Hemel Hempstead CC (London North Millennium 2 of 8)(90 riders)

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  • Date: 24-Mar-19
  • Time: 08:00
  • Distance: 22 Miles
  • Course: F11/22
  • Closing Date: 12-Mar-19 23:59
  • Categories:
    • Juvenile
    • Junior
    • Espoir
    • Senior
    • Veteran
    • Para

Reynolds and Crow-Stewart victorious at Hemel Hempstead 22

  • Published: 24 Mar 19
  • Written By: Frazer Snowdon
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Helen Reynolds

The promoting club’s Helen Reynolds and Arctic Tacx RT rider Josh Crow-Stewart were fastest female and male riders respectively as Hemel Hempstead CC staged a 22-mile time trial in Hertfordshire on Sunday.

53-year-old Reynolds covered the F11/22 course in 58-33 to win the women’s category by almost four minutes from 17-year-old Lauren Higham (Welwyn Wheelers), while third was Debbie Honour (VC10).

Meanwhile, Chesham-based Crow-Stewart broke the old course record by just two seconds, clocking 50-01 to finish as overall fastest rider by just one second from last year’s winner Ben Stowe (Hemel Hempstead CC).

Meanwhile last year’s runner-up Luke Clarke (TMG Horizon) was third this time, 17 seconds behind the time set by Crow-Stewart, and pipping his brother Ross Clarke to third by four seconds.

The event starts just north of Great Gaddesden, then heads up to Dagnall before skirting north past Whipsnade Zoo and up to Dunstable. They then head back south west before bearing back to Dagnall and along the same road to the finish.

Branded as the Sid Latchford Memorial, the event incorporated round two of the London North Millennium Trophy.

In other categories, Arctic Tacx RT won the team prize with Crow-Stewart being joined in the winning trio by Danny Axford and Nick Clarke in sixth and seventh respectively.

There was also a road bike category which Robert Abbey (Hemel Hempstead CC) won with 56-07, 43 seconds ahead of runner-up and last year’s road bike category winner Roy Chamberlain (Team Corley Cycles).

In Crow-Stewart’s only other appearance in an open time trial so far this season, he placed tenth in the competitive North Road CC hardriders 21.2 event last month.

