Beeston Cycling Club Results

Results for members of Beeston Cycling Club
First Name Last Name Date Event Course Pos Result
Yasmin Marks 15/09/19 Bolsover and District CC (private closed road) ohc11
Emily Kate Walton 08/09/19 Somerset Road Club uhc23
Richard Ferguson 08/09/19 Ratae RC a10/13 22:05
Emily Kate Walton 07/09/19 Dursley Road Club UH15
Yasmin Marks 01/09/19 Buxton CC/Sett Valley Cycles j9/13
Elizabeth Jessop 01/09/19 Buxton CC/Sett Valley Cycles j9/13
Laura Owler 31/08/19 RTTC National 10 mile Championship (London East DC)(Women & Juniors)(Entries close 03/08/19) e2/10
Richard Ferguson 17/08/19 Sherwood CC a25/34 58:30
Emily Kate Walton 21/07/19 Bristol South CC (entries close 07/07/19) u86/50 2:17:18
Richard Ferguson 06/07/19 Sherwood CC a10/14 21:08
Richard Boot 06/07/19 Sherwood CC a10/14 21:11
Yasmin Marks 05/07/19 Sheffrec CC/Langsett Cycles RT (closed road - no lower age limit) ohc/15
Richard Boot 30/06/19 Leicester Forest CC a50/13 2:01:31
Laura Owler 23/06/19 ECCA (80 riders)(Entries close 04/06/19) e2/100c DNS
Yasmin Marks 19/06/19 Peak RC (entries close 14/06/19) o17/c 34:27
Emily Kate Walton 16/06/19 Western Time Trials Association (WTTA Hardriders) u86/100 4:59:11
Yasmin Marks 12/06/19 Common Lane Occasionals (road bikes only) o12c 42:51
Yasmin Marks 09/06/19 Manchester Wheelers (Closing Date 31/05/19) j8/25 1:04:02
Emily Kate Walton 02/06/19 73 Degrees / Chippenham & District Wheelers (WTTA Hardriders) u86/50 2:16:14
Yasmin Marks 22/05/19 Rutland CC (60 riders max)(cheques payable to Joe Le Sage) o17/c 50:22
Richard Boot 11/05/19 South Pennine RC (Men)(Preference to BDCA Clubs) (Cheques payable to S.Bowler) a25/11 54:25
Laura Owler 28/04/19 Leicestershire RC (No Tri-Bars or TT Machines) AH/1 DNF
Yasmin Marks 28/04/19 Leicestershire RC (No Tri-Bars or TT Machines) AH/1 1:20:18
Yasmin Marks 19/04/19 Sigma Sports Classic Series (3 of 6)(Buxton CC/Sett Valley Cycles)(Women & Veterans)(Closing date 05/04/2019) j8/3 1:11:19
Richard Boot 13/04/19 B.D.C.A. (Preference to B.D.C.A. Members)(Men)(Cheques payable to S.Bowler) a25/11 55:34