South Shields Velo

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  • Date: 20-Apr-19
  • Time: 08:00
  • Distance: 10 Miles
  • Course: m101
  • Closing Date: 09-Apr-19 23:59
  • Categories:
    • Juvenile
    • Junior
    • Espoir
    • Senior
    • Veteran
    • Para

Beaty and Pollock close to records in Northumberland

  • Published: 21 Apr 19
  • Written By: Frazer Snowdon
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Liam Beaty

Venda Pollock and Liam Beaty powered to victories, clocking super quick times in the South Shields Velo 10-mile event on Saturday.

Liam Beaty (Hawick CC) took full advantage of the glorious conditions to capture victory but admitted the heat was also a hindrance.

“The warmth today made it a bit harder than planned!” he said. “I wasn’t aware at all of the course record; I was just aiming for a sub-19 ride. Afterwards, I soon realised that it may actually have been possible!”

Beaty crossed the line on 19-00, his best in open time trialling but fell agonisingly short of the 18-59 course record set by Adam Wild only last season.

The win makes it two in a row for 33-year-old Beaty.

Venda Pollock (Blaydon CC) clocked an impressive time of 22-01 to give her a commanding victory. The 41-year-old finished 24 seconds ahead of Blaydon CC compatriots Carrie Brooks and Joanne Rea who locked out the podium.

“I was hoping for a PB today and that was the goal as I’d been racing last week and I wasn’t sure how much my legs had recovered,” said Pollock.

Venda-Louise Pollock

“Inevitably, I had to slow a bit at the roundabout and again on the return leg as a car came onto the slip-road, but otherwise it was a solid race.”

Back in the men’s category, Kris Atkin (Team Bottrill) finished second, 38 seconds behind winner Beaty in 19-38 with Ribble Pro Cycling’s Shaun Tyson in third with 19-49.

The fastest road bike prize went to Jon Bayley (Reifan Racing) with Jane Aston (Blaydon CC) the fastest woman in that category.

In the veterans categories Phil Hall (Breeze Bikes) was top over-40, while the over-50 prize went to Harry Walker (Revolver) and Derwentside CC’s Wayne Coates was best over-60.

In the women’s veteran categories Gemma Hutchins was top over-40, while Nicola McCoy (Muckle CC) was best over-50.

Fastest junior/juvenile was Joe Dixon (Gosforth RC), while Maddy Hall (Breeze) was best junior girl.

And of the South Shields Velo riders, Dave Nearney was fastest while Claire Cook won the prize for a woman from the promoting club.

Claire Cook

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Position   Rider Club Gender     Category   Time

