Barnesbury CC (Cheques to S Dyson)

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  • Date: 22-Jul-18
  • Time: 08:00
  • Distance: 25 Miles
  • Course: m2510
  • Closing Date: 10-Jul-18 23:59
  • Categories:
    • Juvenile
    • Junior
    • Espoir
    • Senior
    • Veteran
    • Para

Wild and Frost win at Barnesbury 25

  • Published: 23 Jul 18
  • Written By: Frazer Snowdon
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Gemma Frost

Strong crosswinds made for challenging conditions at the Barnesbury CC 25-mile time trial in Northumberland on Sunday, where victory went to Adam Wild (GS Metro) and Gemma Frost (Team Swift).

The M2510 course, which runs parallel to the coast road, had some challenging exposed sections with the westerly winds making the going hard.

Wild clocked 50-41 to lift the Johnny Rankin Trophy, one of 35 riders to go under the hour. He was 23 seconds quicker than runner-up Keith Murray (Drag2zero) while Dan Meggison (GS Metro) was third, a further 44 seconds off the pace.

Gemma Frost (Team Swift) was quickest woman in 59-16, with Joanne Rea (Blaydon CC) second and Gemma Hutchins (Blaydon CC) third.

"I'm delighted to win the Johnny Rankin trophy having ridden the prestigious event for the past few years,” said Wild. “It was a hard day on the spine road, particularly on the return leg South as the wind was a lot stronger than I expected. I shouldn't grumble however as it was warm and sunny.

Adam Wild

“Keith (Murray) is always a formidable competitor, especially at the Johnny Rankin 25, and never fails to push me all the way to the line.”

The event was sponsored by Scott Sports UK for the second year in succession. 

Special mention must go to GS Metro over-60 rider Mick Bradshaw who completed the course in 1:05:10. Mick had a heart transplant in December 2014 after literally burning his old one out through racing his bike. 

Speaking after the race Mick said: “Well, I was ripping along the course today and it felt really good! Typically, I got stopped on the middle roundabout twice. Otherwise, I would have posted an even quicker time.

“I’ve had a bit of a disjointed training week leading up to the race, but it came together out on the course today it’s nice to be back in the money again – no more pea sandwiches for a while!!”

In other categories, the highest placed Barnesbury CC rider was Dean Madden (59:48).



