Cramlington CC (N&DCA Championship)

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  • Date: 19-May-18
  • Time: 08:00
  • Distance: 10 Miles
  • Course: m101
  • Closing Date: 08-May-18 23:59
  • Categories:
    • Juvenile
    • Junior
    • Espoir
    • Senior
    • Veteran
    • Para

Adam Wild breaks course record in Northumberland

  • Published: 20 May 18
  • Written By: Frazer Snowdon
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Adam Wild

Adam Wild (GS Metro) set a new course record for the M101 in Northumberland, whilst Kerry Gowland (Houghton CC) finished top female in Saturday’s Cramlington CC 10-mile time trial.

Wild narrowly missed out on his own recorded personal best over 10 miles, but managed to break the course record in Northumberland en route to an impressive win in Northumberland & Durham Cycling Association’s 10-mile Championship.

The GS Metro rider stopped the clock a second shy of 19 minutes, clocking 18-59 to take his third open win of the season and second in as many races after winning last week’s Tyneside Vagabonds CC 40.

Kerry Gowland

Wild made the most of what was called a “perfect morning for racing” by the event organisers, with sunny conditions and very little wind helping riders post quick times.

Harry Walker (Revolver Racing) recorded his first ride of over 30mph on a north east course with 19-31, but it still wasn’t enough to bridge the gap to Wild as he finished second in a hotly-contested race. He eventually finishing three seconds ahead of GS Metro team-mates Dan Meggison and Ross Walton who both rode a time of 19-34.

Walker finished second in his last outing in the Hartlepool CC 10 last weekend and this result means he is still searching for his first win of the season despite a string of podium finishes.

GS Metro had an impressive day as their riders littered the major placings – Dan Meggison and Ross Walton followed up team-mate Wild’s heroics with a joint third finish for the pair.

Adam Jarps

Meggison and Walton both clocked a time of 19-34 to share the last step of the podium, only missing out on making it a 1-2 finish for the GS Metro team by a few seconds.

Kerry Gowland (Houghton CC) was on top in the women’s category as she finished comfortably ahead of Blaydon CC pair Gemma Hutchins and Angela McGurk.

Gowland has been in good form this season, last winning in the Ferryhill 10 in April. Her time of 22-40 powered her to victory by an impressive margin of 1-18.

The in-form Team Bottrill rider Adam Jarps was on hand to produce another solid display with the 18-year-old taking the prize for top junior, powering his way around the coastal course in 19-49.

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1     Adam  Wild        GS Metro    Male  Espoir      18:59

