Leo 30 (Cheques to East Anglian VTTA)(Inc East Anglian VTTA Championship)(Entries close 10/09/19)

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  • Date: 21-Sep-19
  • Time: 14:00
  • Distance: 30 Miles
  • Course: e2/30c
  • Closing Date: 10-Sep-19 23:59
  • Categories:
    • Juvenile
    • Junior
    • Espoir
    • Senior
    • Veteran
    • Para

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Records tumble at Leo Road Club 30

  • Published: 22 Sep 19
  • Written By: Frazer Snowdon
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Matthew Smith

National competition records fell at the Leo Road Club 30-mile time trial despite windy conditions in Cambridgeshire on Saturday.

The mixed tandem record fell once again to Rachael Elliott (Newbury RC) and Ian Greenstreet (AeroCoach), the pair covering the course near Newmarket in 56-54 to beat their own previous record and take the win on the day by almost seven minutes from Team Vision Racing pair John Iszatt and Dean Lubin.

And in the solo event 17-year-old Katie-Ann Elliston (Southend Wheelers) clocked 1-17-16 to set a junior women’s competition record for 30 miles.

Both records are provisional and subject to verification.

Elliott and Greenstreet

In the solo event there were some fast times too, with Matthew Smith (Drag2zero) taking the win with a time of 56-30, which was 50 seconds quicker than runner-up Jason Bouttell (Team Vision Racing), while John Wingfield (Team Signum) clocked 58-36 for third spot.

41-year-old Smith from nearby Newmarket has been in good form this season, with two wins in the VTTA (East Anglia) 10 on the nearby E2/10 course, as well as the Lovelo Racing 50 and VTTA East Anglia 25 in May and April respectively.

Fastest female was Jackie Field (CC Ashwell), the 54-year-old from Great Abingdon who clocked 1-07-28., which was 44 seconds quicker than the next best female in Claire Emons (Newbury RC).

In other categories fastest junior was Fabien Large (NOPINZ) in 1-03-38 for 24th overall, while veteran on standard was Gavin Hinxman, the 51-year-old trike riding Drag2zero rider whose time of 1-07-21 gave him a plus of 25.20.

A cross east south-easterly wind was not helpful and caused riders to push in pursuit of fast times. Colin Ward (Essex Roads CC) was up on Smith at the halfway point, but had gone out too hard and was a non-finisher after being sick.

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Pos   Name  Club  Cat   Time

