Medway Velo Club (max 120 machines)

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  • Date: 18-May-19
  • Time: 15:00
  • Distance: 10 Miles
  • Course: q10/24
  • Closing Date: 07-May-19 23:59
  • Categories:
    • Juvenile
    • Junior
    • Espoir
    • Senior
    • Veteran
    • Para

Lewis and Fennell top the podium in Kent

  • Published: 19 May 19
  • Written By: Frazer Snowdon
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Chris Fennell

Course records fell in both the men’s and women’s categories as Chris Fennell and Emma Lewis flew around the 10-mile course at the Medway Velo 10 near Grain in Kent on Saturday morning.

Fennell (The Independent Pedaler) clocked a time of 18-56 to break the course record and top the podium in his first event of the weekend, with the rider due to compete in the De Laune CC 25 on Sunday.

The time trialling ace was last victorious at the Sydenham Wheelers 10 the week before and also topped the podium at the Wigmore CC 10 prior to that.

Emma Lewis (The Independent Pedaler) also broke the course record in the women’s category as she finished her run with a time of 21-19 to claim the top prize.

Lewis is in fine form of late, last being victorious at the Wigmore CC 10 at the start of the month. She will be hoping to continue her good form over the remainder of the weekend as she is also due to ride in the De Laune 25 on Sunday.

The second spot on the podium was clinched by Neil Lauder (Arctic Tacx RT) who finished his run with a time of 19-57.

Lauder was last victorious at the Catford CC 10 in April and has since achieved numerous second placed finishes.

Chris’s brother Nicholas Fennell was the man to finish in third, after he finished his run with a time of 20-36.

The out and back course saw the riders start and finish just outside Grain on the B2001. They then made their way along a narrow and windy route, passing through Middle Stoke before making a turn at Fenn Street roundabout and heading back along the same route to the finish.

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Pos      Name               Club    Cat      Time

1          Christopher     Fennell            The Independent Pedaler        Senior  18:56

2          Neil     Lauder Arctic Tacx RT           Senior  19:57

3          Nicholas            Fennell            Thanet RC       Senior  20:36

4          Kevin  Tye Aerosmiths            V57     20:40

5          Emma  Lewis  The Independent Pedaler        Female Senior 21:19

6          Jon       Puleston-jones Dulwich Paragon CC  V47     21:22

7          Martin Jones   Colour Tech RT          V48     21:29

8          Mark    Hill Aerosmiths            V51     21:46

9          Mark    Baker   Abellio - SFA Racing Team    V45     22:09

10        Fabien Large   NOPINZ         Junior  22:13

11        Mark    Newton           Elite Cycling   V52     22:27

12        Pete     Elms    Colour Tech RT          V51     22:30

13        Anthony          Bee      Wigmore CC   V55     22:34

14        Lee      Kingston         Medway Velo Club    V44     22:35

15        Rob     Milnes Thanet RC       Senior  22:36

16        Michael           Porter  34 Nomads CC           V52     22:44

17        Gary    Pullen  Folkestone Velo Club V48     22:51

18        Paul     Smith Aerosmiths            V47     22:51

19        Garyÿ  Grayland         CC Bexley      V54     22:53

20        Dave    Stocker            Abellio - SFA Racing Team    V54     22:59

21        Helen   Mckay Les Filles Racing Team           FV41   23:01

22        Stephen           Wilkinson        Folkestone Velo Club V53     23:02

23        Simon  Henderson       Thanet RC       V56     23:08

24        Jeremy Parker  Metropolitan Police Cycle Club          V50     23:09

25        Richard           Birtwhistle      Sydenham Whs           V63     23:13

26        Nick    Elson   Wildcats CC   Senior  23:13

27        Lawrence        Martin Thanet RC       V60     23:36

28        Tom     Morton            PMR    V64     23:47

29        Martin Foord  Abellio - SFA Racing Team    V56     23:50

30        Mark    Wright Rye & District Wheelers CC  V50     23:57

31        David  Churchill         Direct Power Cycling Team    V60     24:00

32        Lee      Turner  Sigma Sports   V50     24:10

33        Tom     Knight Medway Velo Club    V41     24:23

34        Colin   Robinson         Thanet RC       V52     24:32

35        Marcus            Boret   Abellio - SFA Racing Team    V53     24:39

36        Matthew          Hall     Thanet RC       Senior  24:42

37        John     McGlashan      Redmon CC    V67     25:02

38        Fraser  Blandford       Medway Velo Club    V49     25:24

39        Micheal           Coulter            Gravesend CC            V71     25:50

40        Sophie Driscoll            Thanet RC       Female Espoir 26:22

41        Mark    Mason Direct Power Cycling Team    V53     26:26

42        Gary    Ricks   Woolwich CC V61     26:40

43        Mick    James   Kassei CC TeknoFuel V62     26:42

44        Natasha           Jarman Southborough & Dist. Whs    Female Senior 26:43

45        Daniel  Berkhauer        Direct Power Cycling Team    Senior  26:46

46        Paulÿ   Kelk    Thanet RC       V52     26:46

47        Debbie Percival           Kent Velo Girls/Boys FV57   26:47

48        Eva      Nyirenda         ...a3crg            Female Senior 26:48

49        Simon  Charles            Thanet RC       V49     26:49

50        Sally    Smith   Medway Velo Club    Female Senior 27:00

51        Martin Yardley           Southborough & Dist. Whs    V53     27:35

52        Michael           Stanley            Medway Velo Club    V47     27:36

53        Graham           Strugnell          Kassei CC TeknoFuel V71     28:08

54        Malcolm          Adams De Laune CC  V80     28:39

55        Michael           Daniels            Southborough & Dist. Whs    V84     33:25

56        Doug   Finch   Southborough & Dist. Whs    V68     34:27

57        Stephanie        Hopcraft          San Fairy Ann CC      Female Senior 36:32

58        Charmaine       Pullen  Folkestone Velo Club FV49   DNF

59        Scott    Lewis  Manchester and District Time Trialsÿ Association     V54     DNS

60        Steven Waite   Medway Velo Club    V46     DNS-A

61        Steve   Jezzard            PMR    V56     DNS-A

62        Hugh   Williams          Pro Vision Cycle Clothingÿ    V51     DNS

63        Kamran           Ezel     Southgate CC Senior  DNS

64        Oliver  Robinson         Team Wiggins Espoir  DNS-A

65        Grant   Cousins           Thanet RC       Senior  DNS

66        Garfield           Hall     Woolwich CC V59     DNS