Barnesbury CC (Cheques to B Bayne)(80 riders)

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  • Date: 10-Jul-19
  • Time: 18:45
  • Distance: 10 Miles
  • Course: m102b
  • Closing Date: 02-Jul-19 22:59
  • Categories:
    • Juvenile
    • Junior
    • Espoir
    • Senior
    • Veteran
    • Para

Pollock and Hutchinson victorious in midweek Barnesbury 10

  • Published: 14 Jul 19
  • Written By: Frazer Snowdon
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Venda Pollock

Venda Pollock and Tom Hutchinson were fastest female and male riders respectively at the midweek Barnesbury CC open 10-mile time trial in Northumberland on Wednesday evening.

41-year-old Pollock (Blaydon CC) set a new personal best time of 22-00 which was good enough for victory by a minute and a half from team-mate Carrie Brookes, while completing the podium was Jen McMahon (Muckle CC) with 23-36.

Team Kirkley Cycles rider Hutchinson, 23 and from Gosforth near Newcastle, clocked 19-22 and was the only rider to go under the 20-minute mark for the course near Cramlington, which takes in two laps of a dual carriageway-based course.

Tying for second spot was Team Swift rider Graham Crammond and Phil Hall (Breeze Bikes RT) who stopped the timekeepers’ watches in 20-06.

“After doing the National 100 at the weekend this was really a test to see how my recovery was going,” said Pollock afterwards. “To pull out a PB and take the win was quite a surprise. I struggled a bit in the breeze on the home leg but otherwise was lucky to have a relatively clear run. Many thanks to the organisers for putting on this midweek TT.”

The event was run off in good weather with warm and sunny conditions reaching 19 degrees. Thankfully early rain forecasts never materialised.

Tom Hutchinson

In other categories the highest placed rider for the host club Barnesbury CC was John Routledge (20:18) who was fourth overall, not only breaking the club 

record for the course for the third time this season, but also being a member of the winning team on the night (alongside Johnson and Charlton) to record a cumulative time of 1:03:18, breaking a Club record which has stood since 1992.

And there were also prizes for age groups in the veterans on standard categories, with Shaun Tyson (Ribble Pro Cycling) the best Vet 40, while Philip Kennell (GS Metro) was top over-50 veteran.

His team-mate Nev Martin was top over-60 on standard, while Border City Wheelers’ Bill Maxwell took home the over-70 prize.

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Pos      Name               club     gender Cat      time

John Routledge

1          Thomas            Hutchinson      Team Kirkley Cycles   Male    Senior  19:22

2          Graham           Crammond      Team Swift     Male    Senior  20:06

2          Phil      Hall     Breeze Bikes RT         Male    Veteran           20:06

4          John     Routledge       Barnesbury CC           Male    Senior  20:18

5          Julian   Macbride         Team Kirkley Cycles   Male    Senior  20:38

5          Daniel Dixon  Gosforth RC   Male    Junior  20:38

7          Harry   Walker Revolver Racing         Male    Veteran           20:41

8          Philip   Kennell            GS Metro        Male    Veteran           20:43

9          Jamie   Johnson           Barnesbury CC           Male    Senior  20:50

10        Jay       Pitt      Derwentside CC         Male    Senior  20:51

11        Shaun  Tyson  Ribble Pro Cycling      Male    Veteran           20:58

12        Michael           Sloanes      Male    Senior  21:13

13        Adam  Wilson Cramlington CC          Male    Veteran           21:18

14        Ian       Taylor    Male    Veteran           21:30

15        Nev     Martin GS Metro        Male    Veteran           21:31

16        Russell Hughes            Tyneside Vagabonds CC        Male    Veteran           21:35

17        Christopher     Beaty   Allen Valley Velo       Male    Senior  21:51

17        Neil     Wilkinson        Blaydon CC    Male    Veteran           21:51

19        Mark    Whaley            Blaydon CC    Male    Veteran           21:53

20        David  Symes  Blaydon CC    Male    Veteran           22:00

20        Venda Louise  Pollock            Blaydon CC    Female Veteran           22:00

22        Michael           Charlton          Barnesbury CC           Male    Senior  22:10

23        Clive    Allan   Allen Valley Velo       Male    Senior  22:11

24        Michael           Todd   Derwentside CC         Male    Senior  22:12

25        David Linsley            Tyne & Wear Fire & Rescue Service CC        Male    Veteran           22:24

26        Adam  Harrison          Barnesbury CC           Male    Senior  22:25

27        Neil     Parkin  Derwentside CC         Male    Veteran           22:26

28        Dean    Madden           Barnesbury CC           Male    Veteran           22:27

29        Phil      Watson            Hadrian R.T    Male    Veteran           22:28

30        Alan    Henry  Zeus CRT        Male    Veteran           22:29

30        Mark    Herbert            Derwentside CC         Male    Veteran           22:29

32        Martin Rasmussen      Tyneside Vagabonds CC        Male    Veteran           22:31

32        Kevin  Hall     Sunderland Clarion     Male    Veteran           22:31

34        Michael           Lynch  Derwentside CC         Male    Veteran           22:32

35        Lee      Statham           Houghton CC Male    Veteran           22:34

35        Scott    Mccance          Derwentside CC         Male    Veteran           22:34

37        Ian       Simon  Breeze Bikes RT         Male    Veteran           22:37

38        Keith   Davison           Hadrian R.T    Male    Veteran           22:59

39        Lee      Ridden            Reifen Racing Male    Veteran           23:00

40        David  Swainson         Derwentside CC         Male    Veteran           23:18

41        Bill      Maxwell          Border City Whs CC  Male    Veteran           23:25

42        Keith   Sibbald            Zeus CRT        Male    Veteran           23:28

43        Carrie  Brookes           Blaydon CC    Female Veteran           23:30

44        Jen       Mcmahon        Muckle Cycle Club     Female Senior  23:36

44        John Paul         Herron Derwentside CC         Male    Veteran           23:36

46        Paul     Wright Blaydon CC    Male    Senior  23:37

47        Joe       Dixon  Gosforth RC   Male    Juvenile           23:49

48        David  Donaldson       Derwentside CC         Male    Veteran           23:50

49        Stephen           Mcintosh         Barnesbury CC           Male    Veteran           23:56

50        Richard           Glennie            Barnesbury CC           Male    Veteran           23:58

51        Stephen           Hill      Barnesbury CC           Male    Veteran           24:09

52        Maddy            Hall     Breeze Bikes RT         Female Juvenile           24:27

53        Raymond        Bell      Derwentside CC         Male    Veteran           24:38

54        Richard           Exley   Gosforth RC   Male    Veteran           24:50

54        Alistair            Macdonald      Sporting Club Gothic  Male    Veteran           24:50

56        William            Sharman          Barnesbury CC           Male    Veteran           24:59

57        Tom     Guy     Sunderland Clarion     Male    Veteran           25:04

58        Stuart  Cook   Cestria C.C.    Male    Veteran           25:27

59        Nicola  Mccoy Muckle Cycle Club     Female Veteran           25:31

60        Rachel Galler  Blaydon CC    Female Senior  25:42

61        Harris  Hall     Breeze Bikes RT         Male    Juvenile           25:55

62        James   Allen   Barnesbury CC           Male    Veteran           26:14

63        Justine Norman           Breeze Bikes RT         Female Veteran           26:24

64        Kevin  Gunn   Muckle Cycle Club     Male    Senior  27:01

65        Paul     Mitchell           Blaydon CC    Male    Veteran           27:07

66        Dennis Fuller   GS Metro        Male    Veteran           27:29

            Miriam             Jessett Team Kirkley Cycles   Female Espoir  DNF

            Nick    Badcock          Allen Valley Velo       Male    Senior  DNS(A)

            Andy   Delaney           Northumbria Police C.C.        Male    Veteran           DNS(A)

            Roger  Clarke  Tyneside Vagabonds CC        Male    Veteran           DNF

            David  Pritchard         Kennoway Road Club            Male    Veteran           DNS(A)

            Tony    Thompson       North Racing  Male    Veteran           DNS(A)

            Richard           Tyson  Rock to Roll CC         Male    Veteran           DNS(A)

            Mark    Birkett Berwick Wheelers Cycling Club         Male    Senior  DNS

            Tony    Mccann           Barnesbury CC           Male    Veteran           DNS(A)

            Mick    Bradshaw        GS Metro        Male    Veteran           DNF

            Lewis Timmins          Team Swift     Male    Senior  DNS(A)

            Andrew           Thorp   North Racing  Male    Senior  DNF

            Teri      Bayliss Muckle Cycle Club     Female Veteran           DNS(A)

            Craig   Foley   Tricademy       Male    Veteran           DNS(A)

            Carl     Foreman          Muckle Cycle Club     Male    Senior 

            Mick    Chappel           North Tyneside Riders CC     Male    Veteran