Hampshire Road Club (Pref to Hampshire Club riders)

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  • Date: 11-May-19
  • Time: 17:00
  • Distance: 10 Miles
  • Course: p881
  • Closing Date: 30-Apr-19 23:59
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    • Juvenile
    • Junior
    • Espoir
    • Senior
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McSeveney and Burton top woman and man in Hampshire

  • Published: 12 May 19
  • Written By: Frazer Snowdon
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Kirsty Mcseveney

Paul Burton took the overall win while Kirsty McSeveney continued her fine form with victories in the Hampshire RC 10 near Greatham on Saturday evening.

After a string of placings outside the top three earlier in the season, Burton (Paceline RT) made the best of quick conditions and topped the timesheets for the second week in a row, this time by a slim two seconds.

So far this season Burton has finished sixth on three occasions with a fourth place thrown into the mix. But with two wins in a row, his season has well and truly kicked off.

The 37-year-old set the early pace and his 19-33 withstood over 100 riders’ efforts, the closest being just two seconds shy.

Felix Wilkinson (Velo Club Montpellier) and Kevin Tye (VeloRefined.com) happened to be equal closest in 19-35 – Wilkinson a serial winner in 2019 already.

Burton’s efforts denied Wilkinson from recording his seventh victory in twelve events and what would have also been Tye’s second win.

Kirsty McSeveney (a3crg) was fastest female, by sixteen seconds to be precise. Her time of 22-48 takes her win tally to six in just eleven events this season.

The 38-year-old’s nearest competitor was Marianne Holt (Team Bottrill) who clocked a time of 23-04, fourteen seconds better of than third placed Deborah Smith (Southdown Velo).

Quickest junior was Vaughan Marris (Jam Cycling RT) in 21-36.

In the tandem category, 2017 Closed Circuit Champion Rachael Elliot (Newbury RC) won for the fourth time in as many events. This is her first season back competing since suffering a stroke which left her blind in one eye.

Elliot made her welcome return to the roads this year alongside tandem partner Ian Greenstreet (Aeroacoach) and they wasted no time in getting to grips with it as they sped to the quickest time of the day in 19-04.

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Pos  Name Club Gender     Cat  Time

