API-METROW (cheques to C Worsfold)

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  • Date: 08-Jul-18
  • Time: 08:00
  • Distance: 25 Miles
  • Course: B25/52
  • Closing Date: 26-Jun-18 23:59
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    • Juvenile
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    • Espoir
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Rix wins memorial time trial

  • Published: 08 Jul 18
  • Written By: Frazer Snowdon
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James Rix emerged as the fastest rider at the 25-mile API Metrow event held in Boxford in Suffolk on Sunday, setting a time of 53.40.

The veteran was comfortably the quickest with second-placed rider, 3T Racing’s David Crisp completing in 58.17.

Adrian Pettitt was third in a time of 59.08 and he led Stowmarket & District to the team prize with Nicola Powell’s 1:11.12 and Emma Taylor’s 1:13.48 combining for the winning time of 3:24.08.

Anna Dearing was the fastest woman on the day, the Chelmer CC rider clocking a time of 1:03.39 to finish eighth overall.

This was the first time this course had been used for the event with the previous course becoming too heavy with traffic.

Race organisers describe it as a “lumpy, old fashioned course” with hills and bends. It was very warm on the day with no wind.

It is a memorial event for Zak Carr, a former 12-hour champion who broke 29 competition records, some of which still stand today despite him passing away 13 years ago.

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1. James Rix (Team Bottrill) 53.40

2. David Crisp (3T Racing) 58.17

3. Adrian Pettitt (Stowmarket & District) 59.08

4. Antony Birt (Team Bottrill) 59.20

5. Simon Daw (Velo Schils) 59.39

6. Athony Stapleton (Chelmer CC) 1:01.19

7. James Rush (CC Sudbury) 1:02.30

8. Anna Dearing (Chelmer CC) 1:03.39

9. Andy Kennedy (Ipswich BC) 1:03.48

10. Den Foster (3T Racing) 1:03.50

Team: Stowmarket & District Nicola Powell 1:11.12, Emma Taylor 1:13.48