diss & district cc (2-up ttt)(fee per rider)

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  • Date: 09-Apr-17
  • Time: 09:00
  • Distance: 25 Miles
  • Course: B25/17
  • Closing Date: 28-Mar-17 23:59
  • Categories:
    • Juvenile
    • Junior
    • Espoir
    • Senior
    • Veteran
    • Para

Great conditions for Diss and District 25

  • Published: 10 Apr 17
  • Written By: Frazer Snowdon
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Ian Pike.

Conditions were warm and sunny for the Diss and District CC 25-mile time trial, staged on the B25/17 in Norfolk from Bressingham to Thetford and back.

Riders competed in various categories, with trikes, pre-1980 machines, medium gear and two-up events giving spectators a varied diet of machines.

However, conditions weren’t perfect, with a strong crosswind making it much harder on the return leg from Thetford.

Jason Corner.

Fenland RC’s Ian Pike was easily the fastest on a trike, clocking 1:05.02 to win by more than five minutes from Lez Young (Lincoln Wheelers), while John Thompson (Severn RC) was third, another seven minutes back.

The promoting club’s Jason Corner clocked 1:05.01 to win the pre-1980 category by around a minute and a half from Norwich

ABC’s Ed Dean, while David Staff took third place for Diss and District, being around three and a half minutes slower than Corner.

Chris Skinner (CS Velosport) was the winner of the medium gear event, clocking 1:01.16 to win by 27 seconds from VC Baracchi rival Lucas He, while Geoff Frost (Team Velo Velocity) was third, another couple of minutes back.

Robert Golding and Roy Havis.

And the two-up event went to Robert Golding and Roy Havis of Ely and District CC, who clocked 56.49 to win by more than two minutes from Horner and Back (VC Revolution), while Simmonds and Shelley (Diss and District CC) were third.

* Photos and event details by Fergus Muir.



            Trikes              Time

1          Ian Pike           Fenland Road Club     1:05:02

2          Lez Young      Lincoln Whs C C        1:10:43

3          John Thompson           Severn Road Club       1:17:59

4          Peter Holland  Lincoln Whs C C        1:25:54

Chris Skinner.

5          Ian Mackenzie Southend Whs            1:27:20

6          Adrian Hills    Lewes Wanderers       1:35:01

7          Martin Badham           CC Breckland 1:37:49

8          Dave Hardy    Leicester Forest C C   DNS


            Pre 1980                     

1          Jason Corner   Diss & District CC      1:05:01

2          Ed Dean          Norwich ABC 1:06:37

3          David Staff     Diss & District CC      1:08:41

4          Martin Pyne    Anglia Velo     1:09:05

5          Simon Harrison           Diss & District CC      DNS


            Medium Gear             

1          Chris Skinner  C.S. Velosport            1:01:16

2          Lucas He         V.C. Baracchi 1:01:43

3          Geoff Frost     Team Velo Velocity    1:03:57

4          Jim Trevor       Hull Thursday RC       1:05:22

5          Richard Hutt   Harp R.C.        1:05:32

6          Gary Matthews           Sole Bay C Sport        1:05:53

7          James Doy       Sole Bay C Sport        1:07:52

8          Andy Kennedy           Ipswich B.C.   1:08:31

9          David Smith    Sleaford Whs CC        1:09:50

10        Paul Rippon    Ipswich B.C.   1:11:32

11        Terence Hawes            Kassei CC/Techfuel    1:18:02

12        Jan Smith        Gt Yarmouth CC        1:22:14

13        John Musgrave            Diss & District CC      1:25:19

14        Denese Hallahan         Wisbech Whs  1:38:02

            Andrew Vaughan       Bonito Squadra           DNS

            Graham Collins           TPH Racing    DNS

            Fraser Elsworth           West Suffolk Whs      DNS

            Philip Barnes   TPH Racing    DNS



1          Golding/Havis Ely & District CC       00:56:49

2          Horner/Back    V.C. Revolution          00:58:54

3          Simmonds/Shelley      Diss & District CC      00:59:00

4          Carter/Doe      Diss & District CC      00:59:32

5          Smart/Smart    V.C. Norwich 1:02:14

6          Stevens/Atkins            Team PedalRevoln      1:02:56

7          Thompson/Collings     Town& Country Print 1:03:20

8          James/ Spillman           Tri-Anglia        1:03:21

9          Eastwood/Steed          West Suffolk Whs      1:14:37

10        Ready/Ready  Diss & District CC      1:15:48

11        Beard/Taylor   Stowmrket & Dist CC 1:16:13