finsbury park cc (ecca bar)

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  • Date: 02-Jul-17
  • Time: 06:00
  • Distance: 50 Miles
  • Course: f1b/50
  • Closing Date: 20-Jun-17 23:59
  • Categories:
    • Juvenile
    • Junior
    • Espoir
    • Senior
    • Veteran
    • Para

Finsbury wins for Clarke and Stolpe

  • Published: 02 Jul 17
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Luke Clarke

Luke Clarke and Kristin Stolpe were fastest man and woman respectively at the Finsbury Park CC 50-mile time trial staged near Tempsford in Bedfordshire.

Clarke, the TMG Horizon CT rider, was overall winner having covered the distance in 1-47-20, but he wasn’t far ahead, with second-placed Ben Stowe (Hemel Hempstead CC) just six seconds slower, while Luke’s brother Ross Clarke (TMG Horizon CT) was only 13 seconds slower in third spot.

This was Clarke’s first win since April when he had a run of four successive victories although he has regularly been on the podium throughout May and June.

Kristin Stolpe

In fourth place overall, Nick Cave of Lutterworth Cycle Centre RT was the quickest veteran, completing in 1:48.30.

In the women’s category, it was Kristin Stolpe (Lovelo Cinelli RT) who was fastest, stopping the clock at 2:08:02.

The women’s podium was completed by veterans Leanne Cutler     (Hitchin Nomads CC) in 2:15.11 and Cheryl Smith (Finsbury Park CC) in 2:20.11.

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Pos      Name   Club    St         Time

1          Luke Clarke    TMG Horizon Cycling Team  Male Sen         1:47:20

2          Ben Stowe      Hemel Hempstead CC            Male Sen         1:47:26

3          Ross  Clarke    TMG Horizon Cycling Team  Male Sen         1:47:33

4          Nick Cave       Lutterworth Cycle Centre RT Male Vet         1:48:30

5          Gray Turnock  Finsbury Park CC       Male Vet         1:48:49

6          Mark Arnold   CC Desiragear Male Vet         1:49:14

7          Nic Pillinger    Team Secret Squirrel  Male Sen         1:52:01

8          Nick Clarke     Lovelo Cinelli RT       Male Sen         1:52:16

9          Daniel Ryan    North Road CC           Male Sen         1:52:42

10        Karl Willis       Herts Rouleurs Racing Club   Male Sen         1:53:37

11        Thomas Pfeiffer          Dulwich Paragon CC  Male Vet         1:53:52

12        Dave Lazenby Baines Racing Silverstone Cycle        Male Vet         1:54:17

13        Robert Barker Kettering CC  Male Vet         1:55:15

14        Nick Green      Stratford Cycling Club           Male Vet         1:55:17

15        Julian Pegg      Hitchin Nomads CC   Male Vet         1:56:40

16        Steve Burrows Vive Le Velo  Male Vet         1:57:10

17        Abid Hussain  Icknield RC    Male Vet         1:57:28

18        Anthony Smith            Team Milton Keynes  Male Sen         1:58:43

19        Alan Crane      Chronos RT     Male Vet         1:59:36

20        Neil Allonby   Icknield RC    Male Vet         2:00:51

21        Grant Orsborn Bedfordshire Road CC           Male Vet         2:00:51

22        Tony Marriott Herts Rouleurs Racing Club   Male Vet         2:01:23

23        tony may         TMG Horizon Cycling Team  Male Vet         2:02:01

24        Adam Laycock            VTTA (London & Home Counties)   Male Vet         2:02:14

25        ian wroblewski            Lutterworth Cycle Centre Racing Team         Male Vet         2:03:12

26        Mark Greenhow          St Neots CC    Male Vet         2:03:23

27        Martin Arundel           Verulam CC    Male Vet         2:07:37

28        Kristin Stolpe  Lovelo Cinelli RT       Female Sen     2:08:02

29        Chris Symonds           North Road CC           Male Vet         2:08:11

30        David Rogers  Hemel Hempstead CC            Male Vet         2:13:18

31        Noel Toone     Kettering CC  Male Vet         2:14:47

32        Leanne Cutler Hitchin Nomads CC   Female Vet     2:15:11

33        Gary Boyd      Hub Velo        Male Vet         2:17:29

34        Dominic Whitehead    St Ives CC       Male Vet         2:18:02

35        Cheryl Smith   Finsbury Park CC       Female Vet     2:20:11

36        Tracey Williams          Icknield RC    Female Vet     2:21:22

37        Benzion Kurtz Hub Velo        Male Sen         2:22:10

38        Judy Reid        Icknield RC    Female Vet     2:26:55

39        Martin Webb   Icknield RC    Male Vet         2:31:34

40        John Thompson           Severn Road Club         (TRIKE)       Male Vet         2:32:27

            Richard Hutt   Harp RC          Male Vet         DNF

            Christine Tovey          Icknield RC    Female Vet     DNF

            Andrew Halliday        Westerley Cycling Club         Male Vet         DNF

            Adrian Killworth         Welland Valley CC    Male Vet         DNS

            Jason Stuart    CC Ashwell     Male Vet         DNS

            Michelle Lee   Bicester Millennium CC         Female Vet     DNS

            Christine Pout Verulam Really Moving         Female Vet     DNS

            Robert Saunders         North Bucks RC         Male Vet         DNS

            John Watson   Hitchin Nomads CC   Male Vet         DNSa

            Ed Neilson      Vive Le Velo  Male Vet         DNSa