Sotonia CC (STTS)

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  • Date: 18-May-19
  • Time: 14:00
  • Distance: 10 Miles
  • Course: P164
  • Closing Date: 07-May-19 23:59
  • Categories:
    • Juvenile
    • Junior
    • Espoir
    • Senior
    • Veteran
    • Para

Buckley and Murray victorious in Hampshire

  • Published: 19 May 19
  • Written By: Frazer Snowdon
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Christina Murray

Christina Murray and Matthew Buckley were the fastest male and female riders respectively at the Sotonia CC 10-mile time trial that took place near Lyndhurst on Saturday afternoon.

Buckley (Andover Wheelers) clocked a time of 20-58 to set the fastest time by a rider that day.

The Andover Wheelers rider was last victorious at the Reading CC 10 in July of last season and will be hoping to continue his winning form over the coming weeks. The 27-year-old is next due to ride at the Wessex Road Club 50 next weekend.

Second place was claimed by James Fox (Velo Club Venta) who finished his run with a time of 21-13 to take a share of the prize money.

This was Fox’s first podium finish since 2017, when he finished second at the Antelope RT 10. He is next set to ride at the North Hampshire RC 10 next weekend.

Anthony Green (New Forest CC) was the man to finish in third, after he clocked a time of 21-24.

Matthew Buckley

Christina Murray (Army Cycling) clocked a time of 23-11 to claim the prize for fastest female.

Murray adds this victory to the one she achieved last weekend at the Andover Wheelers 25 and will be looking to continue her fine form over the coming weeks, as she is set to ride the National Circuit Championship on the ninth of June.

Time trialling legend Julia Shaw (DRAG2ZERO) wasn’t far behind Murray after she finished her run with a time of 23-23 to finish second in the women’s category.

The 53-year-old Drag2zero rider’s personal best time of 19-47 is still the fifth fastest time ever over ten miles.

This was the first time an open time trial has been held on the popular P164 course in the New Forest. Conditions generally were good but there was a heavy shower which hit the start area early on and caused a few non-starters. However, just a few hundred yards down the road the surface was dry!

In other categories the team prize was unusually a dead heat between VC St Raphael and New Forest CC.

The tandem event attracted a large field, with both being run as a charity event as part of the Tandem Tart Challenge Weekend. Sotonia CC member Mary Corbett’s efforts in raising funds for ME research have seen her raise more than £10,000 in the last three years.

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Pos  NameClub   Gender     Category   Time

