Vector Racing

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  • Date: 20-Jun-21
  • Time: 07:30
  • Distance: 25 Miles
  • Course: M254
  • Closing Date: 08-Jun-21 23:59
  • Categories:
    • Juvenile
    • Junior
    • Espoir
    • Senior
    • Veteran
    • Para

Wake and Rea storm to victories in the Vector Racing 25

  • Published: 20 Jun 21
  • Written By: Frazer Snowdon
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Lewis Wake - Credit Dub Devlin Photography

Team Kirkley Cycles cleaned up as Lewis Wake won the men’s event by over a minute in the Vector Racing 25-mile time trial in Northumberland, while Joanne Rea won the women’s event.

25-year-old Wake, of Team Kirkley Cycles, won a 10-mile charity event last weekend and carried that form into this weekend where he claimed another victory for his team and his fourth of the season so far, 52:26 being his winning time.

This time out Wake was followed by two members of his team, Kris Atkin and Julian Macbride, the pair finished in 53:55 and 54 minutes flat respectively.

Vector Racing hosted their first ever open time trial early this morning on the popular out and back M254 course which starts and finishes on the outskirts of Ponteland in Northumberland.

Atkin secured back-to-back 25-mile podium finishes, while Macbride took his first podium finish this year.

In total, 20 riders went sub 60 minutes over the course, one of those was junior rider Daniel Holmes (Derwentside CC) who finished fifth overall with a time of 54:44, which smashed the previous junior course record by almost six minutes.

Joanne Rea - Credit Dub Devlin Photography

Daniel said after the event: “This was my first run out on my new TT bike. My aim was to go under the hour for the junior male course record, so I’m delighted with that result. It’s the first 25-mile distance I’ve done for a couple of seasons and I’ve never gone this quick before so all in all, a great morning on the bike.”

Meanwhile, in the women’s event it was Joanne Rea (Team Kirkley Cycles) who was victorious, in a time of 1:00:09 to mark her first win under a new team.

Kate Giddings (Liverpool Century CC) was second, four minutes behind, clocking in at 1:04:26 and trailing her was Vicky Gibbs (Reifen Racing) with a time of 1:05:11.

Rea rode in the North Lancashire TTA 100-mile event last weekend where she finished fourth in the women’s event, and she has obviously recovered well with a comfortable win in the Vector Racing event.

Fastest veteran was Phil Hall of Velo Culture (55:44) with team-mate Nev Martin was fastest vet on standard (59:02) for a plus of 12:09.

Daniel Holmes -  Credit Dee Devlin Photography

Fastest rider on a road bike was Michael Johnson of Muckle CC, the only one to dip under the hour with 58:24 for a credible 16th overall.

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Position    Name  Team Gender      Cat   Road  Time

