Team Swift (YCF Points Series)(Cheques to K Lawton)

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  • Date: 26-Jul-15
  • Time: 05:30
  • Distance: 12 Miles
  • Course: v12hr
  • Closing Date: 14-Jul-15 00:00
  • Categories:
    • Juvenile
    • Junior
    • Espoir
    • Senior
    • Veteran
    • Para

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HQ (Open from 05:00) Melbourne Cricket Pavilion and Scout Hut Situated at the east end of Melbourne Village (Y042 4RD) Parking In the marked area on the field. DO NOT PARK ON THE DRIVEWAY Start This is located on the road just outside the HQ, approximately 3.5 miles southwest of the A1079 York to Hull road. Allerthorpe Lane end/Roundabout is approx. 9 miles down the A1079 from the A64 (York By Pass) Numbers, Signing-On and Food These will be at the HQ Both body and arm number will be used. Arm Numbers should be fitted to the upper arm with the number facing forwards (not inwards). Please fix with pins and not tape. Course Marking Direction arrows will be displayed at all turns. Riders and helpers should look out for these. Cycle Event warning signs will be placed for the benefit of other road users as defined in the course Risk Assessment. Marshals Marshals will be placed around the course to direct you to the next marshal point, they are not there to stop traffic in your favour. All marshals will be issued with a long sleeved Hi-Vis jacket. Please wear this for your own safety and the benefit of the riders. Camping/Overnight Parking Please note that this is not allowed at the HQ Feeding Station Food/Drinks/Sponges will be available adjacent to the start on each lap. Riders may have to stop to collect what they require. ? Rider Notes Riders encounter Allerthorpe Roundabout twice on each circuit. When emerging from Allerthorpe Lane encircle the roundabout and return into Allerthorpe Lane (except when on the finishing circuit). When approaching the roundabout on the A1079 proceed straight across (2nd exit), staying on the A1079. Riders must obey all the rules of the road and all CTT regulations. During the event riders will pass through several villages. Please remain alert and beware of parked cars etc. at the side of the road. Please note that Southfield Lane is narrow for the first mile or so. Please be aware of the Cricket Field on Sutton Lane. If there is a match on there are likely to be a number of parked cars on the verge. Use of Motor vehicles Regulation 22 (use of motor vehicles) allows for assistance with a competitor’s reasonable feeding and other requirements. A competitor shall not be overtaken by his support vehicle more frequently than once every 10 miles. Such vehicle should be driven at normal traffic speed. Riders should read the regulations and instruct their helpers that disqualification can result if obstruction or annoyance is caused o other competitors The enclosed form should be handed in at signing on. Drivers of supporting vehicles should take care not to cause obstruction whenever they park. Please take extra care on the finishing circuit, especially when parking up when your riders time has expired. DO NOT PARK ON PRIVATE PROPERTY. IN THE INTERESTS OF YOUR OWN SAFETY, Cycling Time Trials and the event promoters strongly advise you to wear a HARD SHELL HELMET that meets an internationally accepted safety standard. In accordance with Regulation 15 ALL JUNIOR competitors must wear Protective Hard Shell Helmets. It is recommended that a working rear light, either flashing or constant, is fitted to the machine in a position visible to following road users and is active whilst the machine is in use. V12Hr (2012) Inter. Lap1 Lap2 Lap3 Lap4 Lap5 Start outside HQ (Melbourne Scout Hut) on North Side of road, opposite Power Pole. Proceed eastwards to Allerthorpe 3.857 3.857 44.448 85.039 125.630 166.221 Roundabout/junction A1079 Encircle roundabout and retrace to pass HQ to Rossmoor Junction.LEFT 5.757 9.614 50.205 90.796 131.387 171.978 Proceed on B1228 to Bubwith 6.181 15.795 56.386 96.977 137.568 178.159 X/Roads. LEFT On A163 to Southfield Lane. LEFT 3.011 18.806 59.397 99.988 140.579 181.170 Proceed through Seaton Ross, on 5.241 24.047 64.638 105.229 145.820 186.411 Church Lane and Mill Lane to Everingham. LEFT to Junction with A1079. LEFT 2.417 26.464 67.055 107.646 148.237 188.828 Allerthorpe Roundabout. STRAIGHT 3.731 30.195 70.786 111.377 151.968 192.559 ON (2nd exit) to Sutton Lane. 1.825 32.020 72.611 113.202 153.793 194.384 LEFT on unclassified road to Sutton 4.064 36.084 76.675 117.266 157.857 198.448 Village. LEFT Through Sutton to Rossmoor. Straight on 2.554 38.638 79.229 119.820 160.411 201.002 through Melbourne (Past Original 1.953 40.591 81.182 121.773 162.364 202.955 Start) Continue to repeat circuit a further 4 times or as directed by the course marshal through Melbourne (Past Original 202.955 Start.)

Organiser Details

Keith Lawton
01977 683869
1 Pinfold Court
Sherburn in Elmet
North Yorkshire
LS25 6LD

Event Details

Event Type
26 Jul 2015 05:30
Closing Date
14 Jul 2015 00:00
Accepted Categories
  • Juvenile
  • Junior
  • Espoir
  • Senior
  • Veteran
  • Para