1    Paul Burton     Paceline RT     Male Senior     19:33

2    Felix Wilkinson  Velo Club Montpellier Male Senior     19:35

3    Kevin Tye  VeloRefined.com Aerosmiths Male Veteran    19:35

4    Matthew    Buckley    Andover Wheelers     Male Senior     19:44

5    Andrew     Bradbury   Paceline RT     Male Senior     20:00

6    Howard     Bayley     Blazing Saddles Male Veteran    20:07

7    Nick Dwyer Lewes Wanderers CC   Male Veteran    20:08

8    Nik  Allen Worthing Excelsior CC Male Veteran    20:09

9    Simon Berogna    Velo Club St Raphael Male Veteran    20:11

10   James Fox  Velo Club Venta Male Senior     20:14

11   James Fawcett    Hampshire Road Club  Male Veteran    20:15

12   Ben  Williams   i-Team Cyclists Club Male Espoir     20:15

13   Andy Langdown   Blazing Saddles Male Veteran    20:15

14   Neil Mackley    ...a3crg   Male Veteran    20:19

15   John Cooke Pure Motion Cycling Club   Male Senior     20:21

16   Kevin Baker Andover Wheelers     Male Senior     20:31

17   Richard    Gifford    trainSharp Male Veteran    20:34

18   Ian  Patterson  Utag RT    Male Veteran    20:37

19   Julian     Lockwood   Primera-Teamjobs     Male Veteran    20:39

20   Andrew     Thomas     ...a3crg   Male Senior     20:41

21   Evan Jardine-skinner Sotonia CC Male Veteran    20:46

22   Mark Newton     Elite Cycling   Male Veteran    20:49

23   Matt Peel C and N Cycles RT    Male Senior     20:53

24   Paul Haywood    Epsom CC   Male Veteran    20:54

25   Nigel Pratt Andover Wheelers     Male Veteran    20:54

26   Phil Wilks Sotonia CC Male Senior     20:56

27   Graham     Harman     Sotonia CC Male Veteran    20:59

28   Rhys Thomas     University of Southampton RC    Male Senior     21:02

29   Steven     Cottington Bath Cycling Club    Male Veteran    21:02

30   Stuart     Stow Twickenham CC   Male Veteran    21:07

31   Pete Christensen     Alton CC/Owens Cycles Male Senior     21:18

32   Matt Fisher     Newbury RC Male Veteran    21:21

33   Jon  Hughes     Velo Club Godalming & Haslemere Male Veteran    21:22

34   Andrew     Halliday   Westerley Cycling Club     Male Veteran    21:26

35   Stephen    Wilkinson  Folkestone Velo Club Male Veteran    21:27

36   Tony Reeves     GS Stella  Male Veteran    21:31

37   Adrian     Blacker    C and N Cycles RT    Male Veteran    21:32

38   Tom  Houghton   Brighton Excelsior CC Male Veteran    21:32

39   Vaughan    Marris     Jam Cycling RT  Male Junior     21:36

40   Henry Salmon     University of Southampton RC    Male Espoir     21:38

41   Julian     Middlewick Hampshire Road Club  Male Veteran    21:38

42   Simon Church     In-Gear    Male Veteran    21:39

43   Ben  Houston    JAM Cycle Race Team coached by BPC   Male Veteran    21:41

44   Richard    Weatherstone    C and N Cycles RT    Male Veteran    21:43

45   Peter Lynk Bournemouth Jubilee Whs    Male Veteran    21:51

46   Peter Hatt Velo Club St Raphael Male Veteran    21:58

47   Stuart     Peckham    New Forest CC   Male Veteran    22:00

48   Adrian     Talley     Portsmouth North End CC    Male Veteran    22:02

49   Richard    Moore Velo Club Godalming & Haslemere Male Veteran    22:07

50   Shaun Smart Southdown Velo  Male Veteran    22:08

51   Richard    Tully Elite Cycling   Male Veteran    22:11

52   Spencer    Kirkham    Worthing Excelsior CC Male Veteran    22:11

53   Jason Davies     Royal Air Force Cycling Association  Male Veteran    22:14

54   David Wright     Cotswold Veldrijden  Male Veteran    22:14

55   Gary Ferrett    Hampshire Road Club  Male Veteran    22:28

56   Alex Rice Southdown Velo  Male Veteran    22:30

57   Perry Lee  Southdown Velo  Male Veteran    22:31

58   Greg Harding    Farnham RC Male Veteran    22:32

59   Stuart     Hourigan   34 Nomads CC    Male Veteran    22:33

60   Craig Weston     Poole Whs  Male Veteran    22:33

61   Colin Barton     Worthing Excelsior CC Male Veteran    22:44

62   Iain Cotton     Alton CC/Owens Cycles Male Veteran    22:46

63   Kirsty     Mcseveney  ...a3crg   Female     Senior     22:48

