Farnborough & Camberley CC 25

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  • Date: 13-Apr-13
  • Time: 00:00
  • Distance: 25 Miles
  • Course: unknown
  • Closing Date: 13-Apr-13 00:00
  • Categories:
    • Juvenile
    • Junior
    • Espoir
    • Senior
    • Veteran
    • Para

No Course Map

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Position Img First Name Last Name Gender Category Club Time Avg. Speed
1 J Stratton Male London Dynamo 54:19 27.616 Mph Claim
2 N Digby Male 56:10 26.707 Mph Claim
3 N Stagg Male 56:50 26.393 Mph Claim
4 C McLean Male Vet London Dynamo 57:36 26.042 Mph
5 A Spurden Male 57:39 26.019 Mph Claim
6 I White Male Farnham RC 57:56 25.892 Mph Claim
7 R Taylor Male 57:59 25.87 Mph Claim
8 P Williams Male 58:48 25.51 Mph Claim
9 G Bowell Male 59:37 25.161 Mph Claim
10 P Mahoney Male 59:48 25.084 Mph Claim
11 J Donohue Male Fareham Wheelers CC 59:59 25.007 Mph Claim
12 D Schwier Male Twickenham CC 1:00:12 24.917 Mph Claim
13 R Brooke Male 1:00:31 24.787 Mph Claim
14 M Winter Male Twickenham CC 1:00:43 24.705 Mph Claim
15 D Wong Min Male London Dynamo 1:00:48 24.671 Mph Claim
16 Pc Rowe Male 1:01:30 24.391 Mph Claim
17 N Atkins Male 1:01:52 24.246 Mph Claim
18 N McCormick Male Epsom CC 1:02:03 24.174 Mph Claim
19 D Twin Male 1:02:15 24.097 Mph Claim
20 A Godfrey Male Farnham RC 1:02:57 23.829 Mph Claim
21 S Holder Male PBscience.com 1:03:01 23.804 Mph Claim
22 P Robins Male Kingfisher Triathletes 1:03:05 23.778 Mph Claim
23 D Rich Male Fareham Wheelers CC 1:03:17 23.703 Mph Claim
24 M Godfrey Male Farnham RC 1:03:41 23.554 Mph Claim
25 M Cownley Male Norwood Paragon CC 1:03:55 23.468 Mph Claim
26 K Downie Male 1:04:08 23.389 Mph Claim
27 Mrs J Morris Male 1:04:38 23.208 Mph Claim
28 E Mustafa Male 1:05:08 23.03 Mph Claim
29 M Sanders Male Dulwich Paragon CC 1:06:09 22.676 Mph Claim
30 J Beaven Male Vet 1:06:54 22.422 Mph
31 P Batchelor Male 1:06:55 22.416 Mph Claim
32 B Smith Male North Hampshire RC 1:07:50 22.113 Mph Claim
33 Miss N White Male 1:08:48 21.803 Mph Claim
34 Miss J Bartlett Male 1:09:05 21.713 Mph Claim
35 Ms K Bircher Male 1:10:25 21.302 Mph Claim
36 M Golden Male ...a3crg 1:11:14 21.058 Mph Claim
37 J Froud Male 1:12:30 20.69 Mph Claim
38 Miss A Stedman Male 1:13:42 20.353 Mph Claim
39 Dj Lambert Male 1:14:18 20.189 Mph Claim
40 Ms U von Saldern Male Dulwich Paragon CC 1:14:38 20.098 Mph Claim
41 Mrs P Schwier Male Twickenham CC 1:23:04 18.058 Mph Claim
DNS S Martingale Male Sotonia CC Claim
DNS Aj Mayes Male Claim
DNS R Weatherstone Male GS Stella Claim
DNS D Welling Male Farnham RC Claim
DNS Miss J Wells Male Claim
DNS Mrs Hkg Millier Male Kingfisher Triathletes Claim
DNS P Ember Male Kingston Wheelers CC Claim
DNS A Emmott Male Fareham Wheelers CC Claim
DNS S Whitewick Male Claim
DNS T Day Male Bigfoot CC Claim
DNS A Ferry Male Bigfoot CC Claim
DNS Ms M Arthurs Male Redhill CC Claim
DNS E Renwick Male Oxford City RC Claim
DNS D Sharp Male Claim
DNS N Morris Male Didcot Phoenix CC Claim
DNS N Ford Male Fareham Wheelers CC Claim
DNS R Kober Male Hainault RC Claim
DNS J Thomas Male Epsom CC Claim
DNS A Caldwell Male Claim
DNS Mrs D Tinn Male Claim
DNS A Murray Male Claim
DNS E Boorman Male East Grinstead CC Claim
DNS St Davies Male Addiscombe CC Claim
DNS W Girvan Male North Hampshire RC Claim
DNS Oj Roberts Male PBscience.com Claim
DNS S Stowe Male Claim
DNS R Gilmour Male Claim
DNS D Pitt Male Claim
DNS J Asbridge Male Claim
DNS R Chapman Male Farnham RC Claim
DNS G Allan Male Claim
DNS M Gowan Male Claim
DNS J Tam Male Claim
DNS D Hanbury Male Sotonia CC Claim
DNS J Beer Male Kingston Phoenix RC Claim
DNS R Sherrin Male ...a3crg Claim
DNS P Holdsworth Male Claim
DNS J Horan Male South Downs Bikes / Casco Pet Claim
DNS T Icke Male Claim
DNS Mrs M Ayres Male Claim
DNS M Levett Male Kingfisher Triathletes Claim
DNS J Little Male Claim
DNS R Prebble Male Claim