1     Matthew Smith    DRAG2ZERO   V     56:30

2     Jason Bouttell   Team Vision Racing - Silverhook    S     57:20

3     John Wingfield   Team Signum S     58:36

4     David Veitch     Lea Valley CC    S     58:47

5     Ben Stancombe    Team Velovelocity S     58:51

6     Jonathan Wears   CES Sport   S     59:09

7     Ben Stowe   Hemel Hempstead CC     S     59:29

8     Kevin Tye   VeloRefined.com Aerosmiths   V     59:37

9     Henrik Persson   Kingston Wheelers CC   S     59:48

10    Keith Ainsworth  Sheffrec CC V     59:53

11    Leon West   CC Sudbury  V     1:00:44

12    Gavin McCloskey-Lambert      Manchester Wheelers    S     1:00:48

13    David Harding    Chelmer CC  S     1:00:57

14    Darran Bennett   Ely & District CC/B&T Motor Repairs     V     1:01:01

15    Richard Harrison DRAG2ZERO   V     1:01:29

16    Peter Harding    Chelmer CC  S     1:01:40

17    Alan Chorley     Seamons CC  V     1:01:44

18    Sam Wightman     Chelmer CC  V     1:01:46

19    Adam Fisher Cambridge CC     S     1:02:02

20    Sean Hunt   Lincoln Wheelers CC    V     1:02:08

21    Dave Walker Weaver Valley CC V     1:02:40

22    John Bradbury    CC Sudbury  V     1:03:26

23    Robert Watson    Cambridge CC     V     1:03:29

24    Fabien Large     NOPINZ      J     1:03:38

25    Martin Reynolds  Cambridge CC     V     1:03:41

26    John Lacey  Hemel Hempstead CC     V     1:03:43

27    Chris Jones Bynea Cycling Club     V     1:03:50

28    Antony Brown     Kettering CC     V     1:04:10

29    Nik Allen   Worthing Excelsior CC  V     1:04:12

30    Andrew Askwith   Vive Le Velo     V     1:04:18

31    Andrew Grant     Cambridge CC     V     1:04:51

32=   Robert Golding   Ely & District CC/B&T Motor Repairs     V     1:04:59

32=   Paul Fleming     Preston Whs V     1:04:59

34    David Warlow     Essex Roads CC   V     1:05:05

35    Iain Boardman    Dulwich Paragon CC     V     1:05:15

36    David Rumm  Southborough & Dist. Whs     V     1:05:22

37    Adrian Hawkins   Thanet RC   V     1:05:32

38    Geoff Reynolds   Hemel Hempstead CC     V     1:05:58

39    Steven Cottington Bath Cycling Club V     1:06:01

40    Richard Tully    Elite Cycling    V     1:06:24

41    James Moss  North Road CC    V     1:06:25

42    John Manlow Ely & District CC/B&T Motor Repairs     V     1:06:39

43    Steve Clarke     TMG Horizon Cycling Team     V     1:07:07

44    Gavin Hinxman (Trike)  DRAG2ZERO   V     1:07:21

45    Andrew Halliday  Westerley Cycling Club V     1:07:23

46    Martin Baumber   Shaftesbury CC   V     1:07:25

47    Jackie Field (W) CC Ashwell  WV    1:07:28

48    Colin Lizieri    Cambridge CC     V     1:07:30

49    Rob Young   Team Vision Racing - Silverhook    V     1:07:46

50    Nick Boyle  Chelmer CC  V     1:07:52

51    James Rush  CC Sudbury  V     1:08:00

52    Claire Emons (W) Newbury RC  WV    1:08:12

53    Colin Lewin Velo Schils Interbike RT     V     1:08:19

54    Robert Bullyment Catford CC  V     1:08:42

55    Scott Beard Shaftesbury CC   V     1:08:55

56    Richard Parrotte Shaftesbury CC   V     1:09:01

57    Alan Crane  Chronos RT  V     1:09:03

58    Geoff Perry Born to Bike - Bridgtown Cycles    V     1:09:21

59    Charlotte Marshall (W) Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA      W     1:09:33

60    Martin Bullen    Peterborough CC  V     1:09:39

61    James Wood  West Suffolk Wheelers  V     1:09:48

62    Jim Reed    Colchester Rovers CC   V     1:10:45

63    Lee Heron   Banbury Star Cyclists' Club  V     1:10:57

64    Chris Dyason     Cambridge CC     V     1:11:04

65    Kate Vergette (W) Elite Cycling    WV    1:11:05

66    Katja Rietdorf (W)     Born to Bike - Bridgtown Cycles    WV    1:11:16

67    Peter Tibbitts   Ford CC     V     1:11:19

68    Roger Porter     Verulam CC  V     1:11:28