64   Matt Robinson   Westbury Wheelers    Male Veteran    22:48

65   Lee  Turner     Sigma Sports    Male Veteran    22:52

66   Conor Boyle Woking Cycle Club    Male Veteran    22:52

67   Neil Langley    Hampshire Road Club  Male Veteran    22:52

68   Billy Holman     ...a3crg   Male Veteran    22:53

69   Mike O'gorman   Worthing Excelsior CC Male Veteran    22:53

70   Martin     Beale Velo Club St Raphael Male Veteran    22:54

71   Gareth     Williams   Hereford & Dist Whs CC     Male Senior     22:57

72   Michael    Stevens    Fareham Wheelers CC  Male Veteran    23:01

73   Stuart     Thompson   Velo Club St Raphael Male Veteran    23:03

74   Marianne   Holt Team Bottrill   Female     Senior     23:04

75   Robert     Charles    Blazing Saddles Male Veteran    23:12

76   Jerry Bromyard   ...a3crg   Male Veteran    23:14

77   John French     Oxford City RC  Male Veteran    23:25

78   Deborah    Smith Southdown Velo  Female     Veteran    23:28

79   Derek Dowden     Hampshire Road Club  Male Veteran    23:28

80   Mike Garner     ...a3crg   Male Veteran    23:29

81   Jason Alden Gemini BC  Male Senior     23:30

82   Gary Chiverton  Bournemouth Jubilee Whs    Male Veteran    23:32

83   Lucy Mitchell   ?a3crg     Female     Veteran    23:35

84   David Phillips   Old Portlians CC     Male Veteran    23:40

85   Steve Skinner    Bognor Regis CC Male Veteran    23:51

86   Matthew    Butler     Charlotteville Cycling Club     Male Senior     23:54

87   Michael    Harrison   North Hampshire RC   Male Veteran    24:02

88   Michael    Gowan Festival Road Club   Male Veteran    24:16

89   Jonathan   Lacey Southdown Velo  Male Veteran    24:33

90   Tracy Wilkinson-begg  Folkestone Velo Club Female     Veteran    24:37

91   Richard    Streeter   Lewes Wanderers CC   Male Veteran    24:38

92   Chris Mcguire    Hampshire Road Club  Male Veteran    25:08

93   Peter Knipe Fareham Wheelers CC  Male Veteran    25:47

94   Rachel     Przybylski Charlotteville Cycling Club     Female     Senior     25:49

95   Eva  Nyirenda   ...a3crg   Female     Senior     26:06

96   Imogen     Gifford    trainSharp Female     Junior     26:24

97   Rachael    Lamont     Hampshire Road Club  Female     Veteran    26:26

98   Steve Davies     Addiscombe CC   Male Veteran    26:36

99   Paul Beck Hampshire Road Club  Male Veteran    26:41

100  Gillian    Morgan     Westerley Cycling Club     Female     Veteran    26:52

101  Joanna     Wells Hounslow & District Whs    Female     Veteran    26:58

102  Robert     Jolliffe   New Forest CC   Male Veteran    27:03

103  Chris Summers    Sotonia CC Male Veteran    27:11

104  Guy  Chappelle  ...a3crg   Male Veteran    28:02

105  Ken  Rayson     ...a3crg   Male Veteran    28:06

106  Deanna     Ferrett    Hampshire Road Club  Female     Veteran    28:31

107  Norman     Harvey     Sotonia CC Male Veteran    28:47

108  Brian Hygate     Fareham Wheelers CC  Male Veteran    31:07

     William    Grainger   Andover Wheelers     Male Veteran    DNF

     Clive Jackson    Central Sussex CC    Male Veteran    DNS

     Mike Boyce ...a3crg   Male Veteran    DNS

     Leighton   Smith Poole Whs  Male Senior     DNS

     Simon Craig-mcfeely   ...a3crg   Male Veteran    DNS

     Tom  Cosgrove   VTTA (London & Home Counties)   Male Veteran    DNS

     Martin     O'sullivan Teddington and Turing Velo Male Veteran    DNS

     Andrew     Clarke     North Shropshire Wheelers  Male Veteran    DNS

     Katie Greves     Cowley Road Condors CC     Female     Senior     DNS

     Darren     Webb Somerset Road Club   Male Senior     DNS

     Mark Stafford   Portsmouth North End CC    Male Veteran    DNS

     Chris Boddy AeroCoach  Male Senior     DNS

     Phil Morris     Fareham Wheelers CC  Male Veteran    DNS



Pos  Name       club gender     category   Finish Time

1    Ian Greenstreet     AeroCoach  Male Veteran    19:04

1    Rachael    Elliott    Newbury RC Female     Veteran    19:04

2    Kate Bosley     Abellio - SFA Racing Team  Female     Veteran    22:37

2    John Bosley     Abellio - SFA Racing Team  Male Veteran    22:37