Course Code: G25/51

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Course Code: G25/51

OS ref DETAILS G25.51 DISTANCES 158357 Start in Marches Road opposite eastern end of field entrance and gate,0.13 mile east of the centre of Mays Lane 0.00 0.00 Proceed west to A 29 0.98 0.98 131335 Left to Clemsfold RBT 1.59 2.57 Left on A281 via Nowhurst RBT 0.57 3.14 143318 Follow A281 via Broardbridge Heath industrial estate 0.96 4.10 142312 Newbridge RBT 0.40 4.50 154313 Continue on A264 past Tesco RBT to Farthings Hill RBT 0.77 5.27 165323 2nd exit down slip road to A24 north past Robin Hood RBT 0.97 6.24 159333 to Gt Daux RBT where 1st left A24 to 0.61 6.85 169366 Kingsfold 2.29 9.14 171398 Past Clarks Green RBT A24 2.10 11.24 168398 LEFT at Bear Green RBT A29 (care), 2.23 13.47 131335 Follow A29 through Ockley, past the west end of Marches road to continue as befor to Clemsfold RBT 7.39 20.86 165323 LEFT (care) into Robin Hood Lane to Finish at eastern end of lay-by on the south side of the lane. Opposite Deer Park entrance and lay-by on the north side of the lane 0.50 25.00


Course can no longer be used - old Broadbridge Heath by-pass closed off and permanent traffic lights at Farthings Hill interchange.



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London South
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25 miles

Course Records

Solo Male
Kevin Plummer
02-Sep-18 | southern counties cu (Association members only)
Solo Female
Katie Simmonds
02-Sep-18 | southern counties cu (Association members only)