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  • Date: 26-Feb-17
  • Time: 09:00
  • Distance: 24 Miles
  • Course: p614
  • Closing Date: 14-Feb-17 23:59
  • Categories:
    • Juvenile
    • Junior
    • Espoir
    • Senior
    • Veteran
    • Para

Hunt victorious as Andover Wheelers stage 24-mile TT

  • Published: 26 Feb 17
  • Written By: Frazer Snowdon
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Rich Hunt (Army CU) clocked an impressive time to take victory in Andover Wheelers’ hardriders 24-mile time trial in Wiltshire on Sunday.

Hunt’s time of 57.10 will stand as the course record for this new P614 course near Ludgershall, which loops over the Hampshire border as the riders tackle a testing 24 miles.

The 44-year-old took the win in the time trial category by an impressive margin of 1-24, with 18-year-old James Brickell (Fareham Wheelers) second and Richard Gildea (Didcot Phoenix CC) third, another minute and a half off the pace.

Elsewhere in the time trial event, the Army CU was named the best team, beating Fareham Wheelers to the honour, while fastest woman was Sarah Matthews (a3crg) who covered the course in 1:10.04.

The road bike race saw Craig Wallington (Sarum Velo) take the win with a time of 1:00.20, winning by 1-24 from Matthew Buckley (Andover Wheelers), with James Peckham (Sotonia CC) third.

In other categories, a3crg were the winning team on road bikes, while fastest female was Tamina Oliver (Oxford Univ CC), the 39-year-old clocking 1:08.12 to win that category by just 18 seconds from Angela Carpenter (i-Team CC).

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Time Trial Bikes:

Pos      Name   Club    time

1          Rich     Hunt    Army Cycling Union  57:10

2          James   Brickell            Fareham Wheelers CC            58:34

3          Richard           Gildea Didcot Phoenix CC    1:00:07

4          Andy   Smith   Velo Club St Raphael 1:00:35

5          Brendan          Reese   Bournemouth Arrow CC        1:00:59

6          Russ    Danckert         Army Cycling Union  1:01:00

7          Simon  Healey Andover Wheelers      1:01:39

8          Bryn    Davies Oxford University CC            1:01:51

9          Simon  Berogna           Velo Club St Raphael 1:02:00

10        Max     Webber            Abbotts Ann Cycles   1:02:11

11        Paul     Morris  Fareham Wheelers CC            1:02:26

12        Andrew           Rivett  Velo Club St Raphael 1:02:46

13        Nigel   Pratt    Andover Wheelers      1:03:01

14        Neil     Mackley          Fareham Wheelers CC            1:03:02

15        Jonathan          Robinson         Army Cycling Union  1:03:11

16        Jake     Prior    Velo Club St Raphael 1:04:04

17        Bryce   Riglar  CC Weymouth            1:04:10

18        Matt    Kerin   Oxford University CC            1:04:16

19        Richard           Porter  CC Weymouth            1:04:19

20        Shaun  Smart   Southdown Velo         1:04:47

21        John     Chapman         CC Weymouth            1:04:57

22        Andrew           Payne  Maidenhead & District CC     1:05:29

23        Perry    Lee      Southdown Velo         1:05:49

24        Graham           Giggs   Bath Road Club          1:06:15

25        Peter    Hatt     Velo Club St Raphael 1:06:26

26        Tim      Jude     Andover Wheelers      1:06:32

27        David  Churchill         Bigfoot CC     1:07:00

28        Valentin          Sulzer  Oxford University CC            1:07:22

29        Stuart  Thompson       Andover Wheelers      1:08:41

30        Sarah   Matthews        ...a3crg            1:10:04

31        Chris    Cain     Andover Wheelers      1:10:22

32        Mark    Dinwiddy        Southdown Velo         1:14:49

33        Nicholas          Cooper            Andover Wheelers      1:18:06

            Neil     Adlem Andover Wheelers      DNF

            Peter    Oliver  Fairly United Cycling Team   DNF

            Pippa   O'Brien            RT PODA       DNS

            Lili       Mclean            Abbotts Ann Cycles   DNS - APOLOGY

            William            Sawyer            Abbotts Ann Cycles   DNS - APOLOGY

            Thomas            Ash      Oxford University CC            DNS


Road Bikes:

Pos      Name   Team   time

1          Craig   Wallington      Sarum Velo     1:00:20

2          Matthew          Buckley           Andover Wheelers      1:01:44

3          James   Peckham          Sotonia CC     1:02:43

4          Thom   Hayward         Velo Club Venta         1:04:35

5          Nick    Jones   Bournemouth Jubilee Whs      1:06:38

6          Michael           Cripps  Army Cycling Union  1:06:44

7          Tom     Bolton Cowley Road Condors CC     1:06:48

8          Glenn  Longland         Antelope Racing Team           1:07:49

9          Tamina            Oliver (W)       Oxford University CC            1:08:12

10        Andy   Self      North Hampshire RC  1:08:26

11        Angela Carpenter (W) i-Team Cyclists Club   1:08:30

12        Tom     Bandy Portsdown Hill CC     1:08:31

13        John     Glaysher          ...a3crg            1:13:35

14        Mike    Garner ...a3crg            1:14:31

15        Den     Tapping           ...a3crg            1:15:05

            Rob     Sherrin ...a3crg            DNF

            Phil      Wilks   Sotonia CC     DNF

            Cameron          Thompson       Andover Wheelers      DNS

            David  James-Cheesman         Southdown Velo         DNS

            Jerry    Bromyard        ...a3crg            DNS - APOLOGY