wilkinson Cestria C.C.    Female     Vet  49:34

48   Richard Exley   Gosforth RC     Male Vet  49:37

49   Jen Mcmahon     Muckle Cycle Club     Female     Senior     49:41

50   Paul Findlay    GS Metro   Male Vet  51:23

51   Rachel Walmsley Tyneside Vagabonds CC Female     Vet  51:27

52   Rachel Galler   Blaydon CC Female     Senior     51:42

53   Jane Massey     Cramlington CC  Female     Vet  54:02

54   Rhiannon Robinson     Allen Valley Velo     Female     Vet  55:59

     Nicola Mccoy    Sporting Club Gothic  Female     Vet  apol

     Martin Rasmussen Tyneside Vagabonds CC Male Vet  apol

     Gareth Davies   Barnesbury CC   Male Vet  apol

     Patrick Deane   Tyneside Vagabonds CC Male Vet  apol

     Dennis Fuller   GS Metro   Male Vet  apol

     Thomas Prentice GS Metro   Male Junior     apol

     Hannah Baker    North Tyneside Riders CC   Female     Senior     apol

     Justine Norman  Breeze Bikes RT Female     Vet  apol

     Maddy Hall Breeze Bikes RT Female     Juvenile   apol

     Danny Wilcox    North Tyneside Riders CC   Male Vet  apol

     Sam Dodd   Barnesbury CC   Male Senior     apol

     Phil Hall  Breeze Bikes RT Male Vet  apol

     Adam Wilson     Cramlington CC  Male Senior     dnf

     Ian Dick   Derwentside CC  Male Senior     dnf

     Russ Richardson Teesdale CRC    Male Vet  dns

     Richard Cleathero     North Racing    Male Vet  dns

     Josh Craven     Muckle Cycle Club     Male Espoir     dns

     Peter Stokoe    Sunderland Clarion    Male Senior     dns

     Peter Mcewan    Breeze Bikes RT Male Vet  dns

     Mark Tully Sunderland Clarion    Male Senior     dns

     Andrew Thorp    North Racing    Male Senior     dns

     Stephen Locker  VO2MAX Race Team Male Vet  dns

     Peter Mcglynn   Allen Valley Velo     Male Vet  dns

     Paul Rider Tyneside Vagabonds CC Male Vet  dns

     Paul Thirling   Hartlepool CC   Male Vet  dns

     Craig Fenwick   Team Swift Male Vet  dns

     Sandy Cheung    Reifen Racing   Female     Senior     dns