Sunderland Clarion CC (Silver Hills)

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  • Date: 27-Sep-20
  • Time: 09:00
  • Distance: 0
  • Course: MH4
  • Closing Date: 15-Sep-20 23:59
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Smith and Wilkinson victorious in Sunderland Clarion climb

  • Published: 27 Sep 20
  • Written By: Frazer Snowdon
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Matty Smith

Matty Smith (Muckle CC) and Sarah Wilkinson (Blaydon CC) were fastest male and female riders respectively as Sunderland Clarion staged their hill-climb at Silver Hills near Lamesley on Sunday.

Cold and blustery conditions made it almost as challenging for the timekeepers, particularly at the top of the two-mile exposed climb.

28 and from Ashington, Smith clocked a time of 7-52.2 to win by five seconds from team-mate Lee Cuthbertson (Muckle CC), with third being Tom Townsend (Vredestein Basso) who was another 1.6 seconds back.

Meanwhile 50-year-old Wilkinson from Chester-le-Street clocked 9-40.9 to win the women’s prize by more than a minute from 13-year-old Erin Boothman (East Kilbride CC) while Reifen Racing’s Lara Gosling was third.

“I’m really surprised with the result, but I’m super happy to finally get a hill climb win,” said Smith. “I have had a few podiums at hill climbs over the past couple of seasons but never felt I was anywhere near winning one.

Sarah Wilkinson

“It’s been a strange year with no road racing so I wasn’t sure where I’d be at coming into hill climb season.  It’s a nice surprise to get the win at my first hill climb this season.”

And Sarah said afterwards: “I am happy with the win, even with the reduced field compared to the previous races. It’s been great to see more ladies entering the hill climbs which is making it a good overall competition.

“I was a fair bit slower than last year partly due to the strong wind and also I feel like l need a few more races to be able to push myself harder. Looking forward to next weekend!”

Stephen Kerr won the Peter Foster Memorial Trophy for the fastest rider from the host club (Sunderland Clarion) with his time of 12:57.7.

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Pos       Name    Club     Cat       Time

