Course Code: gs/491

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Course Code: gs/491

start in flanchford road, dawesgreen at eastern end of rough lay-by just beyond first 30mph sign and 260 yards north of junction with tapners road (tq219473). follow flanchford road eastwards via narrow river bridge (beware of oncoming traffic) to flanchford farm. turn left (m), still in flanchford road, then bear right at junction with trumpets hill road to proceed over reigate heath to junction with a25. (tq242505) (m) 2.95 miles turn left (take care – beware of traffic from right) and follow a25 via betchworth roundabout to deepdene roundabout. (there are pedestrian controlled traffic lights here). (tq172498) (m) (check) 7.62miles turn left (first exit) and follow a24 to north holmwood roundabout. straight on (second exit) and continue south on a24 via beare green roundabout (m) (do not take road to capel) and clark’s green roundabout through kingsfold village to great daux roundabout. (m) straight on (first exit), now on a264, to rusper road roundabout. (tq188335) (m) (check) 20.49miles turn left (first exit) and follow unclassified road up hurst hill to rusper. bear left (m) at junction by star inn, (giving way to traffic from right). bear right at next junction and proceed via newdigate to junction with broad lane at parkgate. (surrey oaks ph ) (tq207437) (m) 27.92 miles (take care – do not swing wide into the path of oncoming traffic). turn left into broad lane, which becomes clayhill road and then newdigate road to finish opposite rough lay-by on right just before oakleigh garden farm gate on left, 220 yds. past junction with clayhill rd. & 560 yds. before t junction at dawesgreen) (tq216466) 29.90 miles

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London South
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Course Records

Solo Male
Paul Burton
08-Mar-20 | Dorking CC (East Surrey hard riders)(80 riders)
Solo Female
Angela Carpenter
08-Mar-20 | Dorking CC (East Surrey hard riders)(80 riders)
Solo Male (Junior)
Billy Gilbey
08-Mar-20 | Dorking CC (East Surrey hard riders)(80 riders)
Solo Female (Junior)
Amy Monkhouse
10-Mar-19 | Dorking CC (East Surrey hard riders)(80 riders)