Calder Clarion Results

Results for members of Calder Clarion
First Name Last Name Date Event Course Pos Result
Rich Banks 14/09/19 Otley CC v235 DNF
Rich Banks 06/07/19 Valley Striders CC v235 DNF
Rich Banks 07/10/18 Yorkshire Cycling Federation (YCF Member Clubs Only)(Teams) (YCF Points Series) (Cheques to G Barker) v232
Rich Banks 09/07/16 valley striders cc (charity event) v235 1:02:47
Rich Banks 08/07/17 valley striders cc (charity event)(yorkshire spoco event) v235 DNS
Rich Banks 25/08/19 VTTA (Yorkshire) (Cheques to B Buss)(Pref VTTA Members) v714 25:27
Rich Banks 20/07/19 Yorkshire Cycling Federation (Cheques to P Hurt)(YCF Points Series) V150 2:35:58
Ross Burton 05/05/19 Yorkshire Cycling Federation v236/1 57:41
Ross Burton 19/09/15 Team Swift (Slowest 150) v718 21:19 Claim
Ross Burton 19/05/19 Selby CC V511 23:44
Ross Burton 13/07/14 YCF 50 v259 1:57:17 Claim
Ross Burton 02/09/18 Cleveland Coureurs / VTTA (North)(All Ages)(Cheques to G Russell)(Entries close 24/08/18) t252/3 57:26
Ross Burton 03/09/17 cleveland coureurs / vtta (north)(all ages)(incorporating teesside district championship)(cheques to g russell)(entries close 24/08/17) t252/3 DNS
Ross Burton 13/04/19 Otley CC (Men)(Yorkshire Spoco Event)(Entries Close 29/03/19) v212 23:59
Ross Burton 11/05/19 City RC (Hull) (Cheques to M Philipson) v714 23:43
Ross Burton 29/07/17 drighlington bc (max 150 machines 2 events)(pref to yorkshire dc clubs)(cheques to g rhodes) v718 21:44
R Burton 17/05/14 City RC 10 (Men) v718 22:24 Claim
Ross Burton 21/07/19 Hartlepool CC/VTTA (North)(All Ages)(Cheques to Hartlepool CC) t252/3 57:28
Ross Burton 24/06/17 halifax imperial whs v235 1:00:33
Ross Burton 06/04/19 Ravensthorpe CC v910 24:09
Ross Burton 29/05/16 bbm revolution v910 24:47
Ross Burton 18/04/15 Otley CC v214 24:01 Claim
Ross Burton 09/06/19 Drighlington BC (2 Events 120 Machines) v214 22:26
Ross Burton 26/04/15 Otley CC v235 1:02:45 Claim
Ross Burton 16/07/17 selby cc (pref to yorkshire dc clubs)(2 events 150 machines)(entries close 03/07/17) v718 21:10