Pos      Name               Team   Cat      Time

1          Adam  Wild    GS Metro        Espoir  50:41

2          Keith   Murray            DRAG2ZERO            Veteran           51:04

3          Dan     Meggison        GS Metro        Senior  51:48

4          Harry   Walker Revolver Racing         Veteran           53:28

5          Ben      Lane    GS Metro        Veteran           54:01

6          Ken     Thursby           Tyneside Vagabonds CC        Veteran           54:15

7          Neil     Pendrich          SVTTA           Veteran           54:26

8          Nev     Martin GS Metro        Veteran           54:34

9          David  Nearney           South Shields Velo Cycling Club       Senior  54:43

10        Collin Humphrey       Derwentside CC         Veteran           54:46

11        Philip   Kennell            Allen Valley Velo       Veteran           54:58

12        Ian       Norris    Veteran           55:13

13        Sam     Murray            DRAG2ZERO            Juvenile           55:20

14        Justin   Ramel  Blaydon CC    Veteran           55:21

15        Craig   Fenwick          Team Swift     Veteran           55:34

16        Julian   Macbride         Blaydon CC    Senior  55:35

17        Lewis Timmins          Team Swift     Senior  56:04        

17        Colin   Atkinson         Muckle Cycle Club     Veteran           56:04

19        Hedley            Fletcher           Blaydon CC    Veteran           56:21

20        Ali       Bailey  GS Metro        Senior  56:43

21        Wayne Coates Derwentside CC         Veteran           56:49

22        Russell Hughes            Tyneside Vagabonds CC        Veteran           56:56

23        Adam  Wilson Cramlington CC          Senior  57:53

24        Mark    Herbert            Derwentside CC         Veteran           57:57

24        Simon  Emsley            Derwentside CC         Veteran           57:57

26        Ian       Simon  Breeze Bikes RT         Veteran           58:04

27        Lee      Statham           Houghton CC Veteran           58:35

28        Adam  Jarps    Team Bottrill / Vanguard        Junior  58:36

29        Peter    Stokoe Sunderland Clarion     Senior  58:50

30        Roger  Clarke  Tyneside Vagabonds CC        Veteran           59:02

31        Gemma            Frost    Team Swift     Senior  59:16

32        Mark    Whaley            Blaydon CC    Veteran           59:19

33        David  Swainson         Derwentside CC         Veteran           59:23

34        Kevin  Hall     Sunderland Clarion     Veteran           59:36

35        Dean    Madden           Barnesbury CC           Veteran           59:48

36        Mark    Ambury           Cramlington CC          Veteran           01:01:15

37        Neil     Parkin  Derwentside CC         Veteran           01:01:35

38        Paul     Robson            Houghton CC Veteran           01:01:36

39        Joanne Rea      Blaydon CC    Senior  01:02:00

40        Kyle    Spenc  Tyneside Vagabonds CC        Senior  01:03:09

41        Richard           Tyson  Rock to Roll CC         Veteran           01:03:10

42        Gemma            Hutchins          Blaydon CC    Senior  01:03:13

43        Keith   Sibbald            Cramlington CC          Veteran           01:04:00

44        Mick    Bradshaw        GS Metro        Veteran           01:05:10

45        Raymond        Bell      Derwentside CC         Veteran           01:05:24

46        Richard           Cleathero         North Racing  Veteran           01:06:18

47        Hannah            Baker   North Tyneside Riders CC     Senior  01:06:38

48        Angela Mcgurk            Blaydon CC    Senior  01:07:32

49        Steven Marks  North Tyneside Riders CC     Veteran           01:08:15

50        Rachel Galler  Blaydon CC    Senior  01:08:25

51        Ian       Mclean            Tyneside Vagabonds CC        Veteran           01:09:09

52        Sebastian         Stockbridge     Blaydon CC    Senior  01:09:24

53        Christine          Burns   Tyne Tri           Senior  01:10:15

54        Paul     Mitchell           Blaydon CC    Veteran           01:10:37

55        Ronnie             Thompson       Derwentside CC         Veteran           01:13:15

56        Caroline           Golightly         Sunderland Clarion     Veteran           01:13:45

57        Gareth Davies Barnesbury CC           Veteran           01:21:34

            Christopher     Beaty   Allen Valley Velo       Senior  APOLS

            Paul     Barrett Sunderland Clarion     Senior  APOLS

            Mark    Strang  Breeze Bikes RT         Veteran           APOLS

            Steven Craggs Blaydon CC    Senior  APOLS

            Kerry   Gowland         Houghton CC Veteran           APOLS

            Jamie   Johnson           Barnesbury CC           Senior  APOLS

            Ross    Gray    Allen Valley Velo       Senior  APOLS

            Jock     Bolam  Breeze Bikes RT         Veteran           APOLS

            Henning          Saelzer Houghton CC Senior  APOLS

            Sam     Dodd   Barnesbury CC           Senior  DNF

            Allen   Armstrong       Sunderland Clarion     Veteran           DNF

            Tom     Guy     Sunderland Clarion     Veteran           DNF

            Sara     Cummings       Blaydon CC    Veteran           DNF

            Mark    Tully    Sunderland Clarion     Senior  DNF

            David  Beattie             Hawick Cycling Club Senior  DNF

            Paul     Rider   Tyneside Vagabonds CC        Veteran           DNF

            Craig   Bell      Allen Valley Velo       Senior  DNF

            Thomas            Hutchinson      Tyneside Vagabonds CC        Senior  DNF

            Keith   Davison           Hadrian R.T    Veteran           DNF

            Martin Rasmussen      Tyneside Vagabonds CC        Veteran           DNF

            Phil      Hall     Breeze Bikes RT         Veteran           DNF

            Ross    Ketteridge       Gala CC          Veteran           DNS

            Peter    Mcewan          Breeze Bikes RT         Veteran           DNS

            James   Allen   Barnesbury CC           Veteran           DNS

            Harry   Armstrong       Berwick Wheelers Cycling Club         Veteran           DNS