1    Matthew    Buckley    Andover Wheelers     Male Senior     20.58

2    James Fox  Velo Club Venta Male Senior     21.13

3    Antony     Green New Forest CC   Male Veteran    21.24

4    Frank Kilsby     Velo Club St Raphael Male Senior     21.28

5    Bryce Dyer AeroCoach  Male Veteran    21.45

6    James Fawcett    ...a3crg   Male Veteran    21.51

7    Simon Berogna    Velo Club St Raphael Male Veteran    21.57

8    Ian  Patterson  Utag RT    Male Veteran    22.04

9    Dave Dent GS Stella  Male Veteran    22.14

10   Ray  Claridge   New Forest CC   Male Veteran    22.51

11   Nigel Sign Fareham Wheelers CC  Male Veteran    23.04

12   Drew Hosie ...a3crg   Male Veteran    23.06

13   Gregory    Stacey     North Devon Wheelers Male Veteran    23.08

14   David Butt CC Weymouth     Male Veteran    23.08

15   Thomas     Epton University of Southampton RC    Male Espoir     23.08

16   Christina  Murray     Army Cycling    Female     Veteran    23.11

17   Julia Shaw DRAG2ZERO  Female     Veteran    23.23

18   Stuart     Peckham    New Forest CC   Male Veteran    23.28

19   Simon West Andover Wheelers     Male Veteran    23.55

20   Martin     Beale Velo Club St Raphael Male Veteran    23.58

21   Richard    Wyeth Tornado Road Cycling Club  Male Veteran    24.03

22   Sarah Matthews   ...a3crg   Female     Veteran    24.11

23   Jon  Dudley     Sotonia CC Male Veteran    24.14

24   Jerry Bromyard   ...a3crg   Male Veteran    24.24

25   Ian  Turner     Tornado Road Cycling Club  Male Veteran    24.32

26   Pete Wilson     Bournemouth Arrow CC Male Veteran    24.47

27   Terry      Icke CC Weymouth     Male Veteran    25.09

28   Mark Hill Fareham Wheelers CC  Male Veteran    25.12

29   Stuart     Grace GA Cycles  Male Veteran    25.17

30   Mike Boyce ...a3crg   Male Veteran    25.21

31   Stephen    Skinner    Velo Club St Raphael Male Veteran    25.27

32   Emily Slavin     Avid Sport Female     Senior     25.47

33   Ruben Stacey     North Devon Wheelers Male Juvenile   25.49

34   Ian  Hayden     Tornado Road Cycling Club  Male Veteran    25.51

35   Adrian     Watkins    Tornado Road Cycling Club  Male Veteran    25.59

36   Jonathan   Legg Sotonia CC Male Veteran    26.1

37   Neil Dyble Bournemouth Arrow CC Male Veteran    26.11

38   Michelle   Walter     Bournemouth Arrow CC Female     Veteran    26.4

39   Sien Van Der Plank   University of Southampton RC    Female     Senior     26.43

40   Emma Needham    Poole Whs  Female     Senior     27.19

41   Chris Summers    Sotonia CC Male Veteran    27.44

42   Martin     Balk 3C Cyclexperience    Male Veteran    28.13

43   Catherine  Pascoe     New Forest CC   Female     Veteran    29.21

44   Ken  Rayson     ...a3crg   Male Veteran    29.54

45   William    Simmons    Christchurch Bicycle Club  Male Veteran    26.50




Position    NameClub    Gender      Cat   Time

1     Louisa      Cooper      Bournemouth Jubilee Whs Female      Senior      21.44

1     Andrew      Cooper      Bournemouth Jubilee Whs Male  Veteran     21.44

2     Phil  Wilks Sotonia CC  Male  Senior      23.24

2     Gemma Wilks Sotonia CC  Female      Senior      23.24

3     Nick  Adnitt      Andover Wheelers  Male  Veteran     23.47

3     Pete  Harris      Andover Wheelers  Male  Veteran     23.47

4     Simon Hall  Crabwood CC Male  Veteran     24.39

4     Alex  Hall  Andover Wheelers  Male  Espoir      24.39

5     John  Tunney      Crabwood CC Male  Veteran     25.59

5     Brian Coupe Crabwood CC Male  Veteran     25.59

6     Michael     Bradban     Sotonia CC  Male  Veteran     26.16

6     Trevor      West  Andover Wheelers  Male  Veteran     26.16

7     Martin      Dickson     Darkroom Espresso Cycling Club      Male  Veteran     26.31

7     Mary  Corbett     Sotonia CC  Female      Veteran     26.31

8     Patrick     Lafford     Crabwood CC Male  Veteran     27.43

8     Helen Lafford     Crabwood CC Female      Veteran     27.43

9     Nick  Wisby Sotonia CC  Male  Veteran     27.58

9     John  Radford     Sotonia CC  Male  Veteran     27.58

10    Norman      Harvey      Sotonia CC  Male  Veteran     28.21

10    Julia Baker-beall Sotonia CC  Female      Veteran     28.21

11    Nigel Hughes      Fareham Wheelers CC     Male  Veteran     28.32

11    Maria Hughes      Fareham Wheelers CC     Female      Veteran     28.32

12    Michael     Rice  Farnham RC  Male  Veteran     29.39

12    Deana Rice  Farnham RC  Female      Veteran     29.39

13    Steve Walker      Leamington C & AC Male  Veteran     30.10

13    Christine   Walker      Leamington C & AC Female      Veteran     30.10

14    Stuart      Martingale  Sotonia CC  Male  Veteran     30.23

14    Skye  Martingale  Sotonia CC  Female      Juvenile    30.23

15    Bob   Bending     Tandem Club Male  Veteran     33.24

15    Karon Bending     Tandem Club Female      Veteran     33.24