73 Degrees Bicycles, WestSide Coaching rt Results

Results for members of 73 Degrees Bicycles, WestSide Coaching rt
First Name Last Name Date Event Course Pos Result
Jack Phillips 19/10/19 Team Tor 2000 (cheques to P Rogers)(Entries close 12 /10/19) uh20
Jack Phillips 16/09/18 1st chard whs s/chineway
Jack Phillips 05/10/19 Chippenham & District Wheelers UH80
James Cartridge 24/05/15 Westbury Wheelers (WTTA Hardriders) u33 1:07:18 Claim
James Cartridge 01/03/15 Chippenham & District Wheelers(WTTA Hardriders) u83 44:36 Claim
James Cartridge 23/10/16 bristol south cc (wtta hardriders) uh26
James Sharratt 04/09/16 severn rc u109/25 DNS
James Sharratt 22/04/17 bath cc u375 DNS
James Cartridge 24/03/19 Bath Cycling Club (WTTA Hardriders) u32r 1:05:22
James Cartridge 22/03/15 Western Time Trials Association (WTTA Hardriders) u871 1:14:29 Claim
James Cartridge 15/09/19 Salt and Sham (SAS) Cycling Club UH92
James Sharratt 06/05/17 chippenham & district wheelers u85 24:38
James Cartridge 10/04/16 bath cc (wtta hardriders) u32r DNS Claim
James Sharratt 05/03/17 chippenham & district wheelers (wtta hardriders) u601A DNS
James Cartridge 12/10/19 The University of Bristol Cycling Club uh45
James Cartridge 29/03/15 Cheltenham and County Cycling Club (WTTA Hardriders) u75 52:40 Claim
James Cartridge 25/09/16 minehead cycling club (preference to women) uh10 DNS
James Cartridge 18/02/18 Frome & District Wheelers u375 23:25
James Sharratt 07/05/16 chippenham & district wheelers u85 24:48
James Cartridge 05/08/18 Chippenham & District Wheelers (WTTA Hardriders) u601A
James Cartridge 13/05/18 Western Time Trials Association (WTTA Hardriders) u871
James Sharratt 19/02/17 frome & district wheelers u375 25:05
James Cartridge 22/02/15 Severn RC u17 1:01:48 Claim
James Cartridge 03/03/19 Chippenham & District Wheelers (WTTA Hardriders) u601b 59:39
James Cartridge 19/02/17 frome & district wheelers u375 DNS