Matlock CC Results

Results for members of Matlock CC
First Name Last Name Date Event Course Pos Result
Alfie Clarke 01/07/19 Matlock CC (Charity) ahc/9
Steve Goodall 01/07/19 Matlock CC (Charity) ahc/9
Emma Jackson 01/07/19 Matlock CC (Charity) ahc/9
Timpthy Farr 01/07/19 Matlock CC (Charity) ahc/9
Fraser Cummings 01/07/19 Matlock CC (Charity) ahc/9
Isla Woolf 01/07/19 Matlock CC (Charity) ahc/9
Patrick Gould 27/06/19 Buxton CC/Sett Valley Cycles j10/1 21:27
Richard Cordin 27/06/19 Buxton CC/Sett Valley Cycles j10/1 21:44
Eric Ruthenberg 23/06/19 Matlock CC (72" Medium Gear) a25/12 1:12:11 Claim
Jason Harper 23/06/19 Matlock CC a25/12 57:55
Steve Goodall 23/06/19 Matlock CC a25/12 1:01:16
Andrew Marshall 23/06/19 Matlock CC a25/12 1:08:36
Kevin White 23/06/19 Matlock CC a25/12
Kevin White 19/06/19 Peak RC (entries close 14/06/19) o17/c
Kevin White 12/06/19 Common Lane Occasionals (road bikes only) o12c
Joshua Williams 12/06/19 Common Lane Occasionals (road bikes only) o12c 44:14
Kevin White 09/06/19 Manchester Wheelers (Closing Date 31/05/19) j8/25 54:53
Eric Ruthenburg 04/06/19 Matlock CC (72" Medium Gear) a10/16
Chad Bean 04/06/19 Matlock CC a10/16 25:09
Chris Watts 04/06/19 Matlock CC a10/16 25:31
Richard Cordin 04/06/19 Matlock CC a10/16 DNF
Patrick Gould 04/06/19 Matlock CC a10/16 Claim
Jason Harper 04/06/19 Matlock CC a10/16 DNS
Kevin White 22/05/19 Rutland CC (60 riders max)(cheques payable to Joe Le Sage) o17/c 47:06
Patrick Gould 18/05/19 BDCA hosted by Stafford RC & Born to Bike (Men)(pref to BDCA & VTTA members) k48/10 21:29