Houghton CC

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  • Date: 24-Jun-18
  • Time: 07:30
  • Distance: 25 Miles
  • Course: M254
  • Closing Date: 12-Jun-18 23:59
  • Categories:
    • Juvenile
    • Junior
    • Espoir
    • Senior
    • Veteran
    • Para

Hutchinson and Rea victorious in Houghton 25

  • Published: 25 Jun 18
  • Written By: Frazer Snowdon
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Thomas Hutchinson

Thomas Hutchinson and Joanne Rea were fastest male and female riders respectively at the Houghton CC 25-mile time trial staged in Northumberland on Sunday.

Hutchinson, the 22-year-old Tyneside Vagabonds rider from Ponteland, clocked 54-16 to take the win by almost two minutes from Julian MacBride (Blaydon CC), while exactly a minute behind Hutchinson’s pace was Neil Pendrich (SVTTA) in third.

Newcastle-based Joanne Rea (Blaydon CC) was fastest female, the 30-year-old's time of 1-05-43 giving her the win over team-mate Gemma Hutchins by 50 seconds.

The event was run in warm and sunny conditions, although once riders got on to the main course the still conditions at headquarters were replaced by a brisk headwind on the outward leg along the A696.

After taking the win, Hutchinson said: “Since finishing my university degree a few weeks ago, I’ve been increasing the volume of my training on the bike. I’ve been feeling good but have been troubled with a slight niggle in my knee, and earlier in the week, I really didn’t think I would be able to race.

“The outward leg felt pretty comfortable to be fair, so I figured I would at least be on for a PB. The weather conditions today were perfect and my knee and myself managed to hold it together to the finish line.”

Joanne Rea

Henning Saelzer had the honour of starting the field for the host club and came in on a very respectable 57:37, one of 15 riders in the field to go under the hour for the 25M course.

In other categories, the prize for fastest on a road bike went to Mark Robertson of the Army Cycling Union (7th overall in 57:52).

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Pos    Name  Club  Gender      Category    Time

1     Thomas Hutchinson Tyneside Vagabonds CC   Male  Senior      54:16

2     Julian MacBride   Blaydon CC  Male  Senior      56:08

3     Neil Pendrich     SVTTA Male  V40   56:16

4     Justin Ramel      Blaydon CC  Male  V40   57:22

5     Ian Norris  Blumilk.Com Male  V50   57:35

6     Henning Saelzer   Houghton CC Male  Senior      57:37

7     Mark Robertson    Army Cycling Union      Male  Senior      57:52

8     Craig Fenwick     Team Swift  Male  V40   58:10

9     Philip KENNELL    Allen Valley Velo Male  V50   58:25

10    David Nearney     South Shields Velo Cycling Club     Male  Senior      58:37

11    Colin Atkinson    Muckle Cycle Club Male  V50   58:58

12    Mark Strang Breeze Bikes RT   Male  V40   59:18

13    Chris Mather      Derwentside CC    Male  V40   59:22

14    Ali Bailey  GS Metro    Male  Senior      59:32

15    Russell Hughes    Tyneside Vagabonds CC   Male  V50   59:56

16    Wayne Coates      Derwentside CC    Male  V50   1:00:02

17    Damon Devine      Reifen Racing     Male  V40   1:00:09

18    Scott McCance     Derwentside CC    Male  Senior      1:00:27

19    Paul Robson Wearside Triathlon      Male  V40   1:00:54

20    Dan Pons    Blaydon CC  Male  Senior      1:01:11

21    Peter Herdman     Blaydon CC  Male  V40   1:01:12

21    David Symes Blaydon CC  Male  V40   1:01:12

23    Peter Stokoe      Sunderland Clarion      Male  Senior      1:01:16

24    Lee Statham Houghton CC Male  V40   1:01:17

25    Tom Guy     Sunderland Clarion      Male  V60   1:01:28

26    Matthew Sutcliffe South Shields Velo Cycling Club     Male  V40   1:01:30

27    Shaun Brannan     Muckle Cycle Club Male  Senior      1:01:37

28    Roger Clarke      Tyneside Vagabonds CC   Male  V40   1:02:12

29    Mark Herbert      Derwentside CC    Male  V50   1:02:13

30    Shaun Wilkinson   Muckle Cycle Club Male  Senior      1:02:17

31    David Swainson    Derwentside CC    Male  V40   1:02:49

32    Mark Whaley Blaydon CC  Male  V40   1:02:59

33    Rick Mitford      Cestria C.C.      Male  V50   1:03:17

34    Nicholas Weddle   Houghton CC Male  Senior      1:03:28

34    Ian Dick    Derwentside CC    Male  Senior      1:03:28

36    Neil Parkin Derwentside CC    Male  V40   1:03:36

37    Ross Ketteridge   Gala CC     Male  V50   1:03:37

38    Mj Todd     Derwentside CC    Male  Senior      1:03:59

39    Brian Johnson     Reifen Racing     Male  V50   1:04:09

40    Guillaume Zoppi   Coalfields Tri    Male  Senior      1:04:20

40    Paul Robson Houghton CC V40   V50   1:04:20

42    Chris Burns Reifen Racing     Male  Senior      1:04:27

43    Joanne Rea  Blaydon CC  Female      Senior      1:05:43

44    Gemma Hutchins    Blaydon CC  Female      Senior      1:06:33

45    Kerry Gowland     Houghton CC Female      V40   1:06:53

46    Stuart Cook Cestria C.C.      Male  V60   1:07:03

46    Chris McCabe      Wearside Triathlon      Male  Senior      1:07:03

48    Carrie Brookes    North Tyneside Riders CC      Female      V40   1:07:17

49    Martin Rasmussen  Tyneside Vagabonds CC   Male  V50   1:08:47

50    Peter Searle      Houghton CC Male  V50   1:09:21

51    Richard Cleathero North Racing      Male  V40   1:10:13

52    Paul Mitchell     Blaydon CC  Male  V40   1:11:17

53    Raymond Bell      Derwentside CC    Male  V60   1:11:27

54    Paul Hollick      Houghton CC Male  V50   1:13:21

55    Mick Chappel      North Tyneside Riders CC      Male  V40   1:17:45

56    Caroline Golightly      Sunderland Clarion      Female      V40   1:17:58

57    Ronnie Thompson   Derwentside CC    Male  V70   1:18:48

58    Katrina Robson    Wearside Triathlon      Female      V40   1:19:21

59    Helen Parkin      Muckle Cycle Club Female      Senior      1:22:00

60    Gareth Davies     Barnesbury CC     Male  V50   1:32:10

      Darren Williamson Muckle Cycle Club Male  V40   APOLS

      Dan Meggison      GS Metro    Male  Senior      APOLS

      Sandy Cheung      Reifen Racing     Female      Senior      APOLS

      Colin Humphrey    Houghton CC Male  V50   APOLS

      Philip Parsley    Muckle Cycle Club Male  Senior      APOLS

      Lewis Timmins     Team Swift  Male  Senior      APOLS

      Ken Thursby Tyneside Vagabonds CC   Male  V40   APOLS

      Jo Zoppi    Coalfields Tri    Female      V40   APOLS

      Mick Bradshaw     GS Metro    Male  V60   DNF

      Steven Craggs     Blaydon CC  Male  Senior      DNS

      Craig Haslam      Muckle Cycle Club Male  V40   DNS

      Mark Breeze Breeze Bikes RT   Male  V40   DNS

      Sam Dodd    Barnesbury CC     Male  Senior      DNS

      Josh Craven Muckle Cycle Club Male  Espoir      DNS