Chairman's statement

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Everyone will of course be aware of the difficult circumstances caused because of the coronavirus (COVID-19).  For those who compete in time trials, you’ll know that all CTT events are currently suspended until the end of June. 
These are truly unprecedented times, but there will be an end.  When that end will be, none of us can say, but an end there will be.  I believe that CTT is in a more fortunate position than many other sports insofar as being able to resume competition is concerned.   Although the 2020 racing calendar will be severely curtailed, as I write this it is hoped that there can be some racing this year. If there is, we will still need to put in hand steps to ensure the safety of all those involved.  
Whatever measures are put in place, the safety of both the competitors and the stalwart volunteers who are involved with the sport must be paramount.  The government guidance is ever changing as the COVID-19 pandemic develops and the Board is keeping the matter under constant review.  
We have new dates for the RTTC National Championships to replace the dates that had to be postponed.  Entries for these are open, as indeed are entries for events later in the year. If you’re an organiser, please remember to send your notification to the police in good time, nothing is lost in doing this. We hope to be ‘open for business’ before the racing season ends! 
In the interim, we are working closely in partnership with RGT to produce more virtual time trialling on line.  This is very much in the development stage but if you wish to ride with your fellow time triallists there are already group rides you can join into now.  We are looking to develop a virtual ‘10’ on the much missed V718 and we hope to have some exciting news on this shortly.  Test yourself on this very competitive course – how close can you get to comp. record?  
It cannot be ignored that if the current lockdown measures and social distancing are to remain for an extended period of time, that could mean no CTT events at all in 2020.  We have to accept reality.  Many individuals and businesses have been affected financially as a result of the necessary measures that have been put in place.  CTT is no different.  It cannot be escaped that the lack of racing will impact significantly on CTT’s reserves. 
It has to be remembered that CTT receives no external funding.  All our income is received from club affiliations and from event levies.  CTT is fortunate in some ways as we have always maintained a policy of keeping a minimum of one year’s cash reserves to cover unforeseen situations.  This has at times been questioned, but I’m very pleased that we have this in place as it leaves CTT in a position where it can, and will, survive into 2021.   

 Nonetheless, it has been necessary to look at what additional measures can be taken to reduce our costs.  We have taken advantage of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS), known by many as ‘furlough’, and the difficult decision has been made to ‘furlough’ two of our five employees, Sally Withey and Alison Torode.  This isn’t a decision that has been taken lightly.  There are strict rules for ‘furloughing’ which mean that such employees cannot undertake any work at all for the company whilst they remain ‘furloughed’.  Therefore if you have a question for either Sally or Alison, please can you send this instead in an email to where it will be addressed by one of the other officers.   
On a lighter note, with no racing to report, Snowdon Sports have interviewed a number of our top riders and their stories of ‘life under lockdown’ make fascinating reading.  They can be found on the CTT website and are an inspiration to us all. 
Finally, thank you.  Thank you for your patience during these tough times and thank you for your many messages of support.  These are testing times for us all.  Your support really is very much appreciated. We will continue to keep you updated on what is happening, but things move very quickly and sometimes in 24 hours it is old news.  We can only do our best. 
Please keep safe, keep well and keep fit so that you are ready to crack on at the end of this pandemic. 
24 April 2020