congleton cycling club (cheshire points series 18 of 20)

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  • Date: 12-Aug-17
  • Time: 13:00
  • Distance: 50 Miles
  • Course: j4/9
  • Closing Date: 01-Aug-17 23:59
  • Categories:
    • Juvenile
    • Junior
    • Espoir
    • Senior
    • Veteran
    • Para

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Open 50 Mile Time Trial. Saturday, 12th August 2017 - Start 13.01 hrs.

BBAR Qualifier and Counting Event Cheshire Points Series  2017

(Promoted for and on behalf of Cycling Time Trials under their Rules & Regulations)


Event HQ:               Cranage Village Hall, CW4 8EQ (open from 12.00 hrs)
                                on the A50 approx. 1 mile north of Holmes Chapel. PARKING AVAILABLE.

                                PLEASE – NO SHOEPLATES IN THE HALL and make sure no oil drops on the floor.


Course:                    J 4/9


Timekeepers:         Graham Lawrence (Start) Celia Elliot (Finish)


Awards:  One rider one prize except for “Team Prize”.  
















Fastest Female







Fastest Team (aggregate 3 riders) – each







Fastest Veteran on Std.







Fastest Junior








Riders Notes.

1.       DO NOT PARK near the Start/Finish area – there is plenty of parking at the HQ

2.       RIDERS MUST SIGN ON - Numbers available at HQ.

1.       RIDERS MUST SIGN OFF after the event.

2.       No U-Turns on the course or at the start or finish areas.

3.       Head up riding at all times, Observers are being used during this event. Dangerous riding is endangering the future of our sport.

4.       Results will be displayed at the HQ, do not bother the timekeeper.

5.       Riders must exercise care at all road junctions. Any competitor who’s riding line causes him/her to cross the white line when approaching or leaving a junction will be liable to disqualification from the event and may be reported to the District Committee for further disciplinary action.

6.       A competitor who swings out to the right before executing a left turn should ensure that the road behind is clear of traffic before doing so. This practice is not encouraged by the District Committee and competitors who ride in this manner are warned that in many circumstances this manoeuvre will be regarded as contravention of Regulation 47(i), (iii) & (v).

7.       Cycling Time Trials strongly advise you to wear a HARD SHELL HELMET that meets an internationally accepted safety standard. In accordance with Regulation 15 but ALL JUNIOR competitors must wear Protective Hard Shell Helmets.

8.       It is recommended that a working rear light, either flashing or constant, is fitted to the machine in a position visible to following road users and is active whilst the machine is in use.

9.       Thank you to all riders for supporting our event; we hope you will have a safe and successful ride.

10.   This event may be subject to a Doping Control It is your responsibility to check As soon as you have finished you should return to the event HQ as it is your responsibility to check if you are required for Doping Control

Race numbers required for Doping Control will be displayed at the HQ adjacent to the result board

If your number is displayed you should report immediately to Doping Control which will be nearby

Remember, it is up to you to check and ensure that you comply

If required you must report to Doping Control after finishing without delay


Refreshments: courtesy of Congleton CC Team, will be available in the Headquarters. Exchange your number for a cup of tea. Please give a minimum £1 donation for cakes / sandwiches.


Numbers - will be at the HQ. Body numbers must be placed low down on the back and arm numbers on the left shoulder.

Numbers Stewards Georgina Norton and Dawn McGovern

Event Secretary Bob Norton 52 Vicarage Lane, Elworth, Sandbach, Cheshire CW11 3BU.

Phone 01270-765510 or 07584839254. E mail,

Directions to the Start:

From HQ, turn Left onto A50, then first Left into Byley Lane. Start line is approx. 0.5 mile along Byley Lane.


Directions from Finish to HQ:

Continue on course or turn right 0.3 mile after Finish, into Byley Lane (rough) which goes right at cross roads, re-joining course, to A50 at Cranage, where right to the HQ.


Warm-Up Zone

For minimum disruption and pleasant conditions, please use Middlewich Road (Byley Lane to A50).





Organiser Details

Bob Norton
07854 839254
01270 765510
52 Vicarage Lane
CW11 3BU

Event Details

Event Type
12 Aug 2017 13:00
Closing Date
01 Aug 2017 23:59
50 miles
Accepted Categories
  • Juvenile
  • Junior
  • Espoir
  • Senior
  • Veteran
  • Para