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Pos   Name  Club  Time 

1     Josh Crow-Stewart Arctic Tacx RT    50:01

2     Ben Stowe   Hemel Hempstead CC      50:02

3     Luke Clarke TMG Horizon CT    50:18

4     Ross Clarke TMG Horizon CT    50:22

5     Nicholas Candy    North Road CC     50:50

6     Danny Axford      Arctic Tacx RT    51:06

7     Nick Clarke Arctic Tacx RT    52:11

8     Ian Knight  Milton Keynes RC  53:30

9     Andrew Bradley    Hemel Hempstead CC      55:02

10    Tim Davies  CC Luton    55:21

11    James Taylor      Berkhamsted CC    55:25

12    Henry Farrell     Full Gas RT 55:36

13    Issy Zimmerman    Verulam Really Moving   55:47

14    Robert Abbey      Hemel Hempstead CC      56:07

15    Aaron Mccaffrey   Milton Keynes RC  56:29

16    Roy Chamberlain   Team Corley Cycles      56:50

17    Steve Torley      Milton Keynes RC  57:18

18    Sean Dines  Milton Keynes RC  57:27

19    Stewart Wilson    QN Racing   57:34

20    Sean Bradley      Team Trident      57:42

21    David Atkinson    VCT Racing  57:46

22    Michael Parker    TMG Horizon CT    57:54

23    Lee Heron   Banbury Star CC   57:57

24    Helen Reynolds    Hemel Hempstead CC      58:33 W

25    Jon Friend  Bedfordshire Road RT    58:43

26    Phil Lisher Hemel Hempstead CC      58:54

27    Sam Morris  Islington CC      58:59

28    Jim Higson  CC London   59:04

29    Christian Olley   TMG Horizon CT    59:07

30    David Hope  TMG Horizon CT    59:11

31    Nicholas Coe      Verulam Really Moving   59:16

32    Matthew Jones     Verulam CC  59:49

33    Ben Castle  Hemel Hempstead CC      59:56

34    Andrew Martin     Leighton Buzzard Road CC      1:00:05    

35    Adrian James      Verulam CC  1:00:07    

36    Abid Hussain      Icknield RC 1:00:09    

37    Stephen Lams      VCT Racing  1:00:25    

38    Nathan Woodhouse Leighton Buzzard Road CC      1:00:36    

39    Thomas Coombes    Tri London  1:01:01    

40    Thomas Mead-Herbert     Watford Velo Sport      1:01:20    

41    Harry Newton      Icknield RC 1:01:34    

42    Trevor Hook Team Milton Keynes      1:01:50    

43    Richard Thompson  Verulam CC  1:02:01    

44    Lauren Higham     Welwyn Whs  1:02:27     W

45    James Moss  North Road CC     1:02:43    

46    Anthony Newland   Bossard Whs 1:02:47    

47    Debbie Honour     VC 10 1:03:08     W

48    Sinclair Easton   CC London   1:03:26    

49    Alex Peeke  Welwyn Whs  1:03:27    

50    Neil Warby  Leighton Buzzard TC     1:03:59    

51    Edward Birdsall   University of Manchester CC   1:04:22    

52    Craig Sears-Black Verulam CC  1:04:28    

53    Brian Curran      CC Luton    1:04:29    

53    Richard Moule     Bossard Whs 1:04:29    

55    Jody Conibear     Hemel Hempstead CC      1:04:31    

56    Scott Taylor      Hemel Hempstead CC      1:04:51    

56    Duncan Godfrey    Team Trident      1:04:51    

58    David Scott Welwyn Whs  1:04:56    

59    Nigel Swift Verulam CC  1:05:04    

60    Linda Dewhurst    Team Milton Keynes      1:05:08    

61    Alan Crane  Chronos RT  1:05:17    

62    Tim Fowler  PSSA CC     1:05:44    

63    Peter Holden      Team Trident      1:05:58    

64    Karine Jones      Verulam Really Moving   1:06:20    

65    Laurence Davis    Welwyn Whs  1:06:31    

66    Jodie Janes Hemel Hempstead CC      1:06:52    

67    Kevin Chandler    Watford Velo Sport      1:06:56    

68    Heather Taylor    Berkhamsted CC    1:07:04    

69    Bruno Cabrelli    Hemel Hempstead CC      1:07:34    

70    Peter Redshaw     CC London   1:09:24    

71    Graham Ricketts   Verulam CC  1:09:48    

72    Harry Moore CC Hackney  1:09:50    

73    Tony Shortland    Team Trident      1:10:15    

74    Heidi Gibbens     Hemel Hempstead CC      1:11:13    

75    Adrian Briers     Chronos RT  1:11:21    

76    Trevor Watson     Bossard Whs 1:11:45    

77    Howard Ashmore    Welwyn Whs  1:12:01    

78    Samantha Tophill Team Trident      1:14:36    

      Robert Cunnane    Team Trident      DNS A

      Michael Atkinson  North Road CC     DNS A

      Elliott Joseph    Watford Velo Sport      DNS A

      Chris Jones R Navy & R Marines CA   DNS A

      Kate Wootton      Lee Valley Youth CC     DNS A

      Richard Boley     Hemel Hempstead CC      DNS A

      Adam Laycock      VTTA (East Anglia)      DNS A

      Anthony Taylor    North Road CC     DNS  

      Claire Sharp      Verulam Really Moving   DNS  

      Alex Bradley      Cowley Road Condors CC  DNS  

      Peter Anstey      Welwyn Whs  DNF  

      Toby Maloy  Team Signum DNF