Norwich ABC

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  • Date: 08-Sep-18
  • Time: 14:00
  • Distance: 10 Miles
  • Course: b10/43
  • Closing Date: 28-Aug-18 23:59
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    • Juvenile
    • Junior
    • Espoir
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Partridge and Smith victorious in Norwich ABC 10

  • Published: 09 Sep 18
  • Written By: Frazer Snowdon
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Jan Smith and Nick Partridge clinched victory in the Norwich ABC 10-mile time trial on a course near Bungay on Saturday afternoon.

Smith (Great Yarmouth CC) clocked a time of 24-38 to post the fastest time by a woman that day. The 52-year-old veteran performed well on the out-and-back course, navigating the inclines and declines well.

The course took the riders along the A143, starting near Wortwell before turning at Bungay and heading back along the same road to the finish.

Nick Partridge (Plomesgate CC) was the fastest on the day clocking a time of 20-58 to top the podium. The 39-year-old rider clinched victory in Norfolk by a margin of 28 seconds.

Lucas He (VC Baracchi) claimed the second spot on the podium with a good performance. The 18-year-old finished his run with a time of 21-26. The junior rider rode well to narrowly claim second place with an advantage of only five seconds.

Simon Scott (Anglia Velo) took the final spot on the podium with a time of 21-31. The 41-year-old narrow clinched the third position with a time one second faster than that of the man in fourth. John Bradbury (CC Sudbury), who was also the fastest veteran clocked a time of 21-32.

VC Baracchi were the fastest team on the day finishing with a combined time of 1-06-02 and had all three of their riders finish in the top ten.

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1. Nick Partridge (Plomesgate CC)    20.58

2. Lucas He (VC Baracchi)     21.26

3. Simon Scott (Anglia Velo)             21.31

4. John Bradbury (CC Sudbury)         21.32

5. Stuart Weatherley (TPH Racing)    21.39

6. Paul Hayward (VC Baracchi)        22-05

7. Gavin Lewis (Velo Schils RT)        22.14

8. Graham Denny (North Norfolk Wheelers)             22.24

9. Paul Dennington (VC Baracchi)     22.31

10. Ed Dean (Norwich ABC)             22.39

Women: Jan Smith (Great Yarmouth CC)      24.38

Veterans: John Bradbury

Team: VC Baracchi     1.06.02