2     Harry Walker      Team Swift  Male  Veteran     19:31

3     Dan   Meggison    GS Metro    Male  Senior      19:34

3     Ross  Walton      GS Metro    Male  Senior      19:34

5     Liam  Beaty       Hawick Cycling Club    Male  Senior      19:45

6     Adam  Jarps       Team Bottrill / Vanguard     Male  Junior      19:49

7     Thomas      Hutchinson  Tyneside Vagabonds CC  Male  Senior      20:02

8     Thomas      Gilbert     Team Newcastle Triathlon     Male  Senior      20:10

9     Justin      Ramel Blaydon CC  Male  Veteran     20:12

10    Nick  Badcock     Allen Valley Velo Male  Senior      20:16

11    Nev   Martin      GS Metro    Male  Veteran     20:18

12    David Beattie     Hawick Cycling Club    Male  Senior      20:20

13    Steven      Craggs      Blaydon CC  Male  Senior      20:25

14    Julian      MacBride    Blaydon CC  Male  Senior      20:27

15    Darren      Williamson  Muckle Cycle Club Male  Veteran     20:28

16    Craig Haslam      Muckle Cycle Club Male  Veteran     20:29

17    Stewart     Burke Team Andrew Allan Architecture     Male  Senior      20:30

18    Neil  Pendrich    SVTTA Male  Veteran     20:34

18    Ben   Lane  GS Metro    Male  Veteran     20:34

20    Russell     McLean      Beacon Wheelers  Male  Senior      20:35

21    David       Burgher     Kelso Wheelers Cycling Club Male  Veteran     20:41

22    Craig Fenwick     Team Swift  Male  Veteran     20:48

23    Shaun Tyson Adept Cycling    Male  Veteran     20:49

24    Mark  Robertson   Army Cycling Union     Male  Senior      20:53

24    Harry Armstrong   Berwick Wheelers Cycling Club      Male  Veteran     20:53

26    Ian   Norris Male  Veteran     20:55

27    chris mather      Derwentside CC   Male  Veteran     21:09

28    Ross  Gray  Allen Valley Velo Male  Senior      21:10

28    Colin Atkinson    Muckle Cycle Club Male  Veteran     21:10

30    Colin Humphrey    Houghton CC Male  Veteran     21:16

31    Ali   Bailey      GS Metro    Male  Senior      21:18

32    russ  richardson  Teesdale CRC     Male  Veteran     21:23

33    Steven      Fullerton   Darlington Cycling Club      Male  Veteran     21:24

33    John  Routledge   Barnesbury CC    Male  Senior      21:24

35    Adam  Wilson      Cramlington CC   Male  Senior      21:26

35    greg  charlton    Muckle Cycle Club Male  Veteran     21:26

37    Kevin Hall  Sunderland Clarion     Male  Veteran     21:31

38    Gregor      Sharp Hawick Cycling Club    Male  Veteran     21:37

39    Philip      KENNELL     Gosforth RC Male  Veteran     21:39

40    Peter Herdman     Blaydon CC  Male  Veteran     21:42

40    Steven      Walker      Hawick Cycling Club    Male  Senior      21:42

42    Mark  Tully Sunderland Clarion     Male  Senior      21:49

43    Mark  Herbert     Derwentside CC   Male  Veteran     21:50

44    Brian Ward  Team Profound SB Male  Senior      21:51

45    phil  Watson      Hadrian R.T Male  Veteran     21:54

45    Shaun Wilkinson   Muckle Cycle Club Male  Senior      21:54

47    Roger Clarke      Tyneside Vagabonds CC  Male  Veteran     22:05

48    Mark  Breeze      Breeze Bikes RT  Male  Veteran     22:07

48    James Meadows     Cleveland Wheelers CC  Male  Senior      22:07

50    Neil  Wilkinson   Cestria C.C.     Male  Veteran     22:12

51    Lee   Statham     Houghton CC Male  Veteran     22:14

51    Sean  Kennedy     North Tyneside Riders CC     Male  Senior      22:14

53    Simon Emsley      Derwentside CC   Male  Veteran     22:20

54    ian   elliot      Hawick Cycling Club    Male  Veteran     22:25

55    Paul  Rider Tyneside Vagabonds CC  Male  Veteran     22:27

56    Tom   Guy   Sunderland Clarion     Male  Veteran     22:28

56    Mark  Whaley      Blaydon CC  Male  Veteran     22:28

58    David Symes Blaydon CC  Male  Veteran     22:31

58    Shaun Brannan     Muckle Cycle Club Male  Senior      22:31

60    keith davison     Hadrian R.T Male  Veteran     22:36

61    Paul  Wright      Blaydon CC  Male  Senior      22:38

62    Jock  Bolam Breeze Bikes RT  Male  Veteran     22:39

