Hemel Hempstead CC

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  • Date: 23-Jun-19
  • Time: 07:00
  • Distance: 25 Miles
  • Course: F13/25
  • Closing Date: 11-Jun-19 23:59
  • Categories:
    • Juvenile
    • Junior
    • Espoir
    • Senior
    • Veteran
    • Para

Clark and Robertson dominate in Oxfordshire

  • Published: 23 Jun 19
  • Written By: Frazer Snowdon
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Emily Robertson

George Clark and Emily Robertson powered to victory at the Hemel Hempstead CC 25-mile time trial which took place near Launton in Oxfordshire on Sunday morning.

Robertson (NOPINZ) put in an excellent display of riding as she finished with a time of 57-57 to set a new women’s course record and achieve an eighth place overall finish.

This victory was her second of the month as she also topped the podium at the Bossard Wheelers CC 25 on the second of June.

In 2014 Robertson achieved a second place finish at the National 50-Mile Championship and a third place finish at the National 25-mile Championship.

George Clark (Catford CC) topped the overall standings and also picked up the best young rider award after an impressive run of 52-24.

This was the 21-year-old’s first victory on record with his previous best result being the third place finish at the High Wycombe CC 25 in 2016.

Peter Lawrence (High Wycombe CC) finished with a time of 53-05 to claim the second step on the podium and also finish as the best veteran overall.

Lawrence last achieved a podium finish at the Bossard Wheelers CC at the start of the month. He will be hoping to continue his good form over the coming weeks.

Adam Robertson (University of Bath CC) completed the top three after he finished his run with a time of 53-19.

Robertson adds this podium finish to the 15th place he achieved at the RTTC National Circuit Championships earlier this month.

The fastest tandem pairing was Richard May and David Shannon (Islington CC) who finished their run with a time of 59-55 respectively.

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Pos   Name  Club  Cat   Time

Solo Event                   

1     George Clark      Catford CC  Esp   0:52:24

2     Peter Lawrence    High Wycombe CC   V     0:53:05

3     Adam Robertson    University of Bath Cycling Club     Esp   0:53:19

4     Tim Beaven  Bicester Millennium CC  V     0:54:34

5     Sam Wightman      Chelmer CC  V     0:55:48

6     Andrew Bradley    Hemel Hempstead CC      V     0:56:01

7     Andy Court  Bicester Millennium CC  V     0:57:09

8     Emily Robertson   NOPINZ      WS    0:57:57

8     James Moss  North Road CC     V     0:58:04

10    Richard Boley     Hemel Hempstead CC      V     0:59:28

11    Mark Glendinning  Cowley Road Condors CC  V     0:59:42

12    Ian Markham Chronos RT  V     1:00:14

13    Stan Nwaka  Verulam Really Moving   V     1:00:56

14    Alan Crane  Chronos RT  V     1:01:29

=15   Dave Johnson      VC 10 V     1:01:32

=15   Helen Reynolds    Hemel Hempstead CC      WV    1:01:32

=15   Toby Maloy  Team Signum S     1:01:32

18    Derek Dowdeswell  Gloucester City Cycling Club  V     1:01:41

19    Lee Heron   Banbury Star Cyclists' Club   V     1:02:06

20    Nick Hickman      Team Salesengine.co.uk  V     1:02:13

21    Trevor Hook Team Milton Keynes      V     1:02:15

22    Simon Powell      Redhill CC  V     1:02:17

23    Nick Mccormick    Epsom CC    V     1:02:36

24    Tim Seddon  G.S. Henley V     1:03:15

25    David Dyer  Cowley Road Condors CC  V     1:03:46

26    Lindsay Scott     Northants Tri Club      WS    1:04:40

27    Lenka Vackova     Rapha Cycling Club      WS    1:05:10

28    Debbie Honour     VC 10 WV    1:05:14

29    Peter Redshaw     CC London   V     1:08:07

30    Mark Pankhurst    Hemel Hempstead CC      V     1:08:37

31    Samantha Messenger      Bicester Millennium CC  WV    1:08:59

32    Michael Bannister Chronos RT  V     1:09:02

33    Stephen Messenger       Bicester Millennium CC  V     1:09:04

34    Allison Kaye      Verulam CC  WV    1:09:55

35    Debbie Knott      Team Velovelocity WV    1:20:25

      Graham Pepperdine Verulam CC        DNF

      Chris Symonds     North Road CC           DNS-A

      Bruno Cabrelli    Hemel Hempstead CC            DNS-A

      Luke Clarke TMG Horizon Cycling Team            DNS-A

      Paul Sexton CC Breckland            DNS-A

      Adam Fisher Cambridge CC            DNS


Tandem Event                       

Pos   Name  Club  Cat   Time

1     Richard May Islington Cycling Club  V     0:59:55

      David Shannon     Islington Cycling Club  V    

2     Brian Foran Lampard RC  V     1:06:13

      Nikki Hunt  VTTA (L&HC) WV   

-     Richard Moule     Bossard Whs   (riding solo)   V     1:06:13

      Joanna Spragg     Bossard Whs WV    DNS-A