Yorkshire Coast Clarion CC Results

Results for members of Yorkshire Coast Clarion CC
First Name Last Name Date Event Course Pos Result
Chris Goode 13/10/19 Vive Le Velo v491
Chris Goode 07/09/19 Tricycle Association (NE)(Tricycles Only)(TA National Championship)(TA TT League Event) v212 32:11
Richard Cullen 24/08/19 Scarborough Paragon CC (Yorkshire Spoco Event) v415 DNS
Chris Goode 21/07/18 RTTC National 24 hour Championship (Mersey Roads) (Entries close 29/6/18)(includes VTTA National Championship) d24hr 352.61 Miles
Chris Goode 30/06/18 Yorkshire Cycling Federation (Cheques to P Makinson)(YCF Points Series)(2 Events 120 max machines) v259/1 DNF
Chris Goode 17/06/18 Yorkshire RC (Cheques to S Smith) V251 2:18:01
Chris Goode 03/06/18 Nottingham Clarion CC (Incorporating National Clarion Championship) (Cheques payable to Nottingham Clarion CC) a50/5 2:14:31
Chris Goode 28/05/18 Anfield Bicycle Club (VTTA National Championship 100) d100/2a 4:52:51
Chris Goode 20/05/18 Bridlington CC (Yorkshire Spoco Event) v433 1:06:05
Chris Goode 19/05/18 Richmond CC (Sporting Course) t243 1:12:58
Chris Goode 05/05/18 Drighlington BC (Cheques to I Galbraith)(2 events 150 Machines) v232/1
Chris Goode 08/04/18 nelson wheelers cc (hilly)(l&l spoco) L503/1 2:39:28
Chris Goode 24/03/18 Harrogate Nova CC (YCF Points Series) v226 40:51
Chris Goode 10/03/18 Malton Whs (Yorkshire Spoco Event) v411/1
Chris Goode 14/10/17 holme valley whs v997
Chris Goode 14/10/17 huddersfield star whs (entries close 03/10/17) v9912
Chris Goode 07/10/17 otley cc (2 stage hillclimb) v8910/v897
Chris Goode 01/10/17 yorkshire cycling federation (ycf member clubs only)(teams)(ycf points series)(cheques to g barker) v232 1:00:19
Chris Goode 24/09/17 bridlington cc v491
Chris Goode 23/09/17 rutland cc (cheques to joe le sage) o10/1 24:52
Chris Goode 10/09/17 yorkshire rc (100 riders)(cheques to s smith) v259/1 2:14:08
Chris Goode 03/09/17 cleveland coureurs / vtta (north)(all ages)(incorporating teesside district championship)(cheques to g russell)(entries close 24/08/17) t252/3 59:53
Richard Cullen 27/08/17 team swift (charity event)(women, juniors & overflow men & invitation 80 max riders)(entries close 10/08/17) v718 21:55
Chris Goode 27/08/17 team swift (charity event)(women, juniors & overflow men & invitation 80 max riders)(entries close 10/08/17) v718 22:35
Chris Goode 19/08/17 yorkshire cycling federation (cheques to c jessop)(ycf points series men only)(yorkshire spoco event men only) v241 1:17:56