63    Kerry Gowland     Houghton CC Female      Veteran     22:40

64    Jamie Ruddell     Houghton CC Male  Senior      22:46

64    Kyle  Spenc Tyneside Vagabonds CC  Male  Senior      22:46

66    Mrtin Rasmussen   Tyneside Vagabonds CC  Male  Veteran     22:48

67    Stephen     Locker      VO2MAX Race Team Male  Veteran     22:50

68    Rick  Mitford     Cestria C.C.     Male  Veteran     22:51

69    Adam  Harrison    Barnesbury CC    Male  Senior      22:53

70    Bill  Maxwell     Border City Whs CC     Male  Veteran     22:58

71    Neil  Parkin      Derwentside CC   Male  Veteran     23:00

71    Sebastian   Stockbridge Blaydon CC  Male  Senior      23:00

73    Stefan      Hurst Charlotteville Cycling Club  Male  Senior      23:10

74    Richard     Tyson Rock to Roll CC  Male  Veteran     23:15

75    David Swainson    Derwentside CC   Male  Veteran     23:16

76    Phil  Cook  Cestria C.C.     Male  Veteran     23:19

77    Mark  Ambury      Cramlington CC   Male  Veteran     23:20

78    Christopher      Beaty Allen Valley Velo Male  Senior      23:21

79    martin      heardman    Gosforth RC Male  Veteran     23:26

80    Peter Smith Hawick Cycling Club    Male  Veteran     23:27

81    Craig Foley Tricademy   Male  Veteran     23:28

82    David Ballantyne  EMC Cycling Male  Veteran     23:30

83    Colin Gardener    Flyte Racing     Male  Veteran     23:35

84    iain  katz  Tri Northumberland (Tri North)     Male  Senior      23:39

85    Keith Sibbald     Cramlington CC   Male  Veteran     23:43

86    Michael     Todd  Derwentside CC   Male  Senior      23:45

87    Alan Lang Hartlepool CC    Male  Veteran     23:50

88    Paul  Robson      Houghton CC Male  Veteran     23:51

89    Gemma Hutchins    Blaydon CC  Female      Senior      23:58

90    Angela      McGurk      Blaydon CC  Female      Senior      24:30

91    Raymond     Bell  Derwentside CC   Male  Veteran     24:37

92    Teri  Wishart     GS Metro    Female      Veteran     24:38

93    Sam   Dodd  Barnesbury CC    Male  Senior      24:39

94    Mick  Bradshaw    GS Metro    Male  Veteran     24:45

95    Carrie      Brookes     North Tyneside Riders CC     Female      Veteran      24:52

96    Richard     Cleathero   North Racing     Male  Veteran     25:05

97    Sara  Cummings    Blaydon CC  Female      Veteran     25:14

98    Paul  Mitchell    Blaydon CC  Male  Veteran     25:31

99    Hannah      Baker North Tyneside Riders CC     Female      Senior      25:44

100   Jo    Short Darlington Cycling Club      Female      Veteran     26:07

101   dennis      fuller      GS Metro    Male  Veteran     26:38

102   Jonathan    Watson      Cramlington CC   Male  Veteran     27:26

104   Charles Edward (Ted)   scurr Hartlepool CC    Male  Veteran     27:39

103   Stephen     Kerr  Sunderland Clarion     Male  Veteran     27:39

105   Matthew     Sherman     Cramlington CC   Male  Senior      29:26

106   gareth      davies      Barnesbury CC    Male  Veteran     31:27

      Tim   Humphries   Team Swift  Male  Veteran     APOLS

      Paul  Tyler Ferryhill Whs    Male  Veteran     APOLS

      Jamie Johnson     Barnesbury CC    Male  Senior      APOLS

      Neil  Foster      Adept Cycling    Male  Veteran     APOLS

      Mark  Atkinson    Cramlington CC   Male  Senior      APOLS

      Bev   Martin      GS Metro    Female      Veteran     APOLS

      allen armstrong   Sunderland Clarion     Male  Veteran     APOLS

      Marinus     Petersen    Team NBCC   Male  Espoir      APOLS

      Carl  Donaldson   GS Metro    Male  Senior      APOLS

      David Nearney     South Shields Velo Cycling Club    Male  Senior      DNF

      Josh  Craven      Muckle Cycle Club Male  Espoir      DNS

      Morgan      Anderson    Bioracer-Project GO    Male  Espoir      DNS

      Andrew      Hall  GS Metro    Male  Senior      DNS

      John  Willis      Wansbeck CC Male  Veteran     DNS

      Collin      Humphrey    Derwentside CC   Male  Senior      DNS

      patrick     deane Tyneside Vagabonds CC  Male  Veteran     DNS