1     Lewis Wake  Team Kirkley Cycles    Male  Senior            52:26

2     Kris Atkin  Team Kirkley Cycles    Male  Senior            53:55

3     Julian MacBride  Team Kirkley Cycles    Male  Senior            54:00

4     Lewis Timmins    Vector Racing    Male  Senior            54:16

5     Daniel Holmes    Derwentside CC   Male  Junior            54:44

6     Shaun Brannan    Muckle Cycle Club Male  Senior            55:12

7     Phil Hall   Velo Culture     Male  Vet         55:44

8     Jay Pitt    Velo Culture     Male  Senior            55:54

9     Mark Strang Velo Culture     Male  Vet         56:13

10    John Routledge   Barnesbury CC    Male  Senior            56:17

11    Elliot Sharp     Vector Racing    Male  Senior            56:56

12    Daniel Kane Muckle Cycle Club Male  Senior            57:32

13    Tim Irwin   Team Kirkley Cycles    Male  Vet         57:57

14    Ian-James Elder  Vector Racing    Male  Senior            58:13

15    Nicholas Stevenson     Wearside Triathlon     Male  Vet         58:18

16    Michael Johnson  Muckle Cycle Club Male  Senior      X     58:24

17    Nev Martin  Velo Culture     Male  Vet         59:02

18    Gavin Richardson Sunderland Clarion     Male  Vet         59:33

19    Peter Stokoe     Reifen Racing    Male  Senior            59:42

20    Chris Reynolds   Liverpool Century RC   Male  Senior            59:56

21    Joanne Rea  Team Kirkley Cycles    Female      Senior                  1:00:09

22    Mark Herbert     Derwentside CC   Male  Vet               1:00:23

23    Ellis Murray     Vector Racing    Male  Junior                  1:00:27

23    Christopher Beaty Allen Valley Velo Male  Senior                  1:00:27

23    Christopher Wayman     Blumilk.Com Male  Senior      X           1:00:27

26    Benjamin Amaira  Alnwick Cycling Club   Male  Senior                  1:00:54

27    Mark Whaley Blaydon CC  Male  Vet               1:00:55

28    Andy Niven  VO2MAX Race Team Male  Senior                  1:01:00

29    Darren Robson    North Tyneside Riders CC     Male  Vet   X           1:01:37

30    John Brown  Sub Rosa    Male  Vet   X           1:01:50

31    Jacob Anderson   South Shields Velo Cycling Club    Male  Senior      X           1:01:52

32    Michael Lynch    Derwentside CC   Male  Vet               1:01:56

33    Joe Dixon   Velo Culture     Male  Juvenile                1:02:19

34    Harris Hall Velo Culture     Male  Juvenile                1:02:57

35    Lee McCarron     Vector Racing    Male  Senior                  1:03:00

36    Neil Wilkinson   Blaydon CC  Male  Vet               1:03:02

37    Howie Buckingham Allen Valley Velo Male  Vet               1:03:27

38    Iain Katz   VO2MAX Race Team Male  Senior                  1:03:36

39    Joseph Collins   Vector Racing    Male  Senior                  1:03:59

40    David Symes Blaydon CC  Male  Vet               1:04:13

41    Kate Giddings    Liverpool Century RC   Female      Senior                  1:04:26

42    Lee Ridden  Reifen Racing    Male  Vet   X           1:04:44

43    Michael Charlton Barnesbury CC    Male  Senior      X           1:04:53

44    Vicky Gibbs Reifen Racing    Female      Vet               1:05:11

45    Daire Fitzgerald Tricademy   Male  Senior                  1:05:46

46    Paul Barrett     Wearside Triathlon     Male  Senior      X           1:06:06

47    Paul Robson Protech Velo     Male  Vet               1:06:11

48    Ellen Powell     Durham Triathlon Club  Female      Senior                  1:06:19

49    Mick Golightly   Vector Racing    Male  Vet               1:06:24

50    Alan Turnbull    Hawick Cycling Club    Male  Vet               1:06:28

51    Stephen Hill     Barnesbury CC    Male  Vet               1:06:39

52    Philip Parsley   Muckle Cycle Club Male  Senior      X           1:06:42

53    John Cantrill    Blaydon CC  Male  Vet   X           1:06:43

54    Kris Whitelaw    Vector Racing    Male  Senior      X           1:06:49

55    Chris Whittle    Vector Racing    Male  Senior                  1:06:53

56    Clive Horton     Barnesbury CC    Male  Vet               1:07:21

57    Keith Sibbald    Zeus CRT    Male  Vet               1:07:28

58    Mal Gray    Cestria C.C.     Male  Vet   X           1:08:03

59    Michael Laverick Blaydon CC  Male  Senior      X           1:09:00

60    David Milton     Vector Racing    Male  Vet               1:09:06

61    Teri Bayliss     Sub Rosa    Female      Vet   X           1:09:09

62    Paul Dunlop Sun City Tri     Male  Vet               1:09:17

63    David Swainson   Derwentside CC   Male  Vet               1:09:50

64    Sarah Seymour    Vector Racing    Female      Vet               1:10:21

65    Justine Norman   Velo Culture     Female      Vet               1:10:47

66    Mick Chappel     North Tyneside Riders CC     Male  Vet   X           1:11:20

67    Stuart Cook Cestria C.C.     Male  Vet   X           1:11:40

68    Chris Ashall     Tricademy   Male  Senior      X           1:12:01

69    Tracey Sample    Alnwick & District Triathlon Club Female      Vet               1:12:24

70    Paul Lofthouse   Ryton Tri Club   Male  Vet               1:12:44

71    Ray Bell    Derwentside CC   Male  Vet               1:14:51

72    Lois Jarvis North Tyneside Riders CC     Female      Senior      X           1:14:52

73    Aidan Berry North Tyneside Riders CC     Male  Vet   X           1:15:02

74    Stephen Kerr     Sunderland Clarion     Male  Vet   X           1:19:09

75    Heather Gould    North Shields Polytechnic Club     Female      Vet   X           1:28:13

      Jack Smith  Vector Racing    Male  Senior            APOL

      Chris Anderson   North Tyneside Riders CC     Male  Vet         APOL

      Sam Dodd    Barnesbury CC    Male  Senior            APOL

      Terry Wilkinson  Barnesbury CC    Male  Senior            APOL

      Philip Kennell   GS Metro    Male  Vet         APOL

      Guillaume Zoppi  North Tyneside Riders CC     Male  Vet         APOL

      Ben Flanagan     Derwentside CC   Male  Junior            APOL

      Mark Tully  Sunderland Clarion     Male  Senior            APOL

      Shaun Wilkinson  Muckle Cycle Club Male  Senior            APOL

      Martin Lloyd     Vector Racing    Male  Vet         DNF

      Danny Short Vector Racing    Male  Senior            DNF

      Stuart Woodward  Tyneside Vagabonds CC  Male  Senior            DNS

      Craig Bell  Allen Valley Velo Male  Senior            DNS

      Andrew Thorp     North Racing     Male  Vet         DNS