Board meeting topics - 30 October 2021

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The meeting, the second face to face since early 2020, opened with a directors’ meeting, where a number of confidential issues were discussed.

Following on, there was a General Purposes Committee Meeting, with all the directors and the team present, which discussed and finalised the annual report & agenda for the National Council AGM.  The accounts, (included within the annual report), having been approved at a previous meeting, were signed off by the chair and the designated director.  It was confirmed that the annual report & agenda would be distributed shortly to affiliated clubs and to the districts.

The General Purposes Committee Meeting was followed by a management meeting with all present, where the topics and reports considered/discussed included:

  • Celebration of the first time trial (1922)
  • 2020/2021 Champions Night Update
  • Offer of new trophy to RTTC Trustees
  • Spindata update
  • 2022 & 2023 Major Events (Merlin Series Centenary events and National Championships)
  • Insurance renewal
  • Website update


  • Recommendations and award of Gold Badges, including local district awards
  • 2021 Joe Summerlin Award
  • Improving Communication
  • Social media
  • Liaison with EPIC
  • Investigation into relative costs of organising a fully closed road championship

It was confirmed that actions identified during the previous meetings are continuing to be progressed.

To enhance engagement, it was agreed that interested parties would be invited to join working parties in the new year, to provide additional/ specialised input.

Coronavirus: It was reported that the government furlough system had been discontinued and that all the team are now working normally.

An update, provided by the treasurer, on how the finances were performing, against the budget prepared for 2021/2022, showed that the comments from the previous report were still current. 

An update was provided on the current list of 2021 accidents and the ongoing direct claims that may impact on the cost of the insurance policy.  A quotation received from our current brokers, taking into account of current known claims, who, after analysing the market, had provided a competitive quotation, which shows an increase in the premium.  The board unanimously agreed, after discussion, to accept the quotation and asked for the renewal to be progressed.

Also discussed and reported on were:

  • The recent 2021 National Championships, together with the up-and-coming National Hill Climb.
  • Confirmation that the submitted 2021 competition records were in order.
  • An electronic timing system has been trialled, with reports awaited.
  • A request for a meeting, to discuss common interests, from the EPIC group was tabled, with  the board agreeing to holding a Zoom meeting with them during November.

The next board meeting, scheduled for Saturday 4th December 2021, will take place the day before the National Council meeting, with any questions received from districts being considered.

This communication has been prepared, on behalf of the board of directors, by the current chair, Gavin Russell, to whom any comments/questions should be directed.  Contact details: