antelope rt (2-up ttt)(fee per rider)

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  • Date: 05-Mar-17
  • Time: 09:00
  • Distance: 10 Miles
  • Course: P140
  • Closing Date: 21-Feb-17 23:59
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    • Juvenile
    • Junior
    • Espoir
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Lane and Langdown fastest in Antelope two-up

  • Published: 06 Mar 17
  • Written By: Frazer Snowdon
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Blazing Saddles duo Tom Lane and Andy Langdown took victory in the Antelope RT Test Valley two-up 10-mile time trial, staged on the P140 course near Kings Somborne on Sunday.

The duo clocked 21-13 to take the win by 32 seconds from VC Venta rivals James Fox and Nick Tarmey, while third spot went to Sam Wadsley and Ryan Weston of Poole Wheelers.

In other categories, the fastest female duo was Kate Baker and Lucy Scott of the University of Bath CC with 25.38, and the top composite pairing was Tim Wallis (Southampton University RC) and Davey Betts (Team Swift), whose time of 22.53 gave them the eighth fastest time on the day.

It was not the first time that Lane and Langdown have teamed up successfully – they also won the Farnham Road Club two-up 25 last season, while more recently Lane placed third in the Frome and District 10-mile solo time trial just a couple of weeks ago.

The two-up event was part of a successful weekend of time trials put on by the Antelope RT, who also staged a solo 10-mile time trial on the same course the day before (see separate report).

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1          Tom Lane        Blazing Saddles          21.13  

1          Andy Langdown        Blazing Saddles          21.13  

2          James Fox       VC Venta        21.45  

2          Nick Tarmey   VC Venta        21.45  

3          Samuel Wadsley         Poole Wheelers           21.52  

3          Ryan Weston  Poole Wheelers           21.52  

4          James Plumb   VC Venta        22.27  

4          Jamie Franklin VC Venta        22.27  

5          Paul Jones       Primera-Teamjobs       22.28  

5          Thomas Key    Primera-Teamjobs       22.28  

6          James Peckham           Sotonia CC     22.29  

6          Phil Wilks        Sotonia CC     22.29  

7          Simon Mc Laughlin    Poole Wheelers           22.35  

7          Mark Valentine           Poole Wheelers           22.35  

8          Davey Betts (C)          Team Swift     22.53   1st(C)

8          Tim Wallis (C) Southampton Uni R.C.           22.53   1st(C)

9          Stuart Thompson (C)  Andover Wheelers      22.54  

9          Max Webber (C)         Abbotts Ann Cycles   22.54  

10        Aaron Kneebone         Royal Navy & Marines C.A.  22.56  

10        Simon Rogers  Royal Navy & Marines C.A.  22.56  

11        Kevin Egan     Poole Wheelers           23.07  

11        Martin Rowland          Poole Wheelers           23.07  

12        Drew Hosie     A3 CRG          23.35  

12        Rob Sherin      A3 CRG          23.35  

13        Richard Porter CC Weymouth            23.39  

13        Bryce Riglar    CC Weymouth            23.39  

14        Jason Hayles   Team Spy        23.42  

14        Rob Merrifield            Team Spy        23.42  

15        Thomas Day    Poole Wheelers           24.01  

15        Christopher Day          Poole Wheelers           24.01  

16        Jonathan Hall  Sotonia CC     24.20  

16        Jahan Hunter   Sotonia CC     24.20  

17        Neil Adlem     Andover Wheelers      24.37  

17        Lee Henderson            Andover Wheelers      24.37  

18        Sam Brooke    Poole Wheelers           24.54  

18        James Rowe    Poole Wheelers           24.54  

19        Richard Davidson       Poole Wheelers           25.06  

19        Mike Williams Poole Wheelers           25.06  

20        Mark Denny    Poole Wheelers           25.10  

20        Jamie Whitcher           Poole Wheelers           25.10  

21        Pete Douglass Southampton Uni R.C.           25.13  

21        Chris McGovern         Southampton Uni R.C.           25.13  

22        Kate Baker (L)            University of Bath C.C.          25.38   1st (L)

22        Lucy Scott (L)            University of Bath C.C.          25.38   1st (L)

23        Nicholas Cooper         Andover Wheelers      25.39  

23        Mike Webber  Andover Wheelers      25.39  

24        Sophie Herbert (L)      Southampton Uni R.C.           25.48  

24        Emily Slavin (L)          Southampton Uni R.C.           25.48  

25        Laura Fenwick (L)      VC Venta        26.05  

25        Ashia Fenwick (L)      VC Venta        26.05  

26        Niall Dickin     Southampton Uni R.C.           26.05  

26        Henry Salmon Southampton Uni R.C.           26.05  

27        Edward Longman       Southampton Uni R.C.           26.32  

27        James Richards           Southampton Uni R.C.           26.32  

28        Richard Burch (C)      Sotonia CC     26.54  

28        Glenn Longland (C)    Antelope Racing Team           26.54  

29        Robin Darch    Poole Wheelers           27.00  

29        Kevin Perry     Poole Wheelers           27.00  

30        Les Pick          Poole Wheelers           27.18  

30        Laura Bishop (L)         Poole Wheelers           27.18  

31        Thomas Fraser Royal Navy & Marines C.A.  27.34  

31        Rachel Hackman         Royal Navy & Marines C.A.  27.34  

32        Martin Beale (C)         V.C.St. Raphael          27.40  

32        Richard Blake (C)       Antelope Racing Team           27.40  

33        Ben Salvia       Poole Wheelers           27.54  

33        Einar Thorsen  Poole Wheelers           27.54  

34        Abbey Easter (C)        University of Bath C.C.          27.57  

34        Louisa Vere (C)          VC Venta        27.57  

35        Jeremy Gill      Poole Wheelers           27.57  

35        Ben Gill           Poole Wheelers           27.57  

36        John Burrows  Poole Wheelers           28.35  

36        Nigel Rendell  Poole Wheelers           28.35  

37        Les Pick (C)    Poole Wheelers           32.02  

37        John Pick (C)  Chronos Racing Team 32.02  

38        Joelle Adlem   Andover Wheelers      32.28  

38        Graeme Rasdall           Andover Wheelers      32.28  

            Martin Balk     3C Cyclexperience      DNS   

            Ian Sherin        3C Cyclexperience      DNS   

            Tom Bandy     Portsdown Hill C.C.   DNS   

            Colin Mooney Portsdown Hill C.C.   DNS   

            Tim Cooke (C)            Sotonia CC     DNS   

            Antonio Maschio (C)  VC Venta        DNS   

            Pawel Niewiadomy     VC Venta        DNS   

            Tom Vaux       VC Venta        DNS   

            Tony Gifford  Andover Wheelers      DNS   

            Chris Kelly      Poole Wheelers           DNS   

            Susannah Moon          Poole Wheelers           DNS   

            Stephen Longman       Andover Wheelers      DNS   

            Cameron Thompson    Andover Wheelers      DNS   

            Gerry McGarr (C)       Gloucester City C.C.  DNS   

            Emma Needham         CC Weymouth            DNS   

            Sarah Wise      CC Weymouth            DNS   

            Richard Bradley          3C Cyclexperience      DNS   

            Nick O`Hara   3C Cyclexperience      DNS   

            Jan Lobrooy    Andover Wheelers      DNS   

            Nigel Pratt       Andover Wheelers      DNS   

            Luke Trussler  Poole Wheelers           DNS   

            Darryl Barr      A3 CRG          DNS   

            Warren Peters  A3 CRG          DNS   

            Robert Flynn   Poole Wheelers           DNS   

            John Rivett      Poole Wheelers           DNS   

            Paul Ashley     Fareham Wheelers       DNS   

            James Copeland          Fareham Wheelers       DNS   

            Matthew Buckley       Andover Wheelers      Solo 23.26      

            Craig Weston  Poole Wheelers           Solo 23.47      

            Simon Healey (C)       Andover Wheelers      Solo 24.12