Shropshire CCA (4-up TTT)(fee per rider)

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  • Date: 04-Aug-19
  • Time: 10:00
  • Distance: 50 Km
  • Course: k52/50km
  • Closing Date: 23-Jul-19 22:59
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    • Juvenile
    • Junior
    • Espoir
    • Senior
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Velotik Racing Team power to four-up victory

  • Published: 04 Aug 19
  • Written By: Frazer Snowdon
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Velotik Racing Team were the fastest quartet of riders at the Shropshire CCA four-up 50-kilometre time trial near Edgmond on Sunday.

The team - comprising of David Williams, Toby Williams, Gareth Sanger and Chris Mann – covered the K52/50km course in Shropshire in a time of 1-06-14 to take the victory by 31 seconds from the Success Cycling team of Andrew Overton, Jamie Jenkins, Steven Vanes and Gary Jones.

Meanwhile behind the top two the third and final step of the podium went to Preston Cycling Club, who were 15 seconds further off the pace. Their quarter was made up of Paul Johnston, Colin Carefoot, Daniel Chesters and Matthew Moorhouse.

Fastest team which included a woman was the Nova Raiders who had Deb Hutson-Lumb and Charlotte Chapman joined by Bernard Hutson-Lumb Steven Ford in clocking a time of 1-15-25.

The challenging course takes riders from the start at Edgmond through Crudgington and Shawbirch, on to Hodnet and back to Crudgington and Edgmond.

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Pos   Name  Club  Time

1     David Williams    Velotik Racing Team    1:06:14

1     Toby  Williams    Velotik Racing Team   

1     Gareth      Sanger      Velotik Racing Team   

1     Chris Mann  Velotik Racing Team   

2     Andrew      Overton     Success Cycling  1:06:45

2     Jamie Jenkins     Success Cycling 

2     Steven      Vanes Success Cycling 

2     Gary  Jones Success Cycling 

3     Paul  Johnstone (R)    Preston CC  1:07:00

3     Colin Carefoot    Preston CC 

3     Daniel      Chesters    Preston CC 

3     Matthew     Moorhouse   Preston CC 

4     Luke  Vallance    Wrexham RC  1:08:44

4     Steve Aston Wrexham RC 

4     Dyfan Evans Wrexham RC 

4     Ben   Goodfellow  Wrexham RC 

5     Richard     Smith Wrekinsport CC   1:09:59

5     Chris Halford     Wrekinsport CC  

5     Tomos Hales Wrekinsport CC  

5     Allan Henderson   Wrekinsport CC  

6     Dean  Callister   Nova Raiders     1:10:17

6     Ed    Middleton   Nova Raiders    

6     Nick  Long  Nova Raiders    

6     Dean  Dovey Nova Raiders    

7     Edward      Chilton     Liverpool Phoenix CC   1:11:29

7     Arthur      Winstanley  Liverpool Phoenix CC  

7     Christophe  Moeri Liverpool Phoenix CC  

7     Kevin Larmer      Port Sunlight Wheelers

8     Timothy     O'Donnell   Paramount CRT    1:13:26

8     Steve Griffiths   Paramount CRT   

8     Ged   Kennedy     Paramount CRT   

8     Neil  Wilson      Paramount CRT   

9     Oliver      Atkin Newport Shropshire CC  1:14:48

9     Tom   Colley      Newport Shropshire CC 

9     Martin      Roberts     Newport Shropshire CC 

9     Allen Field Newport Shropshire CC 

10    Andy  Hazell      Nova Raiders     1:15:02

10    Steve Chapman     Nova Raiders    

10    Andrew      Lacon Nova Raiders    

10    Graeme      Donnell     Nova Raiders    

11    Dave  Moore Wrekinsport CC   1:15:24

11    Richard     Howes Wrekinsport CC  

11    Rob   Jackson     Wrekinsport CC  

11    Alistair    Hatton      Wrekinsport CC  

12    Bernard     Hutson-Lumb Nova Raiders     1:15:25

12    Deb   Hutson-Lumb Nova Raiders    

12    Steven      Ford  Nova Raiders    

12    Charlotte   Chapman     Nova Raiders    

13    Andrew      Craddock    Nova Raiders     1:16:54

13    Darren      Muffitt     Nova Raiders    

13    Kieran      Hackett     Nova Raiders    

13    Richard     Guy   Nova Raiders    

14    Haydn Jones Wrexham RC  1:17:37

14    Peter Everett     Wrexham RC 

14    Richard     Elmitt      Wrexham RC 

14    Jan   Kardasz     Wrexham RC 

15    Michael     Smitherman  Nova Raiders     1:20:35

15    Gary  Wheeler     Nova Raiders    

15    Simon Range Nova Raiders    

15    Colin Barnes      Nova Raiders    

16    Mark  Stocks      Newport Shropshire CC  1:23:22

16    Mick  Tomkinson   Newport Shropshire CC 

16    Andy  Hulland     Newport Shropshire CC 

16    Tim   Evans Newport Shropshire CC 

17    Steve Smith Wrekinsport CC   1:26:43

17    Mark  Callaghan   Wrekinsport CC  

17    Pete  Mulloy      Wrekinsport CC  

17    Steve Mold  Wrekinsport CC  

18    Mark  Davies      Paramount CRT    1:26:46

18    Steve Joyce Paramount CRT   

18    Bill  McLean      Paramount CRT   

18    Dave  Northern    Paramount CRT   

19    Dan   Braddock    Newport Shropshire CC  1:26:52

19    Stephen     Grice Newport Shropshire CC 

19    Alex  Capstick    Newport Shropshire CC 

19    Alan  McKeown     Newport Shropshire CC 

20    Richard     Goddard     Newport Shropshire CC  1:26:57

20    Alan  Sims  Newport Shropshire CC 

20    Matthew     McCann      Newport Shropshire CC 

20    John  Grigg Newport Shropshire CC 

21    Ian   Smith Paramount CRT    1:28:38

21    Rowan McKittrick  Paramount CRT   

21    Robert      Osbourne    Paramount CRT   

21    Andrew      Jowett      Paramount CRT   

22    Bruce Gregory     Wrekinsport CC   1:30:02

22    Steve Lloyd Wrekinsport CC  

22    John  Pearce      Wrekinsport CC  

22    Abi   Pearce      Wrekinsport CC  

23    Rosemary    Homer Newport Shropshire CC  1:32:45

23    Sarah Roberts     Newport Shropshire CC 

23    Dawn  Cook  Newport Shropshire CC 

23    Tina  Tomkinson   Newport Shropshire CC 

24    Clare Cotterill   Wrekinsport CC   1:33:02

24    Helena      Amos  Wrekinsport CC  

24    Helen Blake Wrekinsport CC  

24    Fionola     Corley      Wrekinsport CC  

25    Martin      Diss  Wrekinsport CC   1:36:28

25    Alison      Salthouse   Wrekinsport CC  

25    Derek Fleming     Wrekinsport CC  

25    Henry Fleming     Wrekinsport CC  

      Dave  Poulter     Wrekinsport CC   DNF