69    Richard Mellor   Chelmer CC  V     1:11:33

70    Cliff Voller     Newbury RC  V     1:11:49

71    Jonathan Cockburn Bicester Millennium CC V     1:12:06

72    Graham Duguid    Velo Club Flintham     V     1:12:16

73    Helen Reynolds (W)     Hemel Hempstead CC     WV    1:12:17

74    Alex Lubbock     Bedfordshire Road CC   S     1:12:52

75    Richard Moule    Bossard Whs V     1:13:09

76    Mike Boyce  ...a3crg    V     1:14:13

77    Patrick Charlton Wolsey RC   V     1:14:16

78    Ian Cardy   Chelmer CC  V     1:14:40

79    Phillip Jenkins  Bedfordshire Road CC   V     1:14:46

80    Stewart Kirk     CC Sudbury  V     1:15:15

81    Chris Priestley  Bedfordshire Road RT   V     1:15:32

82    David Hargreaves (LS)  North Lancashire Road Club   V     1:15:42

83    Dominic Whitehead St Ives CC  V     1:15:59

84    Chris Hall  Born to Bike - Bridgtown Cycles    V     1:16:26

85    Conor Boyle Woking Cycle Club V     1:16:31

86    Eva Zsigoova (W) ...a3crg    W     1:16:45

87    Katie-Ann Elliston (W) Southend Wheelers WJ    1:17:16

88    Tracy Rowlinson (W)    Lyme Racing Club WV    1:17:31

89    Simon Craig-McFeely    ...a3crg    V     1:17:32

90    Peter Walton     Hertfordshire Whs V     1:17:46

91    Andrew Griffin   Bedfordshire Road CC   V     1:18:43

92    Ray Retter  Born to Bike - Bridgtown Cycles    V     1:19:04

93    Robert Jones (LS) Cardiff 100 Miles RCC  V     1:19:21

94=   Murray Kirton    A5 Rangers CC    V     1:19:32

94=   Mj Cyganowska (W) Rapha Cycling Club     WV    1:19:32

96    John Murphy Gloucester City Cycling Club V     1:20:07

97    Gillian Morgan (W)     Westerley Cycling Club WV    1:20:13

98    Robert Jolliffe  New Forest CC    V     1:21:43

99    Peter Horsnell   Chelmer CC  V     1:28:37

      Bob Loader  Sydenham Whs     V     DNF

      Daniel Ryan North Road CC    S     DNF

      Chris Nudds CC Breckland     V     DNF

      Lauren Kirchel (W)     Chelmer CC  W     DNF

      William Wallace  CC London   V     DNF

      Jon Surtees CES Sport   V     DNF

      Colin Ward  Essex Roads CC   V     DNF

      Joseph Halloran  Cambridge CC     S     DNS(A)

      James Cornell    Hitchin Nomads CC V     DNS

      Simon Keen  Crest CC    V     DNS

      Gary Boyd   Hub Velo    V     DNS(A)

      John Golder Chelmer CC  V     DNS(A)

      David Guy   OV Cycling Club  V     DNS(A)

      Nick Hanson Seacroft Whs     V     DNS(A)

      Patrick Ellerbeck St Neots CC V     DNS

      Nick Wilson Rye & District Wheelers CC   V     DNS

      Tristan Davenne  Newbury RC  V     DNS(A)

      Michael Martin   CC Ashwell  V     DNS(A)

      Mandy Bunn (W)   Datalynx-Parenesis Cycling   WV    DNS

      Elspeth Knott (W) Colchester Rovers CC   WV    DNS(A)

      Jennifer Millmore (W)  Islington Cycling Club W     DNS

      Nick Morgan Hitchin Nomads CC S     DNS

      Karen Dennett (W) Bishop's Stortford CC  WV    DNS(A)

      Sue Rust (W)     Kettering CC     WV    DNS

      Tony May    TMG Horizon Cycling Team     V     DNS(A)

      Alice Lethbridge (W)   DRAG2ZERO   W     DNS(A)

      Robert Pisolkar  Shaftesbury CC   V     DNS(A)

      Lee Turner  Sigma Sports     V     DNS(A)

      Rory Havis  Ely & District CC/B&T Motor Repairs     S     DNS(A)

      Jim Moffatt CC Luton    V     DNS(A)

      Matt O'Brien     Plomesgate CC    V     DNS

      Paul Jay    Team Velovelocity V     DNS

      Liam Maybank     Twickenham CC    V     DNS(A)




Pos   Name  Club  Cat   30 Miles

1     Rachael Elliott (Newbury RC) & Ian Greenstreet (AeroCoach) 56:54

2     John Iszatt & Dean Lubin (Team Vision Racing) 1:03:43

3     Mike Logue & Simon Drewett (Fairly United CT) 1:05:07

4     John Swanbury & Allistair Banks (VC Baracchi) 1:07:34

      Glenn Taylor (Shorter Rochford RT) & Mark Arnold (VTTA (East Anglia Group) DNS(A)