Board meeting - 27 June 2021

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The meeting opened with a statement from the board’s chairperson, Sheila Hardy, who informed the attendees that after 24 years as a director, 13 years as the chair, that with immediate effect, she was  retiring and she immediately left the meeting.

In the absence of a chairperson, a proposal was made, seconded and voted on, that Gavin Russell, should take over the position up to and including the National Council Meeting, when interested candidates for the position would be invited to stand for the vacancy.

The meeting continued as per the tabled agenda.

The chairperson informed the meeting that to improve communication and increase transparency with those outside the board, that it was the intention, following the conclusion of the meeting, to issue a communication to all 22 districts on the topics that are currently being actioned/considered by the board during their meetings.

Topics and reports considered/discussed during the 27 June meeting were:

  • Website
  • Establishing a website working group
  • Strategic plan/vision
  • Initiating an event mentor scheme
  • SPINDATA ranking system
  • CTT social media
  • Finance group
  • Archiving project
  • Champions Night
  • Communication
  • Diversity/EPiC
  • VTTA Feedback
  • Board meeting proposal



A general update was provided on the current situation regarding Coronavirus, together with what may or may not happen after the 19 July.

An update on a number of applications for Gold Badges was provided and agreement reached on eligible recipients and when and where presentations could be made.

An update was provided how Cycling Time Trials finances were performing against the budget prepared for 2021/2022.

An update was provided on the current list of 2021 accidents and any ongoing direct claims against CTT’s insurance policy.

Following discussions at previous board meetings it was confirmed after a vote, that the 2021 National Council Meeting will be a face-to-face meeting, with all delegates present and with proposals solicited from the District Committees.

An update was provided on:

  • The recent 2021 national events, (national championships and the Merlin Series)
  • Up and coming national events
  • RGT (the virtual events organised by CTT)
  • Competition Records, which were approved, where all correct paperwork had been completed and received by the National Secretary

Items from some of the above discussions will be provided through future CTT newsletters.

This communication has been prepared, on behalf of the board of directors, by the current chairperson, Gavin Russell, to whom any comments/questions should be directed.

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