1    Liam Beaty Hawick Cycling Club  Male Senior     19:00

2    Kris Atkin Team Bottrill   Male Senior     19:38

3    Shaun Tyson     Ribble Pro Cycling   Male Vet  19:49

4    Phil Hall  Breeze Bikes RT Male Vet  19:50

5    Harry Walker    Revolver Racing Male Vet  20:00

David Nearney

6    Robbie Mitchell Auchencrow Thistle CC Male Senior     20:08

7    Darren Williamson    Muckle Cycle Club    Male Vet  20:11

8    Mark Robertson  Army Cycling    Male Senior     20:12

9    Sean Kennedy    Muckle Cycle Club    Male Senior     20:22

10   Wayne Coates    Derwentside CC  Male Vet  20:24

11   Terry Wilkinson Barnesbury CC   Male Senior     20:26

12   Lewis Wake Team Kirkley Cycles  Male Senior     20:27

13   Hedley Fletcher Blaydon CC Male Vet  20:31

13   John Routledge  Barnesbury CC   Male Senior     20:31

15   Julian Macbride Team Kirkley Cycles  Male Senior     20:32

16   Peter Stokoe    Sunderland Clarion   Male Senior     20:39

17   Nev Martin GS Metro   Male Vet  20:52

18   Michael Todd    Derwentside CC  Male Senior     20:57

19   David Nearney   South Shields Velo Cycling Club Male Senior     20:58

20   Philip Kennell  GS Metro   Male Vet  21:04

21   Lee Kennedy     Army Cycling    Male Senior     21:08

22   Greg Charlton   Muckle Cycle Club    Male Vet  21:10

23   Michael Sloanes Blumilk.Com     Male Senior     21:11

24   Peter Herdman   Blaydon CC Male Vet  21:18

25   Terry Fountain  Breeze Bikes RT Male Vet  21:21

26   Craig Boggon    Muckle Cycle Club    Male Senior     21:22

27   Chris Mather    Derwentside CC  Male Vet  21:27

28   Ian Norris Blumilk.Com     Male Vet  21:30

29   Roger Clarke    Tyneside Vagabonds CC Male Vet  21:40

30   Russell Hughes  Tyneside Vagabonds CC Male Vet  21:42

31   Kyle Spence     Tyneside Vagabonds CC Male Senior     21:52

32   Steven Fullerton     Darlington Cycling Club    Male Vet  21:54

33   David Robinson  Tyneside Vagabonds CC Male Vet  21:58

33   David Burgher   Kelso Wheelers Cycling Club     Male Vet  21:58

35   Mark Herbert    Derwentside CC  Male Vet  21:59

36   Venda Louise Pollock Blaydon CC Female     Vet  22:01

37   Phil Watson     Hadrian R.T     Male Vet  22:03

38   Jonathan Bayley Reifen Racing   Male Senior     22:04

38   Dean Madden     Barnesbury CC   Male Vet  22:04

40   Lee Statham     Houghton CC     Male Vet  22:09

41   Ian Dick   Derwentside CC  Male Senior     22:10

42   Kevin Hall Sunderland Clarion   Male Vet  22:15

43   Liam Whitelaw   Zeus CRT   Male Senior     22:18

44   Paul Rider Tyneside Vagabonds CC Male Vet  22:22

45   Scott Mccance   Derwentside CC  Male Vet  22:24

46   Carrie Brookes  Blaydon CC Female     Vet  22:25

47   Mark Ambury     Zeus CRT   Male Vet  22:27

48   David Linsley   Tyne & Wear Fire & Rescue Service CC Male Vet  22:30

49   Colin Blacklock Muckle Cycle Club    Male Vet  22:36

50   David Pritchard Kennoway Road Club   Male Vet  22:38

51   Adam Harrison   Barnesbury CC   Male Senior     22:39

51   David Swainson  Derwentside CC  Male Vet  22:39

53   Rhys Warburton  South Shields Velo Cycling Club Male Senior     22:41

54   Ross Ketteridge Gala CC    Male Vet  22:45

55   Paul Robson     Houghton CC     Male Vet  22:46

56   Lee Mccarron    Barnesbury CC   Male Senior     22:51

57   Rick Mitford    Cestria C.C.    Male Vet  22:57

58   Martin Rasmussen     Tyneside Vagabonds CC Male Vet  23:03

59   Ian Elliot Hawick Cycling Club  Male Vet  23:05

59   Keith Davison   Hadrian R.T     Male Vet  23:05

61   Craig Foley     Tricademy  Male Vet  23:06

62   Neil Parkin     Derwentside CC  Male Vet  23:07

63   Craig Bell Allen Valley Velo    Male Senior     23:09

64   Joseph Hunter   Allen Valley Velo    Male Senior     23:10

65   Joanne Rea Blaydon CC Female     Senior     23:16

66   Alan Turnbull   Hawick Cycling Club  Male Vet  23:22

67   David Simpson   South Shields Velo Cycling Club Male Vet  23:28

68   Maddy Hall Breeze Bikes RT Female     Juvenile   23:46

69   Jennifer Batey  Team Boompods   Female     Senior     23:47

70   Joe Dixon  Gosforth RC     Male Juvenile   23:49

71   Daniel Hornsby  Marshes Cycling Club Male Senior     23:56

72   John Cantrill   Blaydon CC Male Vet  23:58

72   Keith Sibbald   Zeus CRT   Male Vet  23:58

74   David Ballantyne     EMC Cycling     Male Vet  24:08

74   Gemma Hutchins  Blaydon CC Female     Vet  24:08

76   David Donaldson Derwentside CC  Male Vet  24:09

77   Roy Cassap South Shields Velo Cycling Club Male Vet  24:17

78   Craig Nicholl   South Shields Velo Cycling Club Male Vet  24:27

79   Bryan Ross South Shields Velo Cycling Club Male Vet  24:30

80   Paul Scaplehorn Redmon CC  Male Vet  24:34

81   Angela Mcgurk   Blaydon CC Female     Senior     24:37

82   Sara Cummings   Blaydon CC Female     Vet  24:39

83   Stuart Cook     Cestria C.C.    Male Vet  24:55

84   Gareth Swindells     Tricademy  Male Senior     24:56

85   Wayne Baker     Blaydon CC Male Vet  24:58

86   Mick Bradshaw   GS Metro   Male Vet  24:59

87   John Hopper     Zeus CRT   Male Vet  25:02

88   James George Dunn    South Shields Velo Cycling Club Male Senior     25:24

89   Lee Carrick     South Shields Velo Cycling Club Male Vet  25:31

90   Sean Bell  South Shields Velo Cycling Club Male Vet  25:44

91   Andrew Brown    South Shields Velo Cycling Club Male Vet  25:53

92   Allan Card South Shields Velo Cycling Club Male Vet  25:58

92   Dennis Fuller   GS Metro   Male Vet  25:58

94   Claire Cook     South Shields Velo Cycling Club Female     Senior     26:10

95   Justine Norman  Breeze Bikes RT Female     Vet  26:22

96   Nicola Mccoy    Muckle Cycle Club    Female     Vet  26:26

97   Raymond Bell    Derwentside CC  Male Vet  26:36

98   Tom Atkinson    Tricademy  Male Senior     27:02

99   Jane Aston Blaydon CC Female     Vet  27:40

100  Gareth Davies   Barnesbury CC   Male Vet  31:35

101  Iain Ditchburn  Blaydon CC Male Senior     31:40

102  Paul Mitchell   Blaydon CC Male Vet  32:38