Muckle CC (Prospect Hill)

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  • Date: 24-Oct-21
  • Time: 09:30
  • Distance: 0.9 Miles
  • Course: MH21
  • Closing Date: 12-Oct-21 23:59
  • Categories:
    • Juvenile
    • Junior
    • Espoir
    • Senior
    • Veteran
    • Para

Laverack and Wilkinson take wins at Muckle CC HC (Prospect Hill)

  • Published: 24 Oct 21
  • Written By: Frazer Snowdon
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Ed Laverack. Credit: Lee Cuthbertson.

Ed Laverack (Backpedal) made the long trek from his home in South Wales to the North East worthwhile by winning the Muckle CC hill climb on Prospect Hill, while Blaydon CC’s Sarah Wilkinson was fastest female.

27-year-old former national hill climb champion Laverack recorded a winning time of three minutes and 35.9 seconds which was 15 seconds clear of his nearest challenger.

Prospect Hill saw over 100 riders tackle the 0.9-mile climb with a 7.5% average and maximum of 11.8% towards the bottom of the climb. A fine, dry autumn morning greeted riders for the closing North East event in the 2021 calendar near Corbridge, Northumberland.

Laverack won the National Hill Climb Championships when it was held on the long Haytor climb in 2019 before missing last year’s event due to Covid-19 travel restrictions.

It was Laverack’s sixth hill climb victory of the season as he prepares for next weekend’s National Championships.

After winning the same event in 2019 David Huck (Barrow Central Wheelers) had to settle for second this time out 15 seconds back in 3-50.7.

Sarah Wilkinson. Credit: Ali McLean.

Meanwhile, Kieran Savage (Cycling Sheffield) finished a further second back in third completing the course in 3-51.3.

The Spindata prediction had Laverack winning by just a second and clocking 3-50 but he was much quicker in reality.

Fastest junior rider John Russell (Team Bikestop Tyrekey) secured a top five position with 3-56.6 which should give him confidence for next weekend in his category at Nationals.

Meanwhile, Euan Dinning (Gosforth RC) was the fastest juvenile clocking 4-52.2, and quickest veteran was Colin Atkinson (Muckle Cycle Club) who placed sixth overall in 3-58.1.

Muckle CC also took the team award with a trio of John Bowman, Colin Atkinson and Andy Richardson combining.

“I am both relieved and surprised with today’s win as I’m still learning lots about these short efforts,” said Laverack.

“Today’s climb was so busy as there was always something happening – lots of corners to ride, and each corner was packed with people cheering you on so you were constantly getting an extra boost.

“Even though it was a three-and-a-half-minute climb for me, it felt so short – it was over before you knew it and I really enjoyed it.

“I’ll do one more proper effort midweek to see where I am at for Nationals. In terms of Nationals, if the weather is bad it will make the effort longer for everyone – if it rains or if there is a strong headwind it will favour me more as a seated rider.

“Lots of people have been saying that Winnats is going to be about three minutes so today’s ride has been perfect preparation just in case next week is slightly longer due to any prevailing conditions.”

Meanwhile, in the women’s category Wilkinson took victory in a time of four minutes and 56.9 seconds.

After taking two runner-up places in both the Team Kirkley Cycles and Houghton Cycling Club events on her last two outings Wilkinson was not to be denied this time out.

Host club rider Katy Denham took second (5-03) while Joanne Rea (Team Kirkley Cycles) completed a successful season with a third placed finish completing the climb in 5-06.

“This climb feels awful so you never know whether you’ve done well or not done well as you cross the finish line,” said Wilkinson.

“I made sure I didn’t go off too fast this time and really pushed hard on the top section after the last main right hander.

“Looking back, I paced my ride really well and I’ve gone quicker than my last effort on Prospect Hill in 2019, so more than happy with that.”



