newbury rc

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  • Date: 11-Jun-17
  • Time: 07:00
  • Distance: 12 Miles
  • Course: H12H/8
  • Closing Date: 30-May-17 23:59
  • Categories:
    • Juvenile
    • Junior
    • Espoir
    • Senior
    • Veteran
    • Para

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Position Img First Name Last Name Gender Category Club Distance Avg. Speed
1 Andy Jackson Male Vet SSLL Racing Team 300.21 Miles 25.018 Mph
2 Jonathan Shubert Male Senior Arctic Aircon RT 294.73 Miles 24.561 Mph
3 Michael Broadwith Male Senior Arctic Aircon RT 294.02 Miles 24.502 Mph
4 Tim Bayley Male Vet Arctic Aircon RT 284.04 Miles 23.67 Mph
5 Paul Jackson Male Vet Team Bottrill 278.87 Miles 23.239 Mph
6 Steve Ayres Male Senior Bronte Whs 277.99 Miles 23.166 Mph
7 Matthew Parfitt Male Senior Charlotteville Cycling Club 277.54 Miles 23.128 Mph
8 Robert Bullyment Male Vet Catford CC Ltd 276.18 Miles 23.015 Mph
9 Gregory Woodford Male Vet Reading CC 272.48 Miles 22.707 Mph
10 Nick Austin Male Vet Sotonia CC 271.34 Miles 22.611 Mph
11 Andy Warby Male Senior AeroCoach 271.33 Miles 22.611 Mph
12 Jasmijn Muller Female Senior Born to Bike - Bridgtown Cycles 269.10 Miles 22.425 Mph
13 Simon Healey Male Vet Andover Wheelers 268.31 Miles 22.359 Mph
14 Matthew Kimber Male Senior Essex Roads CC 259.37 Miles 21.614 Mph
15 Garry Drew Male Vet Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA 259.18 Miles 21.598 Mph
16 Nicolas Stagg Male Vet Hounslow & District Whs 258.34 Miles 21.529 Mph
17 Donald Field Male Vet Walsall Roads Cycling Club 249.08 Miles 20.757 Mph
18 Robert Taylor Male Senior Bec CC 241.71 Miles 20.142 Mph
19 Peter Baker Male Vet Lewes Wanderers CC 235.95 Miles 19.662 Mph
20 Hector Kidds Male Vet Dulwich Paragon CC 234.59 Miles 19.549 Mph
21 Kate Bradley Female Senior Didcot Phoenix CC 228.79 Miles 19.066 Mph
22 Nigel Briggs Male Vet South Pennine RC 228.47 Miles 19.039 Mph
23 David Walters Male Senior Ogmore Valley Wheelers 227.45 Miles 18.954 Mph
24 Suzanne Shaw Female Vet Kingston Phoenix RC 220.95 Miles 18.412 Mph
25 Malcolm Borg Male Vet West Suffolk Wheelers 214.04 Miles 17.836 Mph
26 Andrea Turner Female Vet Worcester St. Johns CC 207.30 Miles 17.275 Mph
27 Vernon Schutte Male Vet Farnborough & Camberley CC 202.70 Miles 16.892 Mph
28 Tom Rebhan Male Senior Plymouth Corinthian CC 199.58 Miles 16.631 Mph
29 Brian Hygate Male Vet Fareham Wheelers CC 188.23 Miles 15.685 Mph
30 Jane Moore Female Vet Willesden CC 183.66 Miles 15.305 Mph
DNF Chris Herbert Male Veloccino Squadra Donne Claim
DNF Martin Sigrist Male Vet Newbury RC
DNF Katja Rietdorf Female Vet Born to Bike - Bridgtown Cycles
DNF Gary Boyd Male Vet Hub Velo
DNF Bob Richards Male Vet Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA
DNF Michael Fountain Male Vet Didcot Phoenix CC
DNF Gerry McGarr Male Vet Gloucester City Cycling Club
DNF Alexander Kew Male Vet Kingston Phoenix RC
DNF Peter Harrison Male Senior AS Test Team
DNF John Forbes Male Vet Birkenhead North End CC
DNF Jill Wilkinson Female Vet Chester RC
DNF Tom Morris Male Senior Portsmouth North End CC
DNF Byron Buck Male Senior Derby Mercury R C
DNF Richard Bideau Male Vet Pendle Forest CC
DNF Virginia McGee Female Vet Charlotteville Cycling Club
DNS Andy Cook Male Vet Chippenham & District Wheelers
DNS Jack Schofield Male Congleton CC Claim
DNS Paul Dytham Male Senior Wessex Road Club
DNS Robin Vessey Male Vet Mickey Cranks Cycling Club