1          Matty Smith      Muckle Cycle Club         Senior   7:25.2

2          Lee Cuthbertson Muckle Cycle Club         Senior   7:30.2

3          Tom Townsend  Vredestein Basso            Espoir   7:31.8

4          Colin Atkinson   Muckle Cycle Club         Vet       7:35.8

5          Nick Spencer     Blumilk.Com     Vet       7:46.2

6          Jacob Anderson  South Shields Velo Cycling Club  Senior   7:47.3

7          Adam Martin     Newcastle Cheviot CC    Senior   7:47.9

8          Tony Fawcett     Newcastle Cheviot CC    Vet       8:02.4

9          Rafe Williams    Team Bikestop Tyrekey  Senior   8:05.5

10         Nick Munro       Royal Air Force Cycling Association        Senior   8:08.3

11         Wilson-Jay Brown          PM Racing UK  Senior   8:15.7

12         Chris Burns       Reifen Racing    Senior   8:17.2

13         Matthew Williams          Muckle Cycle Club         Senior   8:21.7

14         Josh Reid           Gosforth RC      Senior   8:22.6

15         Joe Stringer       Muckle Cycle Club         Senior   8:31.5

16         Graeme Kirton   South Shields Velo Cycling Club  Vet       8:35.5

17         Noel Stoddart    Blaydon CC       Vet       8:37.4

18         Simon Gibbs      Reifen Racing    Vet       8:40.4

19         Ben Wilkinson   Muckle Cycle Club         Senior   8:44.0

20         Joe Reed            Muckle Cycle Club         Senior   8:45.8

21         Guillaume Zoppi North Tyneside Riders CC           Vet       8:51.6

22         Colin Ash          Reifen Racing    Vet       8:57.8

23         Michael Noble   Muckle Cycle Club         Senior   9:01.6

24         Brendan McMillan          Tyne & Wear Fire & Rescue Service CC   Senior   9:02.1

25         Craig Berry       Reifen Racing    Vet       9:03.3

26         Euan Dinning     Gosforth RC      Juvenile 9:04.5

27         Peter Stokoe      Reifen Racing    Senior   9:05.0

28         Ian Gallon         North Tyneside Riders CC           Vet       9:05.4

29         Daryl Oguona    Tyne & Wear Fire & Rescue Service CC   Vet       9:06.3

30         Brian Johnson    Reifen Racing    Vet       9:07.0

31         Barry Fordham   Cestria C.C.       Vet       9:10.4

32         Hal Kennedy      North Tyneside Riders CC           Juvenile 9:30.5

33         Scot Whitfield    Blaydon CC       Senior   9:31.9

34         Sarah Wilkinson Blaydon CC       Vet       9:40.9

35         Jeff Haywood    Tyne & Wear Fire & Rescue Service CC   Vet       9:55.6

36         David Goodwin  Newcastle Cheviot CC    Vet       10:04.3

37         Ben Scott          Racing Metro 15 Juvenile 10:24.5

38         Ronnie Batey     Derwentside CC Vet       10:25.1

39         Michael Trow    Blaydon CC       Vet       10:26.1

40         David Linsley    Tyne & Wear Fire & Rescue Service CC   Vet       10:27.4

41         Erin Boothman   East Kilbride Road Club  Juvenile 10:44.4

42         Scott Robertson  Tyne & Wear Fire & Rescue Service CC   Senior   11:04.6

43         Lara Gosling      Reifen Racing    Vet       11:05.5

44         Angela McGurk Blaydon CC       Senior   11:10.7

45         Richard Kirby    Tyne & Wear Fire & Rescue Service CC   Vet       11:19.2

46         Natalie Batey     Tyne & Wear Fire & Rescue Service CC   Senior   11:20.5

47         Barry Holyoak   South Shields Velo Cycling Club  Vet       11:44.3

48         Mick Chappel    North Tyneside Riders CC           Vet       11:47.6

49         Alan Snaith       Derwentside CC Vet       11:55.8

50         Ronan Holloran  Army Cycling    Vet       12:21.6

51         Ross Herring     Tyne & Wear Fire & Rescue Service CC   Senior   12:29.2

52         Stephen Kerr     Sunderland Clarion         Vet       12:57.7

53         Joe McMillan     Blaydon CC       Vet       13:15.5

54         Lee Charlton      Newcastle Cheviot CC    Vet       14:03.9

55         Frank Devlin      South Shields Velo Cycling Club  Vet       14:06.7

56         Mick Quinn       Tyne & Wear Fire & Rescue Service CC   Vet       15:08.1

57         Christopher Anderson     Sunderland Clarion         Vet       16:52.7

            Theodor Obholzer          Durham University Cycling Club Espoir   APOLS

            Paul Waggott     Racing Metro 15 Vet       APOLS

            Zac Batey          Derwentside CC Juvenile APOLS

            Peter Hawkins    Muckle Cycle Club         Senior   APOLS

            Daniel Holmes   Derwentside CC Junior   APOLS

            Paul Hague        Gosforth RC      Vet       APOLS

            Harry Snaith      Derwentside CC Juvenile APOLS

            Christopher Wilcock       Muckle Cycle Club         Senior   APOLS

            Lee Statham       Houghton CC     Vet       APOLS

            Grace Inglis       Muckle Cycle Club         Senior   APOLS

            Colin Blacklock Muckle Cycle Club         Vet       APOLS

            Grace Castle      Mountain Goat Performance Cycle Coaching         Junior   APOLS

            Kieron Mutch     Racing Metro 15 Junior   APOLS

            Sophie Mutch     Racing Metro 15 Espoir   APOLS

            Joanna Blackburn           Cheshire Maverick Cycle Club     Senior   DNS

            Sandy Cheung    Reifen Racing    Vet       DNS