1              Ed Laverack        Backpedal           03:35.9                                                                                                 

2              David Huck          Barrow Central Wheelers             03:50.7                                                                                                 

3              Kieran Savage    Cycling Sheffield               03:51.3                                                                                                 

4              John Bowman    Muckle Cycle Club            03:51.7                                                                                                 

5              John Russell        Team Bikestop Tyrekey 03:56.6                                                                                                 

6              Colin Atkinson   Muckle Cycle Club            03:58.1                                                                                                 

7              Christopher Lockwood   Durham University Cycling Club 03:58.3                                                                                                 

8              Nick Munro        Royal Air Force Cycling Association           03:59.2                                                                                                 

9              Lee Ager              Blaydon CC         03:59.4                                                                                                 

10           Andy Richardson              Muckle Cycle Club            04:00.3                                                                                                 

11           Alexander Storey             GS Metro             04:00.7                                                                                                 

12           Matty Smith       Muckle Cycle Club            04:02.1                                                                                                 

13           Matthew Smith Muckle Cycle Club            04:06.5                                                                                                 

14           Graeme Wardale              South Shields Velo Cycling Club  04:09.4                                                                                                 

15           Thomas Prentice              GS Metro             04:10.2                                                                                                 

16           Roddy Weir         Muckle Cycle Club            04:10.5                                                                                                 

17           Tom Harcourt    Team Bikestop Tyrekey 04:10.9                                                                                                 

18           Noel Stoddart    Blaydon CC         04:11.1                                                                                                 

19           Benjamin Johnston         Racing Metro 15               04:15.3                                                                                                 

20           Daniel Moore    Muckle Cycle Club            04:17.9                                                                                                 

21           Andrew Duggan Muckle Cycle Club            04:22.1                                                                                                 

21           Ben Wilkinson    Muckle Cycle Club            04:22.1                                                                                                 

23           Dave Diston        Muckle Cycle Club            04:24.4                                                                                                 

24           Josh Reid             Gosforth RC        04:25.7                                                                                                 

25           Wilson-Jay Brown            PM Racing UK    04:27.5                                                                                                 

26           Adam Wood       Muckle Cycle Club            04:27.6                                                                                                 

27           Leon Potter        Muckle Cycle Club            04:28.5                                                                                                 

28           Sean Dodsworth               Richmond CC     04:31.7                                                                                                 

29           Darren Robson  North Tyneside Riders CC              04:32.2                                                                                                 

30           Simon Crisp        Gosforth RC        04:34.4                                                                                                 

31           Brian Ward         Protech Velo      04:34.5                                                                                                 

32           Steven Armstrong           Derwentside CC 04:35.1                                                                                                 

33           Lewis Wake        Team Kirkley Cycles         04:35.6                                                                                                 

34           Shaun Brannan  Muckle Cycle Club            04:37.3                                                                                                 

35           Daryl Ahomet    Muckle Cycle Club            04:37.5                                                                                                 

36           Daniel Kane        Muckle Cycle Club            04:38.0                                                                                                 

37           Nick Bellew         Teesdale CRC     04:38.4                                                                                                 

38           Brendan McMillan           Tyne & Wear Fire & Rescue Service CC    04:42.8                                                                                                 

39           David ZüRCHER Muckle Cycle Club            04:44.3                                                                                                 

40           Philip Gilbanks  Muckle Cycle Club            04:44.6                                                                                                 

41           Rob De'Giovanni              Muckle Cycle Club            04:45.6                                                                                                 

42           Matthew Williams            Muckle Cycle Club            04:46.2                                                                                                 

43           Joe Reed              Muckle Cycle Club            04:46.5                                                                                                 

44           John Sample       Protech Velo      04:47.1                                                                                                 

45           Joe Stringer        Muckle Cycle Club            04:50.2                                                                                                 

45           Greg Charlton    Muckle Cycle Club            04:50.2                                                                                                 

47           Alexander Hutchings      Muckle Cycle Club            04:50.7                                                                                                 

48           Euan Dinning      Gosforth RC        04:52.2                                                                                                 

49           Chris Morris        Muckle Cycle Club            04:53.3                                                                                                 

50           Nick Badcock      Team Kirkley Cycles         04:53.6                                                                                                 

51           Ian Gallon            North Tyneside Riders CC              04:54.3                                                                                                 

52           Keith Melvin       Rock To Roll CC 04:54.7                                                                                                 

53           Sarah Wilkinson Blaydon CC         04:56.9                                                                                                 

54           Ben Swinney      Muckle Cycle Club            04:58.0                                                                                                 

55           Kieron Campbell               Muckle Cycle Club            04:59.8                                                                                                 

56           Charlie Thew      North Tyneside Riders CC              05:00.0                                                                                                 

57           Ian Spence          Teesdale CRC     05:01.1                                                                                                 

58           Sam Leng             AIMS Cycling      05:01.9                                                                                                 

59           Marcus McQuillan            Muckle Cycle Club            05:02.4                                                                                                 

60           Katy Denham     Muckle Cycle Club            05:03.0                                                                                                 

61           Dean Madden   Barnesbury CC   05:04.9                                                                                                 

62           Barry Fordham  Cestria C.C.         05:05.6                                                                                                 

63           Joanne Rea         Team Kirkley Cycles         05:06.0                                                                                                 

64           Lee Ridden          Reifen Racing     05:06.1                                                                                                 

65           Ben Lane              GS Metro             05:06.6                                                                                                 

66           Christopher Beaty            Allen Valley Velo              05:07.7                                                                                                 

67           Michael Noble   Muckle Cycle Club            05:11.7                                                                                                 

68           Paul Hague         Gosforth RC        05:12.0                                                                                                 

69           Jonathan Cairns North Tyneside Riders CC              05:12.5                                                                                                 

70           Adam Harrison  Barnesbury CC   05:17.9                                                                                                 

71           Ben Talks             Team Newcastle Triathlon            05:19.3                                                                                                 

72           Peter Stokoe      Reifen Racing     05:20.9                                                                                                 

73           Dan Richardson North Tyneside Riders CC              05:24.0                                                                                                 

74           Mateusz Mazik  Muckle Cycle Club            05:24.2                                                                                                 

75           Mason Bulfin      North Tyneside Riders CC              05:29.1                                                                                                 

76           Caitlin Pollock    Team Newcastle Triathlon            05:31.9                                                                                                 

76           Georgia Doolan Muckle Cycle Club            05:31.9                                                                                                 

78           Owen Haggerty North Tyneside Riders CC              05:32.4           &am