brighton mitre cc (men)(max 150 - 3 events)

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  • Date: 21-Oct-18
  • Time: 08:00
  • Distance: 25 Miles
  • Course: g25/93
  • Closing Date: 09-Oct-18 23:59
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    • Espoir
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Tye and Nyirenda victorious in Steyning

  • Published: 22 Oct 18
  • Written By: Frazer Snowdon
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Kevin Tye and Eva Nyirenda were the fastest male and female riders respectively at the Brighton Mitre CC 25 in West Sussex on Sunday afternoon.

Nyirenda (A3crg) clocked a time of 1-09-55 to top the podium as fastest female.

She adds this victory to a second-place finish at the VTTA Kent 15 last weekend and a third place at the Lea Valley CC 25 on the seventh of October.

The fastest male on the day was Kevin Tye (Velorefined) who finished his run with a time of 52-21.

The Velorefined rider was last victorious at the Essex Roads CC 10 in mid-August and also finished second at the North Hampshire RC 25 in the same month.

Andrew Meilak made it a one two for Velorefined when he finished his run with a time of 55-26.

Meilak has had numerous podium finishes throughout the season, last finishing third at the VTTA Kent 25 in mid-September, he also finished third at the Catford CC 25 in August.

Third place went to Neil Harrigan (Gravesend CC) who clocked a time of 55-41.

This is the Gravesend CC riders second podium finish on record this season with the 44-year-old last finishing third at the CC Bexley 10 at the end of June.

Velorefined took the prize for fastest team setting a combined time of 2-47-36 with the team being made up of Tye, Meilak and Paul Smith who finished his run with a time of 49-49.

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1.            Kevin Tye                             (Velorefined)                       52-21

2.             Andrew Meilak                 (Velorefined)                        55-26

3.             Neil Harrigan                      (Gravesend CC)                    55-41

4.             Matthew Smith                 (Brightpn Excelsior CC)      55-50

5.             Dave Dent                           (GS Stella)                               56-05

6=          Ian Bray                                (Addisco mbe CC)                 56-39

6=           David Shepherd                (A3crg)                                     56-39

8.              Kevin Plummer                 (South Downs Bikes)          56-50

9.             Antony Bee                        (Wigmore CC)                       57-05

10.           Mike Coyle                          (Brighton Mitre CC)            57-08



1.       Eva Nyirenda                     (A3crg)                                     1-09-55

2.              Victoria Miller                    (Brighton Mitre CC)            1-11-48

3.              Wendy Harman                 (Brighton Mitre CC)            1-15-51

4.              Amanda Harman              (Brighton Mitre CC)            1-22-23