Shaftesbury CC (ECCA BAR Qual event)

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  • Date: 18-Jul-21
  • Time: 08:00
  • Distance: 50 Miles
  • Course: F2/50
  • Closing Date: 06-Jul-21 23:59
  • Categories:
    • Juvenile
    • Junior
    • Espoir
    • Senior
    • Veteran
    • Para

Eight in a row for McNamara, Lethbridge fastest female

  • Published: 19 Jul 21
  • Written By: Frazer Snowdon
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Alice Lethbridge

In-form Chris McNamara (Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT) secured his eighth victory in at the Shaftesbury CC 50-mile time trial on Sunday, while Alice Lethbridge (Drag2zero) was quickest female over the course in Cambridgeshire.

46-year-old McNamara clocked 1-38-36 to take the win by almost two minutes from Ross Clarke (TMG Horizon CT) who covered the F2/50 course near Cambourne in 1-40-20, while 27 seconds further back was Kingston Wheelers’ Adam Bidwell.

Lethbridge, the 36-year-old who has been on the podium multiple times at national championships, clocked 1-46-52 for 14th overall, and was fastest woman by over seven minutes from Claire Emons (Newbury RC), while Marianne Holt (Fareham Wheelers) was third.

Emons was the pick of the veterans on standard with a plus over her age standard of 38-56, beating McNamara to top that category by just 37 seconds, while Colin Lizieri (Cambridge CC) was third fastest on standard.

Among McNamara’s 2021 victories to date are the Horsham Cycling 10 where he clocked an impressive 19-19 in June, while his run of wins began in May with the Bec CC 10. He will be hoping to continue his run of victories when he rides the Hampshire Road Club 25 next Sunday, as well as the National 25-Mile Championships on August 8.

For her part, Lethbridge’s 2021 has seen her win the Redmon CC 10-mile event in May, while she was second in both The Viking 50 and Hemel Hempstead CC 10 last month.

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1. Chris McNamara (Nuun-Sigma Sport)       1-38-36

2. Ross Clarke (TMG Horizon CT)    1-40-20

3. Adam Bidwell (Kingston Wheelers)           1-40-47

4. Henrik Persson (Kingston Wheelers)          1-41-00

5. Richard Sharp (Chapeau! Vive le Velo)     1-41-02

6. Eddie Allen (Redmon CC) 1-42-38



1. Alice Lethbridge (Drag2zero)         1-46-52

2. Claire Emons (Newbury RC)         1-53-58

3. Marianne Holt (Fareham Wheelers)           1-55-43

4. Lucy Mitchell (a3crg)         2-05-23

5. Carol O’Connor (Calder Clarion)   2-09-56

6. Joy Payne (High Wycombe CC)    2-10-52

Veterans on std: Claire Emons           +38-56