VC York Results

Results for members of VC York
First Name Last Name Date Event Course Pos Result
Philip Graves 15/03/20 Cleveland Whs CC (Sporting Course)(Cheques to M Cole)(incl Road Bike Category) t211r 46:45
Philip Graves 14/03/20 Team Sportslab (Yorkshire Spoco Event) v7115 19:41
Philip Graves 08/03/20 North Lancs RC (Hilly)(NLTTA Spoco) L309 1:10:09
Peter Hook 22/09/19 Cleveland Whs CC THC33
Philip Graves 21/09/19 Harrogate Nova CC (YCF Points Series)(Yorkshire Spoco Event) v212 20:35
Peter Hook 21/09/19 Harrogate Nova CC (YCF Points Series)(Yorkshire Spoco Event) v212 21:49
Peter Hook 14/09/19 Otley CC v235 57:53
Philip Graves 07/09/19 B.D.C.A. (100 Riders, 80 Men, 20 women) (Cheques payable to S.Bowler) a100/4 3:33:47
Philip Graves 01/09/19 Yorkshire Road Club v236/1 49:46
Sophie Cookson 11/08/19 Team Sportslab (Women & Juniors)(inc Yorkshire 10 Championship) v714 DNS
Philip Graves 11/08/19 Team Sportslab (Men)(inc Yorkshire 10 Championship) v714 20:04
Philip Graves 04/08/19 Otley CC V251 1:55:34
Peter Hook 04/08/19 Otley CC V251 2:03:30
Sophie Cookson 28/07/19 Team Swift v370 5:29:24
Philip Graves 28/07/19 Team Swift v370 3:45:35
Philip Graves 20/07/19 Yorkshire Cycling Federation (Cheques to P Hurt)(YCF Points Series) V150 1:53:09
Peter Hook 07/07/19 RTTC National 100 mile Championship (Yorkshire Cycling Federation)(Entries close 11/06/2019)(Cheques to K Lawton) V270
Philip Graves 07/07/19 Stockton Whs CC t252/3 49:31
Philip Graves 06/07/19 Valley Striders CC v235 54:26
Peter Hook 16/06/19 Yorkshire RC (Cheques to S Smith) v235 59:26
Peter Hook 02/06/19 East Bradford CC (Yorkshire Spoco Event) v221 34:27
Peter Hook 26/05/19 Sigma Sports Classic Time Trial Series (5 of 6)(Border City Wheelers CC)(Men & Espoirs)(cheques to Dougi Hall) L143x2 1:12:21
Peter Hook 19/05/19 Selby CC V511 21:50
Thomas Tarr 19/05/19 Selby CC V511 24:10
Peter Hook 18/05/19 Richmond CC (Sporting Course) t243 1:01:15