Gosforth Road Club

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  • Date: 26-May-19
  • Time: 10:00
  • Distance: 25 Miles
  • Course: M2511
  • Closing Date: 14-May-19 23:59
  • Categories:
    • Juvenile
    • Junior
    • Espoir
    • Senior
    • Veteran
    • Para

Victory for Crammond and Frost in blustery Gosforth TT

  • Published: 26 May 19
  • Written By: Frazer Snowdon
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Graham Crammond

Gemma Frost and Graham Crammond battled the testing conditions to emerge victorious in the Gosforth CC 25 in Northumberland on Sunday.

Crammond returned from his regular triathlon involvement to capture his maiden open time-trialling win.

Apologies were rife because of the conditions and quite a few of those who chose to tackle the course came off.

A regular triathlete, Crammond kept his cool though to find himself on the top of the podium for the first time thanks to a time of 57-11.

Gemma Frost

“Make no doubt about it, that was a tough one and I was very surprised to be the quickest today.  I would go as far to say it was probably the hardest second half of a 25 I’ve ever done,” he said.

“I raced the Barcelona 70.3 triathlon last week and won my age category, so I knew I was going well, but wasn’t sure if my legs had recovered enough for today – it didn’t actually feel great, but when you’re on the limit, it never does!” Crammond continued.

Lewis Timmins (Team Swift) and Harry Walker (Revolver Racing) made it through unscathed and couldn’t be separated, sharing second spot with times of 57-28.

Gemma Frost (Team Swift) has done her fair share on travelling on the continent akin to men’s winner Crammond, coming back to win the women’s category in Northumberland.

Daniel Dixon

“Today was really testing in the wind, but my laps were pretty consistent so I was happy with how I judged my efforts,” she said. “My legs are still tired from a half ironman event in Lisbon last week, so if I’m being honest I wasn’t expecting much today, so it’s fair to say I’m pretty pleased with the result.”

Frost clocked a time of 1-03-45 to end the day as winner by a considerable distance – her second victory in four races this year.

Carrie Brookes (Blaydon CC) was second in 1-09-09 while Jen McMahon (Muckle CC) was another 12 seconds behind Brookes in 1-09-21 for third.

Daniel Dixon (Gosforth RC) was one of only eight riders under the hour mark and fastest junior in 58-02 while Phil Hall (Breeze Bikes RT) took home the quickest veterans prize in 57-50.

Elsewhere, Jonathan Bayley (Reifen Racing) and Rachel Galler (Blaydon CC) were quickest man and woman on road bikes.

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Jonathan Bayley



Pos   Name        Team  Gender      Cat   Time

1     Graham      Crammond    Physiohaus Health and Performance   Male  Senior      57:11

2     Lewis       Timmins     Team Swift  Male  Senior      57:28

2     Harry Walker      Revolver Racing   Male  Veteran     57:28

4     Phil  Hall  Breeze Bikes RT   Male  Veteran     57:50

5     Daniel      Dixon Gosforth RC Male  Junior      58:02

6     Lewis Wake  Team Kirkley Cycles     Male  Senior      58:21

7     Philip      Kennell     GS Metro    Male  Veteran     59:21

8     Chris Mather      Derwentside CC    Male  Veteran     59:23

9     John  Routledge   Barnesbury CC     Male  Senior      1:00:08

10    Nev   Martin      GS Metro    Male  Veteran     1:00:11

11    Ian   Norris      Blumilk.com Male  Veteran     1:00:17

12    Nicholas    Stevenson   Wearside Triathlon      Male  Veteran     1:01:11

13    Scott Mccance     Derwentside CC    Male  Veteran     1:01:27

14    Christopher       Beaty Allen Valley Velo Male  Senior      1:01:45

15    Jonathan    Bayley      Reifen Racing     Male  Senior      1:01:47

16    Darren      Mcbain      Muckle Cycle Club Male  Veteran     1:01:49

17    Russ  Richardson  Teesdale CRC      Male  Veteran     1:01:54

18    Peter Herdman     Blaydon CC  Male  Veteran     1:02:03

19    Damon Devine      Reifen Racing     Male  Veteran     1:02:19

20    Colin Blacklock   Muckle Cycle Club Male  Veteran     1:02:44

21    Ross  Gray  Allen Valley Velo Male  Senior      1:02:52

22    Frank       Montague    TS Racing Team - OTR    Male  Veteran     1:02:59

23    James Meadows     Cleveland Wheelers CC   Male  Senior      1:03:35

24    Daniel      Holmes      Derwentside CC    Male  Juvenile    1:03:42

25    Gemma Frost Team Swift  Female      Senior      1:03:45

26    Christopher Wayman      EMC Cycling Male  Senior      1:03:52

27    Guillaume   Zoppi North Tyneside Riders CC      Male  Veteran     1:04:37

28    Michael     Lynch Derwentside CC    Male  Veteran     1:05:15

29    Lee   Statham     Houghton CC Male  Veteran     1:05:24

30    Rick  Mitford     Cestria C.C.      Male  Veteran     1:05:37

31    Joe   Leiserach   Blaydon CC  Male  Senior      1:06:35

32    Nyall       Horner      Racing Metro 15   Male  Junior      1:06:59

33    Richard     Tyson Rock to Roll CC   Male  Veteran     1:07:03

34    Ian   Gallon      North Tyneside Riders CC      Male  Veteran     1:07:44

35    Martin      Heardman    Gosforth RC Male  Veteran     1:08:17

36    Tim   Nichol      Blaydon CC  Male  Senior      1:08:32

37    John  Cantrill    Blaydon CC  Male  Veteran     1:08:41

38    Sean  Murray      North Racing      Male  Senior      1:08:48

39    Craig Foley Tricademy   Male  Veteran     1:08:50

40    Jason Robson      Derwentside CC    Male  Veteran     1:08:58

41    Chris Mccabe      Wearside Triathlon      Male  Senior      1:09:05

42    Carrie      Brookes     Blaydon CC  Female      Veteran     1:09:09

43    Jen   Mcmahon     Muckle Cycle Club Female      Senior      1:09:21

44    Tony Thompson    North Racing      Male  Veteran     1:09:32

45    Stephen     Mcintosh    Barnesbury CC     Male  Veteran     1:09:35

46    Michael     Todd  Derwentside CC    Male  Senior      1:09:45

47    Gemma Hutchins    Blaydon CC  Female      Veteran     1:09:51

48    Andrew      Dickson     Berwick Wheelers Cycling Club Male  Senior      1:10:22

49    Ian   Horsley     Breeze Bikes RT   Male  Veteran     1:10:24

50    Teri  Bayliss     Muckle Cycle Club Female      Veteran     1:11:27

51    James Mccaslin    Gosforth RC Male  Veteran     1:11:43

52    Lisa  Baker Muckle Cycle Club Female      Veteran     1:11:47

53    Michelle    Highfield   Berwick Wheelers Cycling Club Female      Veteran     1:12:24

54    Stuart      Cook  Cestria C.C.      Male  Veteran     1:12:43

55    Rachel      Galler      Blaydon CC  Female      Senior      1:12:44

56    Raymond     Bell  Derwentside CC    Male  Veteran     1:14:12

57    Richard     Cleathero   North Racing      Male  Veteran     1:14:21

58    Nicola      Mccoy Muckle Cycle Club Female      Veteran     1:15:43

59    Joe   Dixon Gosforth RC Male  Juvenile    1:17:07

60    Denise      Drummond    Alnwick Cycling Club    Female      Veteran     1:17:52

61    Justine     Norman      Breeze Bikes RT   Female      Veteran     1:18:50

62    Angela      Mcgurk      Blaydon CC  Female      Senior      1:19:21

63    Jane  Aston Blaydon CC  Female      Veteran     1:19:35

64    Archie      Murdoch     Racing Metro 15   Male  Juvenile    1:19:50

65    Paul  Mitchell    Blaydon CC  Male  Veteran     1:21:22

66    Ronnie      Thompson    Derwentside CC    Male  Veteran     1:22:18

67    Amelia      Cleathero   Racing Metro 15   Female      Juvenile    1:40:56

      Wayne Coates      Derwentside CC    Male  Veteran     DNF

      Simon Emsley      Derwentside CC    Male  Veteran     DNF

      Mike  Dalton      Stockton Wheelers CC    Male  Senior      DNF

      David Swainson    Derwentside CC    Male  Veteran     DNF

      Peter Stokoe      Sunderland Clarion      Male  Senior      DNF

      Keith Davison     Hadrian R.T Male  Veteran     DNS(A)

      Neil  Parkin      Derwentside CC    Male  Veteran     DNS(A)

      Lee   Ridden      Reifen Racing     Male  Veteran     DNS(A)

      Kerry Gowland     Houghton CC Female      Veteran     DNS(A)

      Mark  Ambury      Zeus CRT    Male  Veteran     DNS(A)

      David       Linsley     Tyne & Wear Fire & Rescue Service CC      Male  Veteran      DNS(A)

      Maddy Hall  Breeze Bikes RT   Female      Juvenile    DNS(A)

      Mark  Tully Sunderland Clarion      Male  Senior      DNS(A)

      Patrick     Hamilton    Derwentside CC    Male  Veteran     DNS(A)

      Mark  Herbert     Derwentside CC    Male  Veteran     DNS(A)

      David Symes Blaydon CC  Male  Veteran     DNS(A)

      Rebecca     Smith Infinity Cycles - Cube Store Cycling Team Female      Senior      DNS(A)

      Gareth      Davies      Barnesbury CC     Male  Veteran     DNS(A)

      Brian Johnson     Reifen Racing     Male  Veteran     DNS(A)

      Michael     Aspey Reifen Racing     Male  Veteran     DNS(A)

      Steve Gibson      Peak Road Club    Male  Veteran     DNS(A)

      Venda Louise      Pollock     Blaydon CC  Female      Veteran     DNS(A)

      Jo    Scott Team Swift  Female      Veteran     DNS(A)

      Anna  Turvey      DRAG2ZERO   Female      Senior      DNS(A)

      Richard     Glennie     Barnesbury CC     Male